FINAL FANTASY XV TGS 2014 Trailer (EN voices)

Previously released to celebrate the opening of Tokyo Game Show 2014, this latest version showcases the English voice actors in the game for the first time.

An exclusive playable, downloadable demo of the highly anticipated FINAL FANTASY XV, titled FINAL FANTASY XV -EPISODE DUSCAE-, will be available with purchase of the upcoming FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while supplies last.



  1. Sergeant Cinnamonroll

    I'm not gonna lie, all four character voices are exactly how I thought they would sound 😛 and now hearing Noctis' voice, all I can think of is Vincent 😛 But I can't believe they already have english voices! :O I'm also not gonna lie when I say I don't have a PS4 but are VERY excited for this game.

  2. Zay

    I'm just gonna add my two cents and say that while the English voices are not exactly what I expected them to be, I can get behind them. I'm just excited to know that they actually cast actors for the English language, and I honestly cannot wait for future developments.

  3. Joey B

    Yeah…… can someone hand me a kleenex…… I think I just made a mess over here.

  4. Random Clips

    i love english voices so i can pay attention visually…but somehow i like the subtitled japanese dialogue better. maybe thats just me.

    like when he was beat down at 1:58, you see the scene in a different way.

    You all right?
    Catch your breath
    it got me.
    i'll teach it a lesson.

    careful highness
    sit this one out, champ
    it got me.
    time to say goodbye.

  5. John Smith

    Does anyone know if there will be dual audio?

    I don't actually hate these voices but I would prefer the Japanese ones.

  6. Twixter

    FUCK OFF ENGLISH VOICE CASTERS. Final Fantasy is obviously a Japanese based and created game, when you add American accents or whatever to characters that look Japanese…(.And have purple and blue natural hair!!!!!) It makes the whole game less interesting plus with the original voice acting towards the characters, the Japanese Versions are perfectly synchronized with the characters and HAVE PASSION, you can actually FEEL what the characters are saying and feel what they feel. You can't do that when you substitute languages for characters that are not of that origin!!!!!! BUT ANYWAY, still looks fantastic of epic proportions, I need this in my life.

    Ehhh, its okay 10/10
    ~ IGN

  7. sigster A

    Why does noctis sound like a guy in his 30s he's only like 18

  8. Jason Zhang

    Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8

  9. TheDrunkfarmer

    tfw your company loses all sense of character design and just dresses all men in black and all women in white -_-

  10. Sprits Fal

    All that driving u'd think u'd see another car or person! lol

  11. Give Aways

    Hope they don't include dual audio so that all the weeaboos won't be able to sleep at night

  12. Roberta Ferreira

    prefer voice in Japanese u-u

  13. Anime Smartass

    Ugh…and I didn't think it could get any worse than 13

  14. One Sky

    Big fan of Noctis' deep voice.

  15. RenewBeing

    Final Fantasy XV:Enter the Bromance 

  16. julian solo santana


  17. Delv opGG

    I really wish they would have released this for the PC too… :[

  18. Marrows Gamer

    Being poor SUCKS!!!!! Why does the game needs to be only for PS4 and XONE????

  19. P A L 3 T A S

    Hey is that Sasuke ? XD haha they look similar , which is a good thing !

  20. Money Meng

    Your mp bar goes down why too fast. I hope the mp bar expands when you level when it goes live. Also hope the finishing blow of each magic technique skill replenishes a small portion of your mp bar.

  21. David

    english voice dub SUCKS…… the only decent eng dub voice was FF12 really….

  22. Jo An

    O.o gaurlaaaa!!!

  23. Vegas Vanga

    So it's going to be a goddamned sci-fantasy GTA? With stat-based character growth? :O
    Squeenix don't you dare fuck this up
    ah, who am I kidding
    you're gonna fuck it up

  24. Xigmus

    Hmm I much prefer the color correction that was used in this video than the demo. Also the grass seems to look a bit better here.

  25. Chika Okechi

    I'll be shocked if Gladiolus isn't Popeye Vogelsang. Noctis kind of sounds like Matthew Mercer, but who knows.

  26. Chika Okechi

    I'm just glad they've got a cast that can actual voice actors who have the ability to convey nuance in their performances. Like…I'm cringing thinking about the English voices that they're gonna use for the FFVII remake.

  27. David Van Keuren

    They only show fighting and driving.  I want to explore towns again Gandolf… Towns….

  28. NobleActual

    English dub sounds great? people mad at noctic voice for sounding bit deep? first of all not every young men has a soft voice. I think they're great. they really seem like they're gonna match the characters.

  29. Razor


  30. Setsuna Henry

    What happened to Noctis' voice?

  31. jacob sasson

    i like everyones voice except noctis im not saying give him a childish voice but dear god his voice sounds like a 42 year old masculine general wielding a giant sword his voice can be deep but give him a voice that matches his look like ichigo with johnny or sasuke with yuri lowenthal not saying to be voice by them but give him something of his look

  32. friendly-neighborhood-phantom

    "not much longer" game releases 2 years later

  33. reyshakquit

    It looks like they are driving but they don't know where the fuck they going, just rolling.

  34. Hero_28 Gaming

    2:11 final fantasy prelude harp … when ever i hear this… hairs on the back of my neck stand up.. its almost as if the games saying…."here we go again….are you ready" ?


  35. DarkerThanBlack

    English dub best

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