FINAL FANTASY® XIII-2 The Moogle (Gameplay Video)

„The Moogle“ video contains new footage of one of FINAL FANTASY’s most beloved creatures. In FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, the Moogle, named Mog, accompanies Serah on the adventure and has several functions; each of which help give the player more variety and choice over their game experience. Mog transforms into Serah’s weapon during combat. The Mog Clock allows the player to pick up bonuses, or penalties during battle. Serah’s companion will also help players by finding lost artifacts, difficult to reach objects, and items hidden in time.

„…playing FFXIII-2 will restore your excitement for the franchise’s future.“
– Official Xbox Magazine, February 2012 (9/10, Editors‘ Choice Award)

„…Final Fantasy XIII-2 makes a great sequel.“
– (9/10)

„It’s fun, packed with content, and made me feel that old Final Fantasy magic again.“
– Machinima (9/10)



  • Release Date: Available Now
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Platform: PlayStation®3 system, Xbox®360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft


  1. Ryan

    I see that the music is still dynamic as ever.

  2. DementiaZ Moon

    mogs were more cute on FF XII…. i dont like this one, is ugly XD but well

  3. Dieter N.

    Amazing! I love Moogles! 😀

  4. VlVlsectVI

    So is this exclusive DLC for Gamestop, Best Buy, or Amazon? Is it 360 or PS3 exclusive? Or is it actually on the f*cking disc so everyone that pays for the game gets to have it? In my opinion Square ruined this game before even releasing it.

  5. nhydock

    @jebbbuz I agree, but that's just the style of Ivalice moogles. This moogle goes back to their mainline design.

  6. Ghostgirl777


  7. Ghostgirl777

    its for both the 360 and PS3

  8. VlVlsectVI

    @Ghostgirl777 I know. I was venting because they have retailer-exclusive DLC, 360-exclusive DLC, and then paid DLC once the game is released. All of which will probably already be on the disk already when you buy it.

  9. Ghostgirl777

    What's DLC *feels like I should know this*

  10. VlVlsectVI

    @Ghostgirl777 Downloadable content.

  11. Aram Tapacian

    @VlVlsectVI it's not DLC, you have it just after Noel meet Serah.

  12. Aram Tapacian

    @VlVlsectVI MOOGLE it's not DLC, it is the "weapon" of Serah.

  13. MsSilvia135

    I wonder why Noel just can´t simply jump over to the item at 0:52 to take it himself.

  14. Malcolm Swoboda

    @SphealsFTW I agree. I loved them 🙂 and Eiko's story. Ivalice's moogles are ok too. I don't like the tribe of moogles in FF6 though (but I loved the game). 7,8, 10-2 don't count lol

  15. StealthSniper405

    1:34 sexy pose love Serah

  16. Interaction Injunction

    warning: may contain kupo

  17. Zurvan

    @AnSuperhero random lol 😀

  18. OmegaMapDesign

    I actually enjoy this facet of the game, even if it is a little childish, kupo.

  19. multiItalo2

    this is way better than ff XIII, kupo, kupo, KUPO!! if u dont like the word than u'll hate this game, thanks for also showing me where an artefact is also 🙂

  20. paul turton

    Moogle is cutest than ever saw.

  21. Ryann hoogeveen

    YES he is serah weapon

  22. darknessplague


  23. Carlo Colvin

    Number of times kupo is uttered in game: ERROR 😛

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