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Using the real-time graphics engine of the upcoming blockbuster, FINAL FANTASY® XV, this unique video showcases the technology, wildlife and ecology in the game.

FINAL FANTASY XV is the highly anticipated next installment in the legendary series that defined storytelling in video games. Featuring action heavy combat, innovative gameplay, and immersive graphics that push the limits of modern hardware, FINAL FANTASY XV is an awe-inspiring tale that transports audiences into its vivid imagining of a fantasy world based in reality.


  1. 35823582

    LoL.. At the end, Fuq Dawt

  2. Tomcat407

    now in development? wtf have you been doing the past 7 years…

  3. Succubi Pie

    Meanwhile, on Australian Animal Planet

  4. Drenn23

    maybe you'll see monsters attacking and fighting other monsters and animals while exploring

  5. Yuubi Timbergrim

    I hope there is an buff or equip that makes you invisible for any monster. I just want to see how they act, what the monsters are doing and "play" as someone, you want to know more about thier life.
    Still hoping for some kind of game like that, maybe as a Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter spinoff

  6. Rikuphi

    oh my god

  7. Pigziggy

    1:15 A M E R I C A

  8. qwertyMrJINX

    Black Chocobos? We can catch them and fly about, right? 😀

  9. Touka Chan

    and the frog gave no fucks! 😀 this is amazing tho..

  10. nokutos

    WOW indeed. Reminds me of the National Geographic channel hahaha
    This is going to be amazing, keep it up! I can't freaking wait!!!!

  11. KATintheBLACK

    What's up with the fricken frog? He just…stares in your soul

  12. Andre ferreira

    Square legendas em Português- Brasil quando o game lançar, por favor.

  13. phatcorns

    "WOW" is god damn right! Holy crap, you guys are doing a hell of a freaking job on this game.  This is literally the game I have been wanting my whole life. Bravo to the development team!

  14. NeutralGloomBot

    Everything about this game looks fucking incredible but the only small thing I want to see added on is the use of blood. You see monsters attacking each other and its looks super fake when there are no wounds or blood coming from the attacks. This graphics in this game are too realistic not to have blood without it looking kind of stupid. That is the last step to make this game perfect. I get that it affects the rating but still. I'd rather see this as an epic for adult gamers. That is what it should be. Also, its hard to take any kind of story line death/injury scenes seriously without blood. Its a minor complaint and I'll still enjoy the hell out of this game without it but blood would make it more realistic and solidify it as an epic. There aren't nearly enough mature JRPGs as it is.

  15. Kougeru

    Final Monster Hunter Ultimate

  16. Kurohei

    Apart from the bald eagle that sounds like a red tailed hawk, this looks very amazing.

  17. Level Select Gaming

    My jaw has actually dropped. This is going to be an amazing FF

  18. swygster


    That deer looks familiar

  19. Bernardo Garcia

    This is majestic.

  20. Perrito

    Omg this game is so beautiful… i really hope the story is just as good as everything else. I want this game to make me cry, like when aerith died… im so hyped

  21. RavenCloak13

    So who else thinks Square should help develop the next Monster Hunter game with Capcom using this engine? I mean imagine fighting Monster Hunter monsters in these places. That would be all sorts of fun. 

  22. John

    This game will be epic, Finally a game that deserves to actually be called a ps4 game.

  23. Effect Without Cause

    That frog gives no shits.

  24. Darkninja

    0/10 I saw no quick scoping.

  25. JadendayZero

    so if you preorder type 0 you'll receive the demo, but what about after?  Will the normal type-0 game still have the demo as well once its out in store shelves and shit?

  26. Kasper Friis Kristensen

    it is just bad it wont com out on pc but mabe they wil later make a pc port wen the game gets old 

  27. Kiattawee Chaiwiriya

    Want to save Final Fantasy franchise ? Release it on Steam !

  28. The Seperator

    when is the fucking release date?

  29. Petra_Kalbrain

    WOW is right!!! If they have put at least half of the effort into the story of the game that they have put into the wildlife animations/graphics, we are in for on hell of a ride with this game!!!

  30. James Closs

    Heh, I love how there are all these amazing fantasy creatures and then:  Bald Eagle.

  31. bayywitit

    2:40, that's all i need to see

  32. nakao jin


  33. Blue Knight Gaming

    This game is more than likely to immerse players into the wildlife of the world more than any other final fantasy besides maybe XIII. And the fact that there are stronger versions of certain monsters (The behemoth) that is going to make for some awesome grinding, seeing as they fight eachother STILL!

  34. ranmashin

    This game is going to be better than FF7 and FF6 combine. The graphics says it all.

  35. urmanascrewed

    Why did we need this trailer? Work on the game!

  36. Perry D

    that's actually pretty amazing, it's like watching national geographic or something haha they must've really took their time studying animals to get the movements to seem that natural and realistic.  i'm impressed.  great job graphically square!  now we just have to see if the story lives up to expectations.  

  37. Diamonddraw89

    Totally random bald eagle for the win.

  38. Skythedragon

    Please make it for PC!

  39. eightbitminiboss

    I like how there's all these fanciful creatures and then there's a bald eagle.

  40. MRT

    So this is like a discovery channel program they watch in Lucis and the other kingdoms?

  41. Matt

    this would look amazing on pc… with that aside i guess all the wildlife must be vegetarians lol

  42. tin dcruz

    2 behemoths?!

  43. 太陽ダビデ

    Hurry up and take my money!

  44. Kenjo

    free explore game,thats what is a good rpg and good final fantasy,hope dont be like Xlll -_-

  45. Olin Cannon

    I really hope there is a decent bestiary. One of the things that make XII my favorite was that the bestiary had descriptions!

  46. Thiago Knofel

    It wold be cool if the creatures interact one witch oders in the cenario

  47. paulo ricardo

    FFXV chora ps4

  48. Mastah Binc

    Vol.2 is already up for awhile now. Please make a Vol. 3

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