FINAL FANTASY XV – Driving Gameplay Video

The shimmering blue sea unfolds along this scenic coastal route—but no road is without a bump or two. Driving the car in FINAL FANTASY XV can occur either manually or automatically; take the wheel and steer clear of trouble yourself, or let the digital chauffeur see you to your destination in safety and style.

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  1. Tabyris Dennis

    Travel along as "one of the guys"?

  2. Gabriele Bassi

    Wooooooow=wery wery beautiful

  3. Blaze6432

    This seems kind of minor, but did anyone notice that they switched driving sides in the NA trailer? When I was watching the original footage they were using British driving instead of American. I wonder if they are going to have an option to switch back or it will be a change set just for the west.

  4. Franklin Payne

    So when does this become Final Fantasy and not a driving game?

  5. StarsnGravity

    I hope we can change the music when driving. I can just see myself getting annoyed by that song everytime I have to explore the world.

  6. PopTartNeko

    so uh, we're playing a pretty japanese boy band this time?

  7. Uriel Septim

    Lets stop by for a soda pop!

  8. Unknown 25

    Can't we drive ourselves just like GTA ?Hahahaha

  9. STRIKE16625


  10. Nan_nana__booboo

    Looks insanely beautiful

  11. RAZRfreak

    eyes widen, pupils dilated, jaws dropped, agape at the splendor of the video Well it's not perfect…but it's beautiful!

  12. Wild Dog


  13. 想真Souma

    Everytime, I'll see a Sephiroth running along!

  14. speeddemon847

    there needs to be a super troopers enemy type in this game.

    do you boyz like Pulsico?!!

  15. Brianna Sanchez

    When Prompto went yahoo it scared me a little bit.

  16. yeflynne nature instagram

    wtf is this troll shitty video game

  17. yeflynne nature instagram

    the music is bad

  18. saviorpants

    I fear that, while driving through the world it looks pretty nice, but stopping and getting out at most places will reveal them to be boring wastelands with nothing to do but run around and fight the occasional mob. I'm hoping they'll prove me wrong and fill the world with wonders, secrets, easter eggs, etc.

  19. Bootie Senpai

    i want a radio

  20. Howard Lam

    a bit too much red

  21. Ergo Sum

    just hoping the story is as good as the animation ._.

  22. guybeleeve

    Umm this is a old video,showed this months ago. And as far as the yahoo part,it reminded me of that shitty Tidus laugh on the beach. That made me drop my controller out of embarrassment.

  23. Jinjo Ghost

    I like the delay with Ignis' animation. He goes to turn on the ignition while the car is already on and begun to move.

  24. Kwazy mofo

    They didn't show any manual driving at all. When you call it driving gameplay, I expected that a real person would be driving the car. This would be like rockstar announcing gta 6, releasing a trailer titled "driving" and just having the main character catch a cab around the block.

    Admittedly, that would be hilarious if Rockstar did it (because we all know what to expect from GTA driving), get on it Rockstar! But Square enix, you still need to show us how your cars handle in game.

  25. Phoach

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you fucking kidding me? this isnt driving game-play. this is fucking riding as a goddamn passenger.

  26. BloodEnthused

    can you drive anywhere? can you do stunts? or can i just fast travel?

  27. Philippe Boutin

    driving looks gorgeous but after 15 min boring as fuck, please someone tell me you can fast travel to known locations

  28. Rodrick Gottschalk

    Can we have the road rage mechanic? i wanna run over people.

  29. Marco Funke

    Some idiots really expect a GTA… I can't fucking believe it.
    The next GTA better has some magic or special gun-abilities…

  30. Luke Leopard

    gta japan they finally made it

  31. MarshmallowMadnesss

    The game plays itself most of the time.The driving is terribly boring. other wide-open games have made exploration so much more fun than simply watching the characters read or tap their phones while you travel. In short, the car is this game's liability as it's basically the boat anchor your party needs to keep coming back to.

  32. Julia Shenandoah

    Amazing and best game ever! But it`s a little bit disappointing that this car behaves like the helicopter in Metal Gear Phantom Pain and "delivers" the protagonists to the mission points on it`s own and cannot be driven manually and is always steering by itself even in manual drive mode. I would prefer real driving like controlling the Chocobos, and when the Regalia is leaving the road after bad steering it should stop and cost some coins for calling a break-down service and tow it back to the road 😀
    But after fully upgrading the Regalia I hope the flying mode is fully manually controlled.

  33. LA Devotee

    우리 녹트왕자님은 뒤에서 즐기기만 하면 되요~~

  34. Zul278

    For fucks sake just realised how much they downgraded and removed features

  35. Batuhan Türev

    Probably the worst driving experience in the games. You just have to press w or s you cant get out of the road you cant do anything. It drives itself.

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