FINAL FANTASY® XIII-2 Collector's Edition Unboxing

Square Enix Community Manager Robert Peeler and Marketing Coordinator Luke Icenhower lead players through the unboxing of the PlayStation®3 version of the FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Collector’s Edition.

„…playing FFXIII-2 will restore your excitement for the franchise’s future.“
– Official Xbox Magazine, February 2012 (9/10, Editors‘ Choice Award)

„…Final Fantasy XIII-2 makes a great sequel.“
– (9/10)

„It’s fun, packed with content, and made me feel that old Final Fantasy magic again.“
– Machinima (9/10)



  • Release Date: Available Now
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Platform: PlayStation®3 system, Xbox®360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft


  1. Vanessa T.

    @loolo72 Yeah, we can buy it but it's like 50$, so you have to pay additional 50$ + the CE which is 70$. US people can buy the LE OST too. I actually think the US CE of FFXIII-2 is more beautiful & has more quality when it comes to the package.

  2. 11JROD1

    It's funny how it doesn't come with DLC or is the square cnix card thing the dlc? I really don't know…

  3. sakuravs

    US version = "Ultra Suck" version, there's only one version that rocks, Chinese+English Asian ver.

  4. spotlesseden

    i got it for under $60 at amazon.

  5. HyperSonicXtreme

    Good thing I preordered mine

  6. FullStrikeOG

    Rawr, that collector's edition is sexy!

  7. burai97

    @Devilcakeex not this version but if you buy the chinese version of the game then it will be.

  8. eriquerique

    @Drag0n247 Final Fantasy series logos have high artistic value and that's why the Japanese folks always choose to display it ALONE against plain background in almost all of their FF game packaging across the series. It is elegant, mature, and understated. Or would you prefer bombardment of colors and dizzying garish pictures that makes this valuable game look like some sort of kitschy nonsense for juveniles? Honestly…some people just have no taste.

  9. Alex Mackay

    i dont want concept art in a collectors edition.trying to convince me giving concept art is a bonus for me is like trying to sell sand to an arab.i want good in game content that cant be got any other way.the sound track is in the game,when i want to hear the soundtrack ill play the no other time will i want to hear it.i also want a model of a character and a good quality one,not a crappy plastics mcdonalds it an enemy or not.fav character of mine from xiii was the flanitor.

  10. deathofkai

    Personally, I prefer SE to ALWAYS keep a basic front cover with the name and logo art specific to each series (basically what they have in this vid)

    I collect the FF series and I prefer it uniform standard. Same as the collectors guide…DON"T ADD ANY ACTUAL ART on the front cover, like FFXIII with Lightning on the front…keep it standard.

  11. deathofkai

    I wouldn't recommend everything be attached to the box. But, my opinion will always be different from everyone else 😛

  12. ihateuandloveme

    Showing Odin and all his awesomeness Lolz XD

    •btw I DID PRE-ORDER THIS AND IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! I pre-ordered it from best buy therefore instead of a poster I got a little book that pretty much explains what happened between 13 and 13-2. 😀 and other places offered different little gifts for pre-ordering the collectors addition so yeah… Just in case any of u really cared Lolz XD

  13. Sarah

    Am I the only one who thinks the guy to the left is a douche?

  14. Kraito Krombongus

    I think the standard game box should includ stuff like this for all games.. show some class…

  15. MetalFaceVic

    Got this CE for $17.99 last month at Gamestop.

  16. micka62300786

    I am French and I would like to know what's version and where to get itself her(it) because in Europe is not this packaging
    thank you

  17. UnknownFact

    Thanks for the video.

  18. cyberworrier94

    If I can spend 50 bucks on a Zelda game with 2 sound track discs, then I will gladly pay 26.54 for the game, and all I will guess 60ish songs in 4 discs with bonuses.

  19. omar mohy

    @cyberworrier94 it's now for 74 $ on amazon

  20. Dan Parrish

    i picked this up a Gamestop for 16 bucks with everything and i haven't got very far but i can already tell im going to love it

  21. JKordero

    This game was my firts Platinum trophy 🙂 really a great game

  22. Succession Of Lights

    just bought mine can't wait

  23. TIN bird

    Um lixo

  24. Tyler Printz

    Just picked up this edition as part of the 2019 Black Friday deals on Square Enix store. Super excited to get it!

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