FINAL FANTASY XV – gamescom malboro gameplay video

The notorious FINAL FANTASY monster, the malboro, makes its terrifying FINAL FANTASY XV debut at gamescom 2015! The memorable creature is brought to life in more hideous detail than ever before, and players can look forward to warding off the disastrous effects of its legendary attack, “bad breath.”

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  1. Liang Lu

    I hope they haven't given up Shiva!!!


    stock up on smelling salts, megalixirs and remedy's! lol


    not sure which was harder. Malboro, tonberry or the ruby dragon? all legendary nasty b******ds from the FF Series. magic pot best be there to! Things we love to hate!

  4. FlippeR FlappeR

    "That breath…give us cancer

    the breath is so bad our nose kills us"

  5. Steven A.W

    kill it with flare and firaga

  6. sieg mostang

    half dark souls 3.5

  7. The Truth

    Malboro… What a piece of crap to fight in every game. I LOVE IT!

  8. Zefanya Lt

    never knew malboro was that ass in FF, since in legend of mana they're just a child's play 😐

  9. Thenextworldwar

    So… yeah. Malboros are nightmare fuel now.

  10. Wilson Cabiles

    haha.. i remember my way of defeating this monster is through odin on FFVIII.

  11. Mukek al abukek


  12. Ema Mavi

    Is my imagination, or this area was cut from the game. The closest we get to this is in chapter 10, but by no means is the same. I wonder how much of Tenebrae was cut.

  13. Undefined Variable

    Jaysus, you guys just got fucking rekt.

  14. Joymax Tsukiyomi

    Why ignis not be blind here? :'v

  15. MrKennyBones

    This wasn't even in the game. How much did they cut? I feel cheated.

  16. Lawliet

    Looks better than the actual Malboro fight in the released game.

  17. Light Kikib

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is DEFINITELY not in the game.

  18. Serasia

    1:15 – Someone said "Are you okay?" right after that guy got mouth slammed by a Malboro. If this weren't a video game, or if they were a lesser character, then that guy would have been a goner.

  19. AdamRonaldo1903

    Downgrade man…..

  20. Ezekiel Baskerville

    This is how Marlboro's always managed to sneak up on us all these years?
    Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope… so much NOPE!!!

  21. カメレモングラス



  22. Red 5

    This trailer vs the Real Gameplay looks like the PSOne vs PlayStation 4… What a Shame.

  23. Kurogami 411

    Anddd it got cut

  24. Captain Pipsqueak

    Yeah, if one thing's remained standard, it's that malboro's will fuck you up *fast*. Malboros, cactaurs and tonberrys are the three deadliest monsters in the series.

  25. Carlos Rojas


  26. End Gamer

    I'm thinking that Ignis was not supposed to be blind in the original concept

  27. Daniel Sutton

    Greater Marlboro uses bad breath. Tidus is confused and poisoned. Wakka is confused. Auron is beserked and poisoned. Tidus attacks Wakka and depletes 75% of his health. Tidus takes poison damage. Wakka attacks Auron. Auron evades and counters, killing Wakka and taking poison damage. Tidus attacks Auron. Auron evades and counters killing Tidus and taking poison damage. Greater Malboro attacks Auron, bringing his health to critical. Auron is still beserked and attacks Greater Malboro. Auron dies from poison. Game over.

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