FINAL FANTASY XV Chocobo Riding and Fishing Video

In gameplay footage revealed at TGS 2015, Noctis and his crew explore a new area on the backs of chocobos, showing off some of the ways the classic series mount can move in FINAL FANTASY XV. The party then dismounts and heads to a pier for some fishing, a new mini-game players can explore. The fish you can catch can even be taken back to camp and cooked!

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  1. MarizeteFerreiradosSantos

    ChicoBo drifting ??

  2. xluckyxshadowx

    it's offical this game is going to make me so hungry

  3. nimbus cloud

    This made me smile the whole time~ X3

  4. Bunny Rabbit


  5. Natthaphong Phoosith

    spent your life with many guys

  6. qurazy


  7. NMSVRplz

    so on another ffxv vid someone mentioned that prompto is voiced by the same voice actor as Natsu Dragneel and i found that to be pretty cool. How many other ppl noticed?

  8. RukudoSage69

    the fishing's just like zelda's lols

  9. H.A.K

    What a waste of time fishing using rod. Use gravity/magnet spell. Gravija…. Haha.

  10. WisdomSpark Productions

    Who needs a car when you have a chocobo?

  11. Solura

    Who here is all for riding on a chocobo instead of a car?

  12. TheNintenfan64

    Gotta love the Chocobo theme. Hope they have different colors! If not, I don't care! 😀

  13. issamemariheaux

    Those big ass feathers look a bit silly.

  14. James Cobalt

    Oh I get it. Chocobos are like super eccentric velociraptors.

  15. Tomcat407

    cross fingers for chocobo combat…like shooting fireballs or lightning strikes while riding choco

  16. Capsy Dash

    I'm hungry now.

  17. Cromwell

    what if this game turns out to have mediocre gameplay and storyline but becomes well-known for its fishing simulation

  18. Divine Courtney

    Hey I remember those things off ps2 🙂

  19. HASCHWALTH!!!!


  20. Conor Halliday

    Very KH like music when he was fishing, not complaining though.

  21. Harsha Mohite

    Why does the far-off graphical detail and environs always look so god damn plain and boring? I do hope they add more interesting landmarks in the distance like Xenoblade Chronicles. Xenoblade Chronicles X always had a cool and interesting BIG landmark in the distance to look forward to visiting. This… Just plain mountains for miles on end…

    EDIT: Don't get me wrong. The game looks STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, and everything around Noctis and the krew is surreal and absolutely fantastic! I just wished there was more on the horizon to keep me interested in climbing over the next mountain.

  22. ivalicetifalucis

    who needs car when you have chocobo?

  23. DeathInANoose

    Thank you, they don't sound like horses like on Type-0.

  24. pengangguran

    i hate the harness of his fishing

  25. Ewolf5150

    Fishing in video games to me was always the complete opposite reason of why I played video games.

  26. Reidlos Toof

    YOOOOO The fishing is straight ripped from Ocarina of Time. LMAO

  27. Kim Sanderhoff

    Am I the only one who thinks the water effects look pretty bad? I hope they update them.

  28. Arman Mandanas

    Aaaahhh it looks so fun 🙂

  29. Unknown 25

    Smell like chocobos..

  30. White Screen

    Fishing reminds me of Breath of Fire for some reason.

  31. Andhika Syahputra

    the song remind me of chocobo dungeon 2 and racing

  32. Vlad Dracula Tepes

    wish this was real ?~T_T~

  33. OniSamaGin

    Kinda makes the car pointless in the end.. >.<

  34. speeddemon847

    noctis and his blood riders, he will ride the metal horses across the poisoned sea, he will kill the men in the metal suits, tear down their metal gears, take their moogles as slaves and his son will be the chocobo who will mount the world!!!

  35. ۵ χ ۵

    4:44 That is a delicacy.

  36. Leo Craveiro

    So that fish in the plate was the fish they caught? I swear the food pictures are the most awkward cringe thing in this game XD

  37. Leo Craveiro

    So that fish in the plate was the fish they caught? I swear the food pictures are the most awkward cringe thing in this game XD

  38. Ken D

    Please release Final Fantasy Fishing!

  39. Bulooo Mister

    Beautiful !

  40. INCOOM13

    Final Fantasy: Chocobo Drift

  41. k3st

    1:38 freakin hax

  42. Andrew Choy

    Music feels more KH than FF to me haha

  43. Patrick Anderson

    I keep forgetting the composer of the Kingdom Hearts soundtracks is conducting the Final Fantasy 15 soundtrack, and I'm hyped for that since I love her work in the KH series!

  44. Lydia Spiros

    the music is hilarious


    Can't wait to play it 🙂

  46. Jackjude

    Why did they decide to dress the characters as emo's from 2004? Would have rather off putting the the time, let alone 12 years later.

  47. LHAV

    steampunk FF world with varying races is better IMO.

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