Full of spectacle and wonder, this “XV” piece collection of the greatest moments from the FINAL FANTASY XV –EPISODE DUSCAE- demo only skims the surface of all the ways the game can take your breath away. From behemoth battles to fist bumps, see if your favorite moment made the list!

The FINAL FANTASY XV –EPISODE DUSCAE- demo is available exclusively in the FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD Day One Edition while supplies last.

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  1. KamikazeCactuar

    XIII: Hidden Power. Where you get the LIGHTNING Eidolon Rahmu. Damn Square when you gonna give her a rest >_>?

  2. British Tea

    I still get whiplash from Noctis' voice!

  3. Noctis Pendragon

    Oh nice .

  4. Ichimatsu Matsuno

    Anybody gotta release date? For NA?

  5. omegazio

    FFXV is Gonna be one of the best FF Games ever since FFXII.

  6. Ryder Draconis

    And that kids, is why you should get State Farm Insurance. 

    Are you in good hands?

  7. Pat Daddy

    Noctis would shit on Sora!

  8. saltybits185

    Square-Enix I'm disappointed in you. There is one moment in which Prompto briefly gets captured in the caves. When you discover him later he says "Snakes Why did it have to be snakes". Which, I considered an Easter egg and paying homage to Indiana Jones.

  9. hard mode

    l even like the non original voices <3

  10. awildclinton

    Did anyone notice how they included a scene with lightning in Episode XIII? I see you square ?

  11. King Chocobro

    Those who want to play the demo can wait for the public demo which most likely be a tech demo and have some fights. Who knows anything can change and be a improved version of the Episode Duscae available for the public, but seems unlikely.

  12. Rikuphi

    Can you imagine how bad that Behemoth's breath smells? Gawd, I'm surprised our guys didn't pass out XP

  13. Tomcat407

    I love this song, but it's getting repetitive, you know being in every video in all. I hope there are a lot more when the game launches

  14. Athrum

    Mmmm didn't realize the english voices were this bad 🙁 why does Noctis sound like he's cosntipated?

  15. Michael Place

    Notics voice sounds a lot deeper in the demo then in the trailer maybe its just me tho. I really like all the characters tho.

  16. y Nyob

    type0 flopped in usa. hows this game going to do square enix?

  17. ekkt

    what was with the numbers changing on the top left corner?

  18. Mancin D. Lucas

    useless trailer… trailer from a demo is just idiot… more trailer… well…

  19. Kaelan

    Should have shown the guy getting slapped for leaving out yesterdays ghysal greens.. That moment was pure gold.

  20. Ace C


  21. Muh Master

    pixels everywhere !

  22. Al Fajri

    this Final Fantasy now lot of latin language !!  cool


    Any now schedule lunching?? Full not demo.. The reason i buy ps4 because FFXV

  24. Michael Place

    Square thanks so much for letting us voice out opinions about final fantasy 15. It sounds like there gonna be a lot your willing to change and listen to. Play this demo more then most full games i have for my xbox one. Also getting a ps4 just to play it in the best possible graphics.

  25. Ad Rose

    hope SE fix all the fucking problems that the demo had due it was terrible, the graphics, frame rate, gameplay everything was horrible.

  26. MRchicken900016

    This gonna be on pc or what?

  27. KomoryBatMoonDX08

    I wish I could play this.If I were to play this, I probably would've freaked out, screaming, and have a good laugh at some parts. LOL 
    I can see myself freaking out screaming at some of the encounters, like that big beast for an example.

  28. Slezernhyx ID

    I hate the voice acting

  29. Hana Yuuki

    whenever I watch the fist bump, I feel so sorry for ignis cause he missed his timing so he couldnt do the fistbump with promptp. Poor guy.

  30. Vanitas VENTUS

    fear not for those who haven't played it, Ver. 2.00 is coming on june.
    with better frames, additional combos and more…. 😀

  31. Ultimate Fantasy

    ff 7, 8 and 9 only had a maximum of two years between them, were the most legendary games so far, and also had super graphics, FF XV and looked spectacular exit from the PS3 alleged that donot wanted to do this,really I do not understand why not take the game and fuck up already.
    I do not think the game will be legendary for nothing!
    Really do not understand because they want to do is a shame and makes us hope the fans feel the truth and disgust.

  32. Brhayan Torres

    Already have a preview about to come to pc and with what specs recommended/minimum to play the game?

  33. Heal ll

    Its just me or the dub in english suck when you compare to the japonese voices ?

  34. Oscar Gomez

    Can't f-ing wait. my only complain is as always (except for FFXIII) the English voice work, still in time you get used to them.

  35. jamie shelley

    Shiley shaley dilly daliy

  36. Onimanju

    Hell thats was Ramuh? Now i cant really wait for it!

  37. NoctLightCloud

    the gameplay looks exciting imo!
    2:28 I had that "Sasuke Uchiha uses Chidori"-moment, even the Sharingan is featured!:D
    I hope the graphics will be "smoother" in the final version, as 3:06 still looks kind of unfinished in my eyes. Maybe I'm just expecting too much?^^"

  38. Benjamin Hanz

    boring no bestiea

  39. Eriick Brown

    I understand that this is a JRPG, but what if we could Warp onto and Hijack this, 0:44, Land, Park the car in back and Explore the map that way.

    Divergent Gameplay – "What If?"

  40. Dom Browne

    such a beautiful game, with beautiful characters, i'm definitely sure after all the years of producing this game longer than any other FF game it will be quite successful and much more unique in it's own way!

  41. Sasuke Uchiha

    Final Fantasy 15 , Sasuke Uchiha confirmed.

  42. Cameron West

    Please have Japanese audio!

  43. asldm sadl

    Cindy 11/10 day one.


    I love it all.

  45. ۵ χ ۵

    1:15 were the chobos just… ya know…

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