The destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of FINAL FANTASY XV. As the shadow of turmoil is cast over the land, there is hope on the horizon as an unbreakable bond is forged between a father and son, and the light of a new dawn rises on a hero.

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  1. Sam H.

    What are with these dislikes? This trailer raised a lot of questions, and seeing a father breakdown and cry that he no doubt has to be separated from his child is really powerful…

  2. Anna Fitzpatrick

    And of course the main character will look like an anorexic J-Pop singer. Come on grow up SE.

  3. Sasuke Uchiha

    Xbox one woo


    wait did the girl get raped at the beginning?

  5. Arooj Askari

    lunas sooo strong that she makes noctis look like a demsel in disstress ???? lmao jk but maybe…..?

  6. argalow 22

    what are those 3 blurry looking figures at the time of 2:23 seconds

  7. Dustyn Leonard

    Shout out the audio team on this. That moment of him trying to embrace his son because he knows he'll have to embark on some probably harsh, cruel journey somehow related to the plot and the salvation of the kingdom…his sleeping son…only to have him push him away. It's sooooo powerfully accentuated by the audio, I wouldn't have had the same feeling if they weren't running in tandem: it's tragic. Powerful stuff. I cannot fucking WAIT for this game!!!!!

  8. BleistiftSchwert

    NOw we are "What the fuck?! I dont understand anything in this trailer! This trailer is so stupid"
    But i bet after we all finished the game it will be like "Oh my GOD!? We see sooo munch important details about the story. I feel dump i didnt this in the first place!"

  9. Liam Dae

    The foreshadowing in this trailer is deep as fuck. (SPOILERS TAG) Noctis' father used a type of magic barrier to be placed on his son so that whenever he was in danger it would protect him. But when it was used it would age the one who placed it. We will see Noctis' father age over time.

  10. Лана Дрыга

    What's this song?

  11. Vlad

    Started to frantically search for my phone at the end of the video.

  12. Alice Croquette

    at this point regis design has changed

  13. Just Yoeri

    Rewatching this gives a lot of context to the process. Regis' design, the bandage around the now black dog's leg.

  14. Cassidy-Anime

    Why did that guy throw Lunafreya to the floor?

  15. Nyxato

    Awww man I almost cried. I love King Regis' character, matter of fact I think he's my favorite character. Something about father figures showing emotion tugs at me, likely because in my lineage, it's extremely uncommon. The desperation the man has for his son… it gets at me.

  16. rwuh89

    I feel like they scrapped a bunch of cutscenes in the game because of Kinglaive. If that's true, you messed up big time SQENIX.

  17. cyberneticempire

    Chapter 0 should have been an extended version of this. So much stuff from the trailers isn't present in the actual game. FFXV needs an extensive and immediate directors cut / "international version".

  18. MaskedDevil

    man, watching this trailer now is kinda heartbreaking knowing what the king knows

  19. procomxt

    this trailer makes a lot of sense after finishing FF15.the knowledge of impending death of your child and it is fated.they should have added some scenes from the trailer into the final game! As flashbacks or stories from NPCs

  20. EdeN-NovA


  21. Kross The Octoling

    like father like son

  22. Carlos Rojas

    Not every FF Main character has that kind of love to their father, most of them hate him or never know them

  23. KeybladeMasterAndy

    You definitely should have had these scenes in the game somewhere.

  24. Golden Buffy

    Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that Noctis has a perfectly good hood on, yet his dad doesn't place it on his head? Or better yet, why stand in the rain, where your child could get sick? Sit inside the car. lol

  25. Daniel Clark

    They need to do episode Regis about this trailer!

  26. Al Liu

    Father to son, Son to be a king.

  27. Noctis Caelum

    Never forget

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