FINAL FANTASY XV – Dawn 2.0 Trailer

The destiny of the stars is set in motion 15 years before the events of FINAL FANTASY XV. This updated cut of the “Dawn” trailer reveals new footage of the game’s protagonists, Noctis and Luna, as the hardships of their past give them purpose in the present. Their journey begins.

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  1. Impulsemusic

    Plot twist: Noctis is actually Noel reincarnated
    Luna is Yeul reincarnated. lol

  2. houndeagle4102

    when I watched this trailer after the movie
    it made me sad ; (

  3. SeFu2006

    1:08 the music reminds me of that end note from the FFVIII intro, they really got the music down for this one, then again, Final Fantasy has always had beautiful music.

  4. Edwarz

    Can someone explain why is "old" Regis carrying "Young" Noctis?
    Shouldn't they both be young?
    Is it something about the plot, or am I not understanding something?


    its a bad mistake when they made luna different from the movie.

  6. AdamRonaldo1903

    It is maybe look dull but for me it is the most powerful trailer of all video games.

  7. Patrick Zaine Harrell

    the fuck I just watched

  8. игоре паник


  9. Arthur Dorr

    Lmao the amount of shit cut from the game. Like all of this trailer. Created all this CGI just for it to not be used in game 🙁 sad.

  10. Manoahmanolo

    Why was 90% of the footage in this trailer not used in the game? Tabata said the main story alone would be ~50 hours. It's not even half of that. I finished the game after 30 hours, and I did quite a bit of side quests and enjoying the scenery, so the main story is definitely not more than 25 hours. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE STORY?!

  11. BGKQ


  12. flik221

    ffxv was ruined…

  13. NoctLightCloud

    I beat the game yesterday. I'm sad that they've cut out all CGI scenes ever shown in trailers since 2006. No scenes from Versus days, no scenes from the trailer where it was announced that it had changed to XV. No scenes from Dawn nor Omen trailer, not to speak of the very first Versus trailer which was supposed to be THE epic moment of this game. I'm still a big fan, but the amount of CGIs was even less than in Lightnig Returns!? They've also cut out on locations and characters. What happened with Iedolas? And Ravus was so disappointing. We couldn't visit Tenebrae, Niflheim was empty, and Insomnia destroyed, the Leviathan fight altered. Damn, they cut out SO much…

  14. flik221

    no one buy the DLC. i refuse to be milked.

  15. cyberneticempire

    The scenes in this trailer needed to be Chapter 0…

  16. {{Mino}}

    Im so upset that parts of this trailer was cut from the game.

  17. bulma_999


  18. boi

    AND NONE OF IT WAS IN THE GAME great job square

  19. foxx roxx

    really?? some people said FFXV is ruined just because SE removed this scene and decided to not to portray Luna as a weak abused child…?
    come on…what do these guys want?? a final fantasy game or a sappy tragic bollywood movie?
    if you guys watched brotherhood, you can see Luna is doing fine even under niflheim rule. no sign of her getting abused or bullied. because her role as oracle, tenebrae has some autonomy.
    and there's gentiana by her side too.

    so this shitty cliched bollywood "abused heroine and slowly getting stronger" plot wouldn't make sense to the main story anymore.

    i don't know for sure if the SJW really caused SE to cut this scene or not, but from what i see, Hajime Tabata changed the whole story tone to be much more lighthearted than the original versus XIII. so maybe he personally doesn't want XV to be that dark. and i'm glad he did that.

  20. Brian Wilkerson

    Subtle but definitely badass. This is my first impression of Luna (late to the party, I know) and I like what I see.

  21. Jeremiah Robinson

    hey SE I like your music and I was wondering if I could use some for a video game I am hoping to make in a few years. I am only thinking of the original FF game with the 4 fiends and chaos Garland astos lich marrilith kraken tiamat all that good stuff I am only hoping to use the final boss theme if you say yes I will be positive that I will say you guys are the original creator for that song.

  22. Marcin Junior Pawuniak

    False advertisment! None of this is in game! How can you SQUARE ENIX lie like that to people!? Build hype, then deliver something incomplete and even cut out good parts, such as scenes from this trailer. Why?! Explain!


    There are still so many unanswered questions here…


    Episode Lunafreya better have this explained… or no one will trust Square Enix ever again

  25. khfan4life365

    Who is the f*cker that hurt kid Luna? ?

  26. Mike Hunt Burns

    when does This game come out?

  27. Adam Clark

    I wonder if there is a just a tiny, even the tiniest chance that this will be in Episode Ardyn, like at the end to show the start of Noctis's and Luna's journey? It's set 30 years before the events of XV and King Regis is in it. Lol, it's nice to dream sometimes…

  28. Kevin Mcmahon

    You guys are trash for ruining this game

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