FINAL FANTASY XV Jump Festa 2014 Trailer

FINAL FANTASY XV is currently in development and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. FINAL FANTASY XV is not yet rated.

FINAL FANTASY XV –EPISODE DUSCAE- playable demo available exclusively in Day One Edition of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while supplies last.

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  1. kasier shadow

    ff15= kingdom hearts+ gta

  2. Swallotte


  3. hovsep56

    i love how the gaurds took forever to start attacking while some of their soldiers are being attacked.

  4. Michele Noli

    Please I just read an interview with Gamespot with Hajime Tabata sama. He said it would be difficult to put airships in Final Fantasy XV. I really hope you from Square Enix just take in consideration fans preferences since this is one of the most classic FF elements. Please just try your ebst!!! Take ur time and listen to ur fans! This game must be the best FF as you said you want to make please!!!

    yours truly, a fan

  5. Manoj Manral


  6. Miguel Roque

    Some people in the comments just like to whine and whine. i know its your opinion but the game hasn't even come out yet!

  7. rap RD

    will this game have  a world map where we can see we going !! will it have a materia system?  will it have a airship unlockable ?? do monsters drop items?  do we have different kind of chocobos???? customization of cloth?
     does this game have an ocean and does it have islands to explore?

  8. César Gurrión

    Me vine… >.<

  9. CruelOptimism

    Hmmm.. almost looks like it'll be a JPop road trip hack n slash type game..

  10. zacom32

    Just give me Japanese voice acting with English Sub, then It's done!

  11. KATintheBLACK

    There's a lot of sleeping references
    The song from one of the other trailers is called "Somnus" (which means sleep)
    The logo has a sleeping woman
    The city is called "Insomnia"!
    Japan, you crazy bastards

  12. StudioSambodia

    All I wanna see now after this is a launch trailer with a release date! The demo can't come soon enough! too excited.

  13. leonlim2008

    Everyone : look at 2:04 , that 's freaking Titan!!
    Me: That is just Titan. Imagine if you can summon Knights of the Round in Final Fantasy XV…

  14. liam kelly

    & once again, no love for pc

  15. DreamZcape

    pre order for me for sure

  16. kaila celestial

    I wish the game would come out for Xbox 360 or PS3

  17. Beargrim

    If this isn't a PC game I don't care, stop emailing me about it.

  18. saitamegroj2

    This game needs to be on PC. 

  19. Skythedragon

    please make it for PC!

  20. Money Meng

    Your mp bar goes down why too fast. I hope the mp bar expands when you level when it goes live. Also hope the finishing blow of each magic technique skill replenishes a small portion of your mp bar.

  21. Jose H

    To be honest I Never played a FF game But This Game Looks Beautiful

  22. Fábio Scp77

    This dont look rpg at all…sasuke?

  23. Emperorwolffang

    Could this finally be the the next gen final fantasy experience everyone has been waiting for?

  24. Kaitlyn Cleary

    I love how the combat style is free. Free to move around to fight. I like that. B

  25. pixel Biscuits


  26. ki ra

    recently bought the day one edition of ff type-0 to play the demo version of ffxv.. so fuking shit! release the pre-order at onceeeeee!!!! :))

    joke! :))

  27. Iron Cross

    Boy band road trip!…….. yay?

  28. dudeinthesea

    Boy Band Final Fantasy? What the F–k square

  29. OhMyBooda

    This is going to be such a fail. Mark my words…

  30. evane fallen

    lol boy band !!! i hope notics solo singer

  31. Delacroix

    I havent been this excited for a final fantasy game since final fantasy x

  32. thebeatoftheangels

    Even after the ridiculous amount of wait time, I'm still looking forward to this game

  33. latiosLai

    Am I watching a movie? This game make so real like reality world…I can't wait !

  34. Pandora Auburn

    is it just me or does Cidney look like Vanille from FFXIII

  35. Alice Croquette

    wow regis is still look dandy

  36. Amasías Meneses

    0:19 wait… that guy looks like the actual final regis…

  37. BlueDragon992

    Everyone else sounds pretty much the same as they do in the final game. Noctis on the other hand… Well, I can tell he's being voiced by the same actor, but the performance is significantly different to say the least. :/

  38. 623giriro x

    I feel so sad just watching this trailer because some of those cutscene were cut out!!!! T_T
    But despite all that it was still a great adventure playing this game! Thank you Square!!!!!

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