FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION is releasing in Fall 2017 with a cute art style that will appeal to mobile and existing players alike.

Experience an exciting addition to the FINAL FANTASY XV Universe in the form of an all-new mobile adventure for iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices, which retells the story of FINAL FANTASY XV like never before using casual touch controls optimised for mobile devices.

FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION contains all of the main characters and main story of the console and PC versions, with the freedom to play whenever and wherever you want.

All 10 episodes will be available from Day 1 and the first episode will be available for free when FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION releases later this year.


  1. Due Decimal

    i dont want 4 girly boys inside my pants pocket

  2. Recca The Samurai


  3. Trux 3d


  4. Abby Danger

    I"m so excited

  5. Mr. FruitFFXV


  6. Daikyosenshi

    This is the perfect musical accompaniment for this atrocity)

  7. the dark side

    This looks and sounds awefull sorry but whay would you wanna play this? Oo

  8. chillick

    This should be in the Vita!

  9. yourlocalwaifu

    oh man can't wait
    looks freaking awesome i love XV!

  10. AltimateGuyz 101

    31 december i've been waiting. WHERE IS IT!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  11. shivam mishra

    I want to play this from the root of my heart….please release it soon ❤️❤️❤️…#keen….

  12. Sks Nightfox

    Yall milking the hell out 15. And yall got 3 more dlc planned so that means we gotta buy another season pass.

  13. Luna

    I thought this came was supposed to be released last.

  14. Ismael Junio

    So espero que os comandos não sejão de deslizar na tela se for vai ser uma bosta!

  15. بلال 2018 Habi

    ءنه مدل لب

  16. Petrick Victor

    o jogo vai ser 5GB ISSO É MUITO PESO CARAMBA deveria ser no maximo 2gb e olhem que apenas o primeiri episodio

  17. SoloSphere Entertainment


  18. Kingkop Kes

    If this game of ffxv graphic version was released instead of ff7 graphic 20 years ago,ffvii wouldn't be a legend…it would be a god.

  19. Anthony Cool

    Where is it? Any real solid release date yet?

  20. Anto

    Please produce for SHIELD Android TV version..

  21. LInceiRA HTB

    can i play offline

  22. Melanie Marvassio

    Put infinite photos for all the FFXV versions (Day One, Royal) please! I wanna save all the photos that Prompto does!

  23. janu Arta

    Is it online or offline

  24. Tamara & Steve Adams

    This music is amazing!!! Good job! ?

  25. Gerson Daniel

    O Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition é um jogaço Square Enix parabéns

  26. Shrek Sauce

    I have it on my phone right now but I’m waiting to play the original version on pc

  27. Lexis HeRo

    Music please

  28. Javian Adventure’s

    Does anyone know how to give commands in this game in the first chapter?

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