FINAL FANTASY XV – A Message from Avalanche Studios

Christofer Sundberg, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios, delivered a special message to the fans of FINAL FANTASY XV at PAX Prime, exploring a potential collaboration between the two studios. Anything is possible with the stunning technology behind FINAL FANTASY XV and the open world prowess of the developers behind Just Cause 3.

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  1. Chad Phillips

    Wow, this is always something I had wished for! Seeing the huge open worlds of Just Cause games made me wonder how beautiful a fantasy environment could look in their game engine! 😀

  2. wolfflow

    More studios need to collaborate on games. Especially underrated ones like Avalanche.

  3. 黒狼

    thank you avalanche studios!we don't know maybe you'll be helping in creating the game of the century

  4. twisterthemonk

    kinda confused since FFXV is already set to be released… does this mean FF7 remake collab =-O

  5. Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình

    "Witch Project "? Agni's game confirmed!!

  6. Kudan

    Just do it!

  7. J Ramirez

    Agni's Philosophy! DO IT!

  8. {{Mino}}

    I will be so happy if Agni's philosophy become a real game ore f.f xvi,so much potential there and also the music, that concept is something unique, different and fresh but still having the fantasy elements wich is perfect to bring more new fans to F.F and support the franchise.

  9. Danny Hernandez

    The Witch Project!!! AGNI'S is still alive!!!
    Please be Final Fantasy XVI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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