FINAL FANTASY XV E3 2013 Trailer (Announcement)

The armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray. The engaging tale to follow draws audiences into an awe-inspiring world steeped in the rich storytelling traditions of Square Enix’s renowned First Production Development Team.

FINAL FANTASY XV will be available for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. FINAL FANTASY XV is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.


  1. BXT

    I will buy a PS4 when this game comes out. This game show a lot of promise of succeeding. I'm really intrigued by the story and gameplay. 

  2. i-surf808

    OK I swear I saw Cloud, Lightning and Sephiroth

  3. André Esteves

    Will this be a turn based combat game just like FFX and the older FF games?

  4. Calviny

    Not impressed.

  5. A Frisky Gamer

    I wish they'd just cave and toss these on the PC already 

  6. Kaleb673

    Hell yeah the battle system is similar to kingdom hearts! I've got both the ps4 and xbox one but I'll get this on ps4

  7. YukarioMashimato

    Almost 10 years of waiting since original announcement, I hope to see something at TGS 2014.

  8. Leo Keys

    Nooooooo!!!! fps dips in heavy combat!!!

  9. Ravenlock99

    This looks terrible.  I wish they would bring back turned based combat.

  10. Henbot

    So Epic- even if the game never comes out LOL
    Also the dude with the Umbrella and red hair looks like Sean Bean

  11. jatashi cali

    This looks good

  12. Armiger x

    what===? are there the graphics in game…? looks like real or mm i dont know xd

  13. Fir413

    I still haven't found someone who can explain me why this game will suck withiut going into nostalfag territory.

  14. 6Kubik

    Haha 1:40 There is a kaktor!

  15. venomous

    been waiting for this game since 2007

  16. Cococrash11

    Awesome Announcement Trailer.

  17. Azrael Chaos

    Any other series, if they changed from the original, then people would be up in arms. What if they said "let's make call of duty a third person game and give you a sword" people would be outraged. But if people want final fantasy to be turn based or atb based again we get told "quit your bitching, final fantasy is going to the future and I didn't like the turn based before." Thats like saying I don't like orange juice, can you make it taste more like Apple juice so I can like it?

  18. Richard Yin

    I can watch this all day

  19. Emma Legere

    The discrepancy in the graphics between the cut-scenes and the actual gameplay is disgusting. 

  20. Samuel Salim

    Nothing is suposed to last forever,game franchises at least shouldnt..Final Fantasy Should have ended when it WAS Final Fantasy,high rpg thematic with turn based its just some random hich tech game who s main task is to outstand everyone s eyes so they dont notice what they are really playing…You cant name any diference from what s on this game from any prototype or sci fi random game out there?I cant

  21. Gellister SBB64

    Having played the demo for several hours, I have decided that if there was ever an engine that could make Midgar look like we imagine it, it is this one.

  22. Izzy

    I'm really excited about his game, can anyone tell me the plot of the game? (The story)

  23. slashgear29

    Few seconds of interaction between Regis and Noctis in this trailer is much much much better than the hours long hugging scene in DAWN Trailer

  24. ArkiosRokuyon

    I think I knew about 95% of all these voice actors well enough to connect them with at least one Anime.
    Most of them from Fairy Tail and Log Horizon.
    It's strange, it's very rare that I can do that in Anime itself and I watch a ton of them.

  25. TheShadowHunter

    So, now we know about all the people in this trailer… except the one in the hood. Hmm…

  26. Jairo Dominguez

    Is everything in here still in the present game?

  27. Neo Virz

    nooooooo, i need ps 4 like right now :((

  28. Quoc Vu Thai

    FFXV on PC my dream,please Spuare Enix do it on PC

  29. Ada Horror

    Is that Sasukes Voice??

  30. cultist

    Holy christ those cut scenes are near realistic, having a hard time almost noticing it's rendered.

  31. David/Otto Galloway

    the game has come a long way since tgis trailer…..n if it was this good then,i can only imagine how it is NOW ????

  32. Platinum Chill

    Possible spoiler alert

    Ok i think i got something. Still assuming that the logo is noctis i studied the 3d artwork. I first realised it when i saw the regalia(car) above the serpent and when i looked closer i see noctis and the gang is sitting in the car. ok then where are they driving towards?

    I played the video again and i saw the blue flow streaming, it goes downwards first then rises again, then down again at the end it makes loop. (watch 3d artwork link above). ok what if this blue stream simply shows flow of noct's journey.

    Anyway i looked at the start of the blue stream and i thougth wow so obvius. its a world and in it a castle. who lived in a castle world (in his mind) before he went to the big journey? noctis!

    but this serpent was still bugging me it seemed like this serpent was controlling the flow of the journey. what is it i asked myself. i looked up some norse mythology and there it was. Midgardsormen! thats the norwegian name of the midgard serpent but look at the picture below to see the same serpent on the 3d artwork.

    according to wiki this serpent is one of the sons of Loki(read wiki).

    i think i am starting to get convinced that the logo is noctis and his journey.

    another thing that caught my eye was the daemon that saves the girl in pink and the daemon that points direktly towards the watcher of the picture. I think this is the same daemon only on both sides. i think ardyn helps noctis and the gang to save luna from a disaster ergo on the left side(good side) he is the hero who saves the girl but is a daemon inside. on the rigth side (evil side) he points direkly at the viewer and tries to say ill get you because now he's at own territory.

    If the picture is showing the journey there are still a lot of characters not mentioned or seen in videos. but one thing i want to say before i go to sleep(omg im still awake) is that to make a something grand, huge, exrtavagant you need to bluff with the lowest card. Its a big risk and will reward big if suceeded and that card is stella. i can bet on it that she is in the game because she is right there on the 3d artwork on the far right corner at the bottom on the evil side. luna has purple clothes and stella has blue.

    wait what? these are personality colors

    there you been hiding 0:50

  33. pupulicious

    So all of this got turned into Kingsglaive FFXV. If you've watched the film, you'll notice the exact same scenes here in the film itself. Noctis was probably the one who went back to Insomnia and tried to save King Regis and not Nyx. You can see him battling in a falling airship(most likely happening in Insomnia). In the movie it's Nyx instead of Noctis. Tabata removed all of Noctis' role in what the story was in this trailer and instead shoved Nyx and the forgettable Kingsglaive group and placed Noctis away on a longer roadtrip  doing whatever he will do in the final FFXV game.

    So the difference is Noctis would have known about the Lucis attack before Insomnia completely fell and would have been able to go back and battle Niffleheim troops in Insomnia. In the new one it seems they added another complication that delayed the news from reaching Noctis and Insomnia already fell even before they knew about it.

    Anyway I have read some leaks that got just one part right so far but it's looking plausible with the new story they're doing. I really hope it doesn't end up true.

  34. Ahmad Afif Isa

    exactly one month more

  35. jachyra4

    No that I've played FF15, it seems like the story has changed somewhat. What was that bit about seeing souls? I would love to know what the original story was supposed to be.

  36. Horri Siel

    If only we got this :l

  37. Sajirou Plays

    Good thing I didn't even know about FF15 until it released, I was like "What? We're getting a 15th FF game?" … glad I didn't know, otherwise I would've been disappointed all this didn't make it in. I knew the story felt flat and most of the actual story happened off camera.

  38. DCutsBro

    the real game sucks compared to this. good shit square enix

  39. narutodssunny

    The game that never was.

  40. Rokudo

    Am I the only person who ISNT mad about all the changes that happened?

  41. Ramburger

    I hope the developer will add some missing things like cut contents, cut story, or any cut things in this trailer for the next future updates. I really hope that so much because the final game feels incomplete and unfinished, especially the main story.

  42. juan Leonistico

    wow square enix, it the game at 2016 had this enviorement interaction, this was your best game in all life, but in the end we had only noctis flying around leviathan

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