FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn — End of an Era

Witness the end of an era as the Eorzean Alliance clashes with the Garlean Empire in a bid to deliver the realm from certain destruction.
The saga will continue in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.


  1. Michael Rivers

    I see. So it was not Meteor that destroys the realm, but Bahamut himself. Meteor was just where he was imprisoned. I can see him wiping out all before him…

  2. Christina Lynn

    …holy jenova

  3. Kazer Mishima

    It´s the main theme 'Answer'

  4. MrJaredxADDxaz

    I agree with you about hoping it's like X. The plot line portrayed in this video gives a VERY similar plot to FFX. War begins, and the soldiers and all of the world is punished for their "Sins".

  5. kingofmonsters14

    never before has the end of the world looked so fucking cool.

    though unleashed the ultimate evil, the world shall enter it's final twilight.

  6. xXxWickedJugglaxXx

    FFXIII Was an amazing game FFXII was probably the worst RPG game ever made.

  7. crazyaristacrat

    final fantasy 13 was too linear. It was beautiful with great gameplay but it had a weak story and became boring too quickly

  8. xXxWickedJugglaxXx

    So I'm gonna assume you're a bitch and didn't even fuck with the Cieth stones or The Titan Trials.

  9. Mi Sen

    Man i want to know the song's name 😀

  10. neberboi

    ya. ff 12 and ff 13 are two extreme ends of what should not be done. ff 12 had immense world with crap story. ff13 on the other hand is too strict but had a decent story.

  11. neberboi

    lol it's an mmorpg. you cant compare it to regular ff series

  12. Tekhazai

    I've never played 13 but I have played 3,6,7,9,10 and 12. 10 is my favorite

  13. Daniella JJ

    Damn, the end mixed with the song had me emotional lol

  14. Mimie Freakontangious

    Me too!! Someone please tell us what is the song's title and who sang it!!!

  15. ThePsychoNyx

    13 has hands down, some of the most beautiful graphics ever seen to man.

  16. LashNSmash

    tactics advance, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 11, 12, 13, and 13-2, GET ON MY LEVEL…of…lonliness…Q~Q…nevermind…-cries alone, eating chips until i meet someone who likes the games as much as me-

  17. LashNSmash

    I have to say even though they both had those downfalls…they were still fun as heck, and very much worth playing…just not as amazing as say…7-10

  18. kiosy8

    Agreed. It made me realized how happy I am to own a PS3.

  19. matty boy

    was starting to think i was the only one that liked 13, it was a little iffy at start but became epic.

  20. RoseBlood-Wolf

    Why isn't this a movie?!

  21. Nola Ninja23

    bahamut says come get some

  22. ThePsychoNyx

    Sadly I own an XBOX 360….so I cant play the earlier games…LE CRIES

  23. Dragoner Productions

    Ya, but now that there is FF15, the graphics are going to melt your eyeballs from epicness.

  24. Nola Ninja23

    too dragon like has to be bahamut

  25. ThePsychoNyx

    Very VERY VERY good point right there…just really not liking the idea of a blonde in the game-I have nothing against them but I don't like it when their overly sweet…I don't wanna have to bare with another Vanille (no hate-just the voice)

  26. Dragoner Productions

    Na, the blonde guy doesn't seem like the "Vanille" type. I think all the guys in the game all have serious personalities besides from the characters of FF13.

  27. King Sammie/ xXSamuraiSamXx

    so far the beta has gone perfectly I give this game a 10/10 I love it

  28. ThePsychoNyx

    I'm talking about the chick. I'm not necessarily on about her voice but how she'll come off-innocent. I don't like that and if she's the bad guy it'll be good as it'll make me hate her more XD

  29. Dragoner Productions

    Oh that girl. She seems pretty older and more mature than Vanille's personalty.

  30. Operator96

    OH MY BABY JESUS, everytime I see this I just can't stand to be without it. I have to know the release date.

  31. EsperNight

    10 Is my Favorite as well i'm a die heard FF Fan I've played 1,4,7,8,9,10,12,13,and a few side FF's like Dirge of Cerberus,Crisis Core, X-2, and XIII-2.

  32. EsperNight

    August 27, 2013 I cant wait either plus its a MMO for the PS3.

  33. Daryus P


  34. Silver Phoenix

    This has to be the most epic CG in a Final Fantasy game and I wish regular console Final Fantasy games had as epic of an approach. Not an MMO, but a general FF title. Final Fantasy VI has so many opportunities for grand scale cinematic moments that are just waiting to be born.

  35. Jeeno

    (anyone from 2019+?)

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