Following the live stream presentation of the FINAL FANTASY XV Tech Demo and Walkthrough in Japan, this stand-alone footage has been made available to show the title in full HD.

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  1. Little Fish

    Anybody give me a soundtrack of trailer, thanks 

  2. maska brother

    This game is just beautiful, music, graphics, combat etc, but as a continuation of the FF series is something desepcionante, this is a personal opinion, I'll buy so beautiful it is, but the essence that characterized FF is lost ago much.

  3. [adult swim] bumps aka Lelouch vi Britannia

    Yuri Lowenthal as Noctis, I'm calling it now.

  4. Fernando Perez

    worst  fifa ever

  5. fireorb2

    So here's my thing with the car and exploration. If I were done exploring, would I have to run all the way back to the car? If so, then that would suck. I would prefer that the car work kind of like epona from the zelda series where you can call it to you. That way you can easily explore huge areas.

  6. Rj Game master

    Square, you had 8+ years to get this right, please do not disappoint us and give us a proper Final Fantasy 7 replacement… hell, I like to see Final Fantasy 6 remade but I guess this game will do.

  7. Perry D

    so what happens when i decide to go on a rampage and crash the car into people/buildings/other cars?  also, what about when i leave the car behind?  is there a way to just summon it or do you have to run all the way back to it?

  8. Beanie HP

    reminds me of gtaV's mechanics which are pretty much perfect.

  9. The Lonely Vagabond

    It looks great but what I wanna know is, do you manually drive the car ir is it set to a track system that only restricts you to the road?

  10. The Lonely Vagabond

    All I see in the comments is "ff7 this","ff7 that"! FF7 was great, but it wasn't the best… and 13 was horrible so please stop the comparisons

  11. Lord Kato

    I already have DayZ to play a jogging emulation, thanks.

  12. Pablo Jimenez

    Chocobos!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!

  13. Random Clips

    are those chocobos at 6:55? i can't tell

  14. Feral Xemnas

    When you release too many trailers it makes it feel like you're not really gonna release it and why are the bottoms of their shoes all red are they in uniform or is that too also subject to change

  15. Derek Stewart

    OH no the mountains are freaking out at the beginning 00:20. please let this game run smooth 60fps. Characters animation is lovely. Awesome environment!

  16. StudioSambodia

    It always baffles me how when I was a kid in the 90s, I was playing super mario in Super nintendo, 16 bit games and all that, and now we get these incredible looking games. 

  17. Patrick Kirkby

    This game looks great, but square should really outsource their character creation. They are so bad at it these days. 4 Emo kids? That's our character selection? Really? Brutal attempt. And what happened to secret characters? Or at least not knowing every character before the game comes out.

  18. Skythedragon

    please make it for PC!

  19. Jonathan Joestar

    Now considering Witcher 3 and Bloodborne were WAY less open world, just imagine the load times THIS will inevitably have.

  20. UncleBourban

    Never played FF before, just got 7 on my phone and now this?! Needless to say this series is starting to interest me

  21. American Express


  22. Christina Miranda

    I love the final fantasy games every since I was a kid…

  23. Christina Miranda

    I love the graphic I'm going to get the game?

  24. dragonhold4

    I am afraid that what Xenoblade Chronicles X has already provided us with this year, will detract from the expectations that this game should have when it is eventually released. – "Experienced this already, it is starting to get boring already."

    What deviations does Final Fantasy 15 have that sets it apart from other Action RPG titles?

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