Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster – Yuna

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster celebrates two of the most cherished and beloved entries to the world-renowned franchise, now completely remastered in gorgeous High Definition! Based on the International Versions of the games that were previously only released in Japan and Europe, FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster brings these timeless classics forward to the current generation of fans, old and new alike.

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  1. NighTcd


  2. Succubi Pie

    They better upload the entire laughing scene

  3. Anis Khadhri


  4. TehZagar

    How about you do ff7 instead. k thx

  5. Nakano Azusa

    This melody…

  6. fantasyxyay

    she looks really good!

  7. dzilo

    I need the date of KH 2.5.  Cause, i n't not money XD, if there a big space between release of both games, i'll buy all

  8. Azure Breaker

    The only reason I actually bought a PS3 was to play the HD remastered versions of my favourite PS2 games.

  9. EternalMirage

    Yuna has to be one of my favorite FF characters. ^^

  10. Darkstrife

    In my opinion it was the last good Final Fantasy game.

  11. Darkstrife

    In my opinion it was the last good Final Fantasy game.

  12. ShisuiOfTheMirage

    Yuna, what happened to you…

  13. Zeraiyah Ben Israel

    Nooooooo! Not X/X-2, I wanted 7, 8, or 9. I guess I can play this on again but I'll quit before X-2 because the whole costume system sucked.

  14. darkfire170

    no english?

  15. SuperRandall93

    Chills maaan

  16. falconer

    It's annoying that japan gets it months ahead. It should've been a global release.

  17. Tsunade


  18. kaz3320

    Played this game over 10 years ago on PS2, platinumed it last year on PS3, buying it again for PS4. This game, much love. The story, the characters, and the emotions taught me many things about life.

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