FINAL FANTASY XV – Niflheim Base Battle Footage

Noctis and team infiltrate an imperial base in our latest combat footage from the FINAL FANTASY XV Active Time Report January 2016.

Check out the full Active Time Report January 2016 here:

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  1. Matt Etter

    What the fuck is this shit?

  2. TheZerox09

    can't wait to get my hand on this game 😀

  3. BYERE

    I don't get it… Why do all the characters look basically the same? Sure, it's a slightly different hairstyle/colour, and one has glasses… but those aside, why? They're all Japanese-looking and all wearing black. How are we supposed to tell them apart?

    …and no, I don't mean that in a racist way. What I mean is that in every previous game, every player character had a distinct look to themselves. Even, much as I dislike the games, FF 12 and 13's characters all had different styles of clothing or different hair colours that just black or blonde.

  4. Takeru the High-Ender

    I never looking forward to Final Fantasy XV. Playing only solo offline game and no online co-op game modes, that just stupid. Not really fun at all,, it just getting boring.

  5. Mooshty Kracker

    the combat in thus video actually looks good. I think they are just not promoting this game well at all. Maybe if they told us a bit about how the characters will process and how combat will change over the course of the game people will calm down

  6. Icee

    This is the game I need.

  7. Roy Belmont

    this game is the reason im buying a PS4.

  8. some letters

    Wait time since 2007 for me a couple months for others, story of my life lol

  9. ColeCraft

    is this the real life?

  10. Coady W

    Funnily enough this combat looks better than anything they showed at E3

  11. Nathan Lehto


  12. Sebastian Torres

    might be the first final fantasy I'll play. never liked the old school RPG with numbers, this seems fun and interesting

  13. CyraxVIII

    Final fantasy XII is the best ff

  14. chicken

    super cool

  15. Dragon_of_Dojima 101100

    I love how in every game that has a stealth segment in it they automatically assumed that it's inspired by Metal Gear Solid lol

  16. Harri Singh

    Cant wait, really cant. When my finals are over, I'm gonna give my time to my ps4

  17. K T

    The female dragoon sounds like the voice actor of Bishamon from Noragami 😀

  18. Luis Arias

    "This game hasn't released yet and I haven't even played the actual released game, so I am going to sit here and bash it just because"

    – Typical dude that is stuck on old turn based FF titles.

  19. Ki Ra

    Wow the elements look so amazing

  20. Lizard Wizard

    This is so far from the Final Fantasy I know that I can't get into it.

  21. AdamRonaldo1903

    They kept the same gameplay, but why the E3 version look so different than this?

  22. Awesome Chaotix

    Never played a final fantasy game in my life but this looks insanely good

  23. Pedro Alexandre

    Fuck the nostalgics.
    I need this game.
    Real time>>>>>>>Turn
    Runs away

  24. wedhy rifai

    It's not RPG, like MGS…

  25. Bruce Lee

    1 more month finally so many years But we made it guys we made it

  26. kuraudo

    I can call it noctis as sasuke and yondaime as hybrid he can teleport like yondaime and red eyes like sasuke even his appearance he's so badass

  27. Peke

    I can't be the only one who re watches FF15 trailers every weekend ?

  28. Jamal Adams

    will day one edition get anything?

  29. William Logan

    this game is the main reason I bought my ps4 on launch day 3 years sgo

  30. Putang ina mo

    why did this game get delayed why:(

  31. Wew Lad

    Look at those blank button prompts, this is a PC build, jesus christ this explains why the game at gamescom looks so bad on ps4.

  32. Quan Diggz

    Is this a cut scene or the actual game play? I remember Final Fantasy having amazing cut scenes but the game play looked like Kid Icarus on Nintendo.

  33. Jason Anh V

    the teleporting remind me of shadow of modor

  34. Catherine Mitchell

    This is awesome! What does the UK get?… Postcards?…

  35. k3st

    HORE SHET Damn I really hope this comes to PC, maybe not on the same release date as console but COME ON SQUARE ENIX MAKE IT HAPPEN

  36. nagurunanntehikyouyo

    Bouncer is back!

  37. Brett Glasco

    Everyone has their own opinion but I'm not interested in buying this game whatsoever. Turned based RPG is what created this franchise.

  38. sharpshooter177jb

    this gameplay made me wet

  39. Joseph Franc

    Graphics look smoother and cleaner here

  40. JonFardi

    Still the best gameplay trailer imo. 10 more days. 10.

  41. BigGeekEmpire

    I really hope this part is still in the game.

  42. Horri Siel

    This part is in the game … but this looks a lot better than the game we got

  43. Andrew Jackson

    can someone tell me how to initiate base battles? I walk up to random bases and I cant initiate any battles from them, I'm at chapter 13, and went back to lucis

  44. Good Boi MarkV

    You look at this footage and then look at how the game is now. You realize this is a definitely better than the complete version. Lol like cmon Square, why were the changes necessary…?

  45. The.Way.You.Pink.It

    I failed miserably on this mission. I got everyone's attention within a few minutes into it xD

  46. AdamRonaldo1903

    2:40 I can say the camera angle in this video is better than the final build.

  47. Dalton K

    Why do the bad guys look cool but everyone else looks like a bunch of punks?

  48. Blancvis

    And this was before they decided to add that hideously fugly dark souls character-centered lighting to the game.

  49. Rotisserie Soup

    The gameplay and UI looks better than the actual game

  50. Macdios1

    One of the biggest footage with big orchestra soundtrack ive ever seen. Loved it!

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