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In case you haven’t pulled the trigger on picking up the sleek Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, we’ve put together an equally sleek little video montage that walks you through the various versions of the game. Namely the Limited Edition and the Collector’s Edition.

The Collector’s Edition, is exclusively available via the North American Square Enix Online Store, the Playstation 3 collector’s edition is priced at $79.99 and includes the following:
• Full-size artbook packaging, featuring 40 pages of imagery from the beautiful world of Spira
• FINAL FANTASY X HD REMASTER ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (Blu-Ray MUSIC DISC) — Over six hours of music set to the game’s most memorable moments
• Five lithographs of iconic artwork and characters

Pick up your copy today!

Also available as a 2-in-1 retail pack, the PlayStation®Vita system version of the game will include FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster on the game card and FINAL FANTASY X-2 HD Remaster as a downloadable PlayStation®Network voucher*. Both titles will be available on March 18th, 2014 and will support cross-save functionality with the PlayStation®3 system.

Official Website:

*FINAL FANTASY X- 2 HD Remaster available as download only. Voucher included. Internet connection required.


  1. SourDutchy420

    The Best Final Fantasy Of all Final Fantasy is 10! Im so Happy there Remaking It!!!

  2. Vince Saringo

    square enix…….. why won't you make it Cross-buy????????

  3. nekohanten0910

    Is it just me or the narrator's voice sounds a lot like that of Yuna's VA?

  4. Brokyl

    You could at least release the collector's edition in Europe aswell…

  5. Kisarasmoon

    Winry is that you? Haha n_n

  6. Fuk Yu

    Is there a way to just buy FFX only???  FFX-2 sucks ASSSS!!!!!!  SHIT ASS GAME!!

  7. Martin Mollinz

    Is this for NA only? I need this edition but I'm from UK. 🙁

  8. Rainets

    My mouth is watering.

  9. Brian Nguyen


  10. Brian Nguyen

    It's not TEE-DUS "YUNA" just can't say her husbands name right!! it has always been TIE-DUS and will stay that way !!! LOOLOL

  11. symphony137

    Square Enix, are you fucking serious?! Release the Collector's Edition in Europe as well!

  12. MyBeardOfDefiance

    The collectors edition was implied to be the special edition I bought from Zavvi. That's why I pre ordered it. Thanks for nothing Square Enix.

  13. Amanda S

    The narrator is Caitlin glass. She does a lot of anime voices but she's not in the game. She was commonly known for haruhi from ouron host club and winry rockbell of full metal alchemist.

  14. NegiMudkip

    CATLIN FREAKING GLASS. (Announcer.) 

  15. MtyNess

    Awesome and it was awesome hearing Caitlin Glass Promoting The Limited and Collector's Edition FFX/X-2,can't wait to get it!

  16. OctoCamo

    What's up with Square hating on Europe with their Collector's Editions?
    They don't release the proper collector's edition of X/X-2 HD in Europe.
    They didn't release Lightning Returns collector's edition in Europe.
    And they released overpriced Bravely Default Deluxe Edition with that terrible statue exclusively in Europe…
    You'd be losing me Square if I wasn't such a sheep! Clean up your act already.

  17. Austin Insider

    Haha tittus you Madw him sound like titts xD
    Its pronounced (tide-us)

  18. ToroProductions

    Looks good, but the price is pretty steep. They should charge about 60$.

  19. thebigVLOG

    No collectors edition for the UK?!?!?! Sort this out SE!!!!

  20. thebigVLOG

    Get this to the UK #ListenToMyStory

  21. FinalTom

    No love for the UK first no Lightning Returns CE and now this 🙁

  22. Christopher Taylor

    Just ordered my copy!!! So Excited!!

  23. Xenogear_ Jrpg

    the best game of the history!

  24. SupernaturalMonkey

    Guys the limited edition box art sucks!
    In the UK we got the white box art originally, can we not get the collectors edition too?
    I don't want the limited edition if it's gonna have that fugly box art.

  25. Taurex

    God damn it! I want to buy the collector's edition, but it's not available in Europe!! 

  26. ShmartinJo

    Boo had to cancel the order for this edition. Have to replace PS3 hard drive, dying right on time. Hopefully this is still available a month or so after but I'll live, as sad as it is.

  27. heriocoak

    one thing i would like to know is how limited are the collectors edition. I already ordered the collectors edition but how many are being made is my question. When I hear that there are limited quantities i think that there are like very small amount.

  28. Justin

    While I want the collectors edition, I'm content with the limited edition. The art book is nice but you are only ever going to flip through it one time MAYBE two and never look at it again. The OST is nice but…that is going to be all over the internet. Having a hard time justifying the extra $40.

    Either way I'm super hyped for this and cannot wait for it to get to me.

  29. MrGaiakid

    Im wondering if everyone else who pre ordered this got the "this is on back order" email

  30. KlitterBuggin02

    just dropped about $100 for the Collectors Edition and shipping.. not butt hurt about it at all.. rarely will I go for CE.. but this is one of the best rpg games ever made… imagine if they remastered ff7.. and how much it would cost for a CE.. and as long as came with all this stuff.. plus maybe a t-shirt.. fucking right i would pay it.. real fans don't bitch.. they buy.

  31. Ryan Fang

    Shut up and take my money

  32. DevaAshera

    I just want to know what the difference between the Limited Edition and Collector's Edition Artbooks are..

  33. trycon40

    am i the only one who still has NOT received their pre-order for the collector's edition of this game?

  34. The Devine

    Is theCollector's Edition artbook any different than the Limited Edition artbook?

  35. anemite2

    I just bought the collector edition for just 30 usd

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