FLAME vs BLAZE – Coming 2017!

A closer look at the action-packed gameplay of FLAME vs BLAZE. Take control of unique characters beautifully designed by Gen Kobayashi (The World Ends With You) as you go head-to-head in a 10-minute 3-on-3 action MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) created by Square Enix veterans, coming soon to iOS and Android!


  1. albert1144

    Make a new TWEWY game, sjsjsjdjdksksss. Whyyyyyyyyyy won't you Squenix?? ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  2. Armando Gonzalez

    HOlly snap!!! I cant wait to play it!

  3. Bishop Hankerson

    Im a hardcore squenix fan but damn, this looks dumb as hell

  4. Azninja

    these types of games are usually hardware/battery life intensive

  5. TheRealAlpha2

    Kinda like a cross between Gigantic and HOTS. too bad the beta is IOS only… also better stay close to a charger for this.

  6. jay three

    when will square enix make a platform pokemon game

  7. Eric Fullerton

    Looks awesome! I'll try it out for sure.

  8. joman66

    Damn.. not a fan of mobas. :/

  9. Kendrick Keller

    Poor graphics and Character models. Characters are important for MOBAs

  10. Luciel

    I like MOBAs but on mobile. . no thanks

  11. CyrusOf Arc

    Take a page from the game "Monster Super League" Squenix. Like or hate gacha games, those guys have good character models, same with "King's Raid", you are Square MOTHERFACKING Enix, your games should look way better than this.

  12. Reggie Cook

    Shut up haters and trolls below me!

  13. Polyhead

    Wasted potential, the artwork is a highlight, it looks like the artstyle used on The World Ends With You (awesome game btw) that gameplay look boring, they should have done like TWEWY in 2D super fast like Guilty Gear and this game would have been a day one download for me, oh well

  14. Roukaysa

    I just realized this is for mobile
    lol no thanks

  15. MotormanV

    i like thid vicdeo!

  16. cloudbloom

    The music sounds like the final fantasy 12 soundtrack

  17. EntermateStar

    Game with more or less the same artstyle as Elsword yet SQUARE of all people somehow makes it look worse than Elsword, what? complaints aside though it does like sort of interesting, gunna keep my eyes peeled

  18. William Tandian

    Look interesting,look forward for android hope no auto play,hahaha moba square

  19. fire leo

    why the fuck square enix make these type of games whhy

  20. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    stop copy overwatch, and stop copy dota…. blue mage #1 btw

  21. TallulahSoie


  22. Zero Rose GTG

    pc plis

  23. xCroftAmbition

    fuck every mobile game 🙂

  24. บอยโสดครับ น่ารักดี


  25. bindrp2

    Focus on the Switch, not mobile pls

  26. Spared Channel Omari

    This could have easily been a switch and Xbox one and PS4 title but

  27. Kurogaea Monari

    Actually looks like a decent MOBA type game. Why fans expect some flashy Final Fantasy, full of itself story, and barfed up realistic graphics all the time I still have no clue. I know fun as it is. Graphics doesn't make a good game (Just about every FF). This gives action to the player and still manage to have coop and decent PvE. I'm down with this 100%.

    Edit: …..Oh….Its a phone game……I think I see where the hate stems from……Goddammit Square -_-

    Welp, time to turn on Nier Automata and beat the shit out of the CEO. >_>

  28. Another Ghost

    No delicious brown? Then I'm not down.

  29. Zorkon597

    I hope im not the only one that noticed the giant, hollowed out companion cube

  30. Jimmy Dyke

    Wont sell great in the usa but china japan and china will go nuts!

  31. Cyklone56

    i hate mobas 🙁

  32. The FlamingHero45

    Needs more emo boys with headphones throwing fireballs with his mind- 2/10 IGN

  33. Scrollbar

    I'll choose this over that horribly unnecessary FFXV city builder game.

  34. LionHeartXII

    always thought if square did a moba, a final fantasy one would be pretty awesome. Interesting… no surprised it's for mobile.

  35. Eduardo M

    K but when is dissidia opera omnia coming?

  36. sgt saltstick

    you wanna end up like konami? this is how you end up like konami!

  37. CircleFly

    ..coming soon to iOS and Android!..

    Another Free to play I'm assuming?

  38. Musyabbir Haqim

    the problem i have with these kind of games is that it needs constant internet connection..

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