Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster – Japan Launch Trailer

We officially put a launch date on the heavily anticipated Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster coming March 18, 2014.

FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster celebrates two of the most cherished and beloved entries to the world-renowned franchise, now completely remastered in gorgeous High Definition! Based on the International Versions of the games that were previously only released in Japan and Europe, FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster brings these timeless classics forward to the current generation of fans, old and new alike.

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  1. EggRolls4Me

    ehh…. the dub sounded better 12 years ago…

  2. Gilgamesh

    March 18th, 2014?!???!???!??! for God’s sake, whyyy? such a damn long wait…

  3. Adam Clark

    Wait hang on, is this the offical release date outside of Japan? As I remember the release date for Japan was 26th December 2013. If so then I'm happy with the release date!

  4. Omelette Du Fromage

    Didn't notice the dialogue is so cringe-worthy when I played this years ago.

  5. Alex Mr

    Play LR FFXIII is better

  6. Jebus4910

    Jesus fucking christ the game looks pretty but the dialogue is actually cancer inducing.

  7. Vanitas VENTUS

    i think japanese dub is better…but this also still made me cry :')

  8. arkane9b

    Geez, what's up with Tidus' robotic mouth movement?

  9. Coldheart19

    is that ours or japans release date? ive waited long enough!

  10. Pedro Silva

    tidus dies at the end, spoiler alert

  11. Zinx10

    I don't know why everyone is complaining about the dub.  It is amazing.

  12. UsagiShira

    Comes out after my birthday! Good thing I preordered it earlier this year!

  13. Joshua safwat-taylor

    Lightning returns comes out before this. You know they say once you go free roam you never go back

  14. Ashen Feathers

    Tidus was ugly. Remastered. He's still ugly.

  15. lyhthegreat

    japan launch trailer???

  16. lyhthegreat

    i am so getting the limited edition though…the box art looked fantastic imo

  17. SoleQtzal

    Why did they do that to the normal cinematografic scenes? they look so bad!!
    The PS2 version was waaaaaay better… I mean, look at Tidus teeth, and the depth of the faces is just gone. They look less real than in PS2.
    Is so sad 🙁 I love that they're realising this games again ,'couse FFX is by far my favourite one ever, but… ah… what a shame.

  18. ddrkid1919

    finally!!! online blitzball?!?!?

  19. Stand up to the Internet Bullies

    can we get ff10 type of story, clothes, and customization in ff14? 🙁

  20. omarct

    I blame the Infinite Fantasy 13 for the delayed release date.

  21. Andrie putra

    really epic …

  22. TehPieLuver


  23. PeeWee's Productions

    Igot my ps4 -.- now  i have to buy 13-3 and final fantasy 10 hd…. I CANT WAIT

  24. Josh D.

    OMG I can't wait!!!

  25. bassgasmask

    i wish we had gotten the original Koda Kumi version for X-2

  26. Vanilla Puddings

    How much will this cost?

  27. talesofpirates144

    Man, this is a ripoff, it looks exactly the same.

  28. Patrick Wickizer

    I truly hope that I'm able to pump another 300 hours into FFX 🙂

  29. Ashman

    I'm eagerly anticipating 2014 cause lots of Square Enix games are being released. You have LR:XIII, A wonderful X/X-2 Remaster. Bravely Default for the 3DS and Theatrhythm 2 is coming out as well. This is gonna be great! 😀

  30. crazyazn52

    Quite possibly the best love story in any of the FF games IMO. I'm sorry Zidane/Garnet folks, but Tidus/Yuna just had such a tragic and beautiful love story. I loved Zidane/Garnet too, but it wasn't dynamic enough for. Guess that's just my Shakespeare buff coming out with the whole tragic love story thing.

  31. Alexander riku

    Stimmt nicht die Standard kommt 27 Dezember raus nur die Limited Edition kommt 2014 21 März raus

  32. silenthillmaster755

    The inclusion of Eternal Calm and Last Mission alone is enough to make me throw my money in their faces now and order

  33. Eternal Memoire

    Is it me, or does Tidus sounds different?

  34. wg1070

    Thumbs Up if you will be purchasing this game!

  35. TJF588

    Eternal Calm and Last Mission! Yeah buddy. Got the 75th issue of the US Official PlayStation Magazine just to have Eternal Calm on-hand.

  36. Williamgood2

    Still lazy lipsyncing lol

  37. Tairn79

    So excited for this to release.  These are my two favorite final fantasy games.  I'm excited to see Eternal Calm and Last Mission also.

  38. YourFavoriteTwinzz

    I cant stand how the non CG animated characters look in X for the remake :O They look good in X2, but geez its more of a downgrade for X imo.

  39. hex32808


    Sin is Tidus's father! Wakka fucks Lulu in X-2 **boing**

  40. leonOne88

    can't they just keep the japanese voices and put english subs?  The english dub sounds so ridiculous

  41. Sarah Rockwell

    hate to say it but the original has better graphics then this man like seriosuly 

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