Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle Surprise

Introducing Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle Surprise!

All pre-orders of FINAL FANTASY® XV made through the SQUARE ENIX® Online Store (…) are automatically entered and will be eligible to win themed digital and physical prizes, including a new Audi sedan.

Beginning on August 1, Carbuncle will select winners each Friday until the game’s release on November 29th . All pre-orders* made through the SQUARE ENIX® Online Store are eligible for weekly entry to the sweepstakes, which commences with the First Prize drawing on Friday, August 5. Fans who have entered the sweepstakes will be eligible to check their winnings online every Friday. Prizes will be distributed to winners post launch, and each participant has the chance to win a prize during the weekly drawing.

*Only pre-orders of the game will be automatically entered for the Campaign. Preorders for FINAL FANTASY XV related merchandise such as figurines and soundtracks excluded from entry.


  1. Hachikos Promise

    I thought I was going to get the foxicorn!But nevermind

  2. Atma

    I wond a Cindy dlc =D

  3. Tommy

    Does this count for digital pre orders?

  4. Alex Ganz

    I wanted Carbuncle Plushie 🙁

  5. VulcanTrixter027

    Give us UCE!! 🙁

  6. Travesh

    The Regalia does not actually fly?! Psh.

  7. DarkSyrius

    Waiting for the full complete GOTY PC version! ^^

  8. Convescation

    I love how it says Ultimate Collector's Edition even though that's been sold out since the summer.

  9. Mouzhappy

    can i win something besides member points?????

  10. DJ Thelazygamer

    It won't even load the surprise for me and I have been trying for days

  11. sagna

    pre order and you too can win 3 points each and every week,i may cancle my pre order due to the contest….woohooo 10 weeks of 3 pts…

  12. Barnivere

    You guys need to update this video xD

  13. Draconis Nox

    Not for PC? No thanks. Ill play games that get updated and have player made mods any day over a limited likely broken and low scale game.

  14. Mike V

    Thirteen weeks of 3 member reward points is a thrill.
    Someone please change more of the rewards to DLC so people can actually win… Not a single custom console or single custom car.

  15. Cho Vue

    have anyone won anything besides the cindy regalia skin and the points?

  16. CycloneXV

    …I'm actually curious. Has anyone actually won anything?

  17. Marcelo Master Arts

    Alguem sabe se esse jogo vai ter dublagem brasileira?

  18. Marcelo Master Arts

    Will have brazilian voices and subtitles?

  19. Itchieban1

    Yeah but I don't like my game in pieces so I'll just wait for the complete game !

  20. Skywarp Channel

    How do I make my Regalia car fly?!

  21. assassinpro12


  22. Stellacept Tekai

    i keep getting points…. -.- BETTER HOPE CARBUNCLE GIVES ME DA CAR ;-;

  23. Paulina Arenas

    I miss you Stella! U.U

  24. Agret

    Has anyone got a code for the cindy car skin? Please PM me I can paypal you for it 😮

  25. Stefano Ferri

    new combact system… shit…I do not buy

  26. KhaosChaos0x0

    anyone know when we get the dlc code?

  27. RevyTwoHand

    RIP OFF! I stupidly switched my Amazon pre-order for this since, hey the company's own site must have the best one right? WRONG! I got 1 worthless Cindy DLC skin for the car and from Week 2 on thru week 17 I only got the 3 member points. That's only 48 member points. I'm sorry I'm wrong I was SUPPOSED to get those meager pre-orders, but the Redemption site is broken. I sent an email to CS and got
    "We apologize for the trouble and inconvenience you have been experiencing. At this time, we are currently aware of an issue with the FINAL FANTASY XV Carbuncle Surprise redemption site. We are diligently looking to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time to offer you, but we kindly ask for your continued patience while we work to resolve the issue with our web team.
    We will be taking all the feedback we receive and give it to our teams to hasten the resolution."
    Basically "It sucks to be you". I will never pre-order from their site again. I could have had Lightnings weapon as just ONE of the many DLC's I could have had. RIP OFF!

  28. Gothic Orphan

    Not the actual Regalia. Does not fly.

  29. Boyd The Milkman

    Hey guys, I'm just writing to let you know I have been a huge Final Fantasy fan for my entire life. Grew up with your games starting in '94.

    Just wanted to let you know because of Final Fantasy and your wonderfully blatant adverts in Final Fantasy 15 and the overall lack of polish in your game, I, as a top 200 reviewer on both and .com, I will never be purchasing another one of your games again, and nor will I ever offer them any endorsement should a copy come my way until it becomes abundantly clear you're not shilling shovelware garbage. The Noodle Cup Quest was a fantastic idea, guys, whoever put that in the game should be fired. 🙂

    Fuck you, Square Enix.

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