FINAL FANTASY® XIII-2 CES Interview with Yoshinori Kitase & Motomu Toriyama

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CES International Exclusive Interview: FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 with Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Director Motomu Toriyama.

„…playing FFXIII-2 will restore your excitement for the franchise’s future.“
– Official Xbox Magazine, February 2012 (9/10, Editors‘ Choice Award)

„…Final Fantasy XIII-2 makes a great sequel.“
– (9/10)

„It’s fun, packed with content, and made me feel that old Final Fantasy magic again.“
– Machinima (9/10)



  • Release Date: Available Now
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Platform: PlayStation®3 system, Xbox®360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft


  1. Ani Maxx

    Man I'm still kinda sad that the release date is on return to school week for me. Kinda sucks, but oh well I guess I'll play it on spring break or something.

  2. QuatroCerberus

    Cool Las Vegas inspired him, maybe he'll have it in ff fxv

  3. Aram Tapacian

    @arkane9 if you are dumb and you have look…….

  4. Aram Tapacian

    @arkane9 it's better this FF

  5. Mike Strike

    Show us more of Lightning

  6. jlwest23

    @arkane9 Both these guys should be removed the amount of hate i read and see are because of these 2 guys. And DLC will not be a way to extend the life of the game just make gamers despise the series as they are going the route of WRPG's with content cut for dlc. Making us gamers and fans of the series pay full price and money down the road for stripped content. And taking Lighting off the cover she has really no place as you is only in for less than an hour.

  7. jlwest23

    @gamesreflexoes I don't like those either and calm down with the fanboyism like SE really cares about your a number to them. I was voicing my opinion about the way the series is going I love SE but still they are not without criticism so you calm down.

  8. Drug and Alcohol Lady

    @tyloni7991 interviews are boring….lol

  9. Drug and Alcohol Lady


  10. windyangel

    WHAT?! How can you SELL 13-2's story part as DLC?! That's just crossing the line!!!
    I love ff so much so I looked over the scenario ending that almost killed me with heart attack
    but this is just wrong on so many levels!!! It's like selling half completed game!!

  11. Drug and Alcohol Lady

    @windyangel well getting lighting is an EXTRA character so her story is EXTRA with it. There is nothing wrong with that…

  12. R.J. Wallischek

    @arkane9 Yes, because sales is everything. By that logic, Okami is a mess.

  13. jfielding95

    @arkane9 lol so you actually think ff xiii is worse than ff xiv

  14. jfielding95

    @arkane9 ff xiv is the lowest rated ff game, so it is quite possible to argue with your cold hard facts 😉

  15. jfielding95

    Why can people just not deal with the fact that there are millions arounf the world that actually liked finall fantasy xiii, and stop bitching about a remake of final fantasy vii, just go and play it on your ps 1 again and stop hating

  16. jfielding95

    @arkane9 Its cool, everybody wishes it never existed anyway.

  17. Robert Campbell

    Does Square ever plan on releasing Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Nobody wanted a sequel to XIII regardless if you liked the game or not. XIII ended on a good note and now with XIII-2 they have destroyed the only thing that was good in XIII, the ending.

    Just make Versus XIII (make a CE for it) and fans will go out and buy the game in the millions. Its the only game fans want anymore….

    Ah who am I kidding, Square Enix doesn't read these comments and they don't care want the fans want.

  18. Onionhorse

    why is a person like Toriyama still alive? i dont care that you like 13 and 13-2 you are wrong and stupid for liking it and we will get more shit from his ass for buying his games and not demand his head on a plate, who the fuck told you to buy 10-2? its all your fault! our fault!
    why would you buy a charlies angel fantasy game then the unofficial sequel

  19. pestopartyy

    I get it now. Kitase and Toriyama, as well as Hiroyuki Ito are real-life incarnations of FF9 characters.
    Kitase is Queen Brahne. He's fat and ugly (no offense), greedy, and in a high position of power.
    Toriyama is Kuja. He's the guy who's really running things, and is all about style and appearance. At least he's not obsessed with horribly tacky poetry.
    And finally, Hiroyuki Ito is Cid. He's a nice guy who's very tech-savvy and likes to build things, and is known for his high-quality work.

  20. Onionhorse

    and transformers in FF 13 made it feel like a fantasy game?(not implying you liked 13)
    FF vs 13 is going to re use the story of one country per crystal as a source of power and energy, it might use an open world or at least open areas with classic FF visual themes all over the place, not to mention it uses the same battle system as the once tribute to FF "Kingdom Hearts" and its being made by the same guy, if they aren't lying and its better than Type-0 then it will be THE best one yet

  21. Mint Tea

    They don't care about what the fans want? Lol that made me laugh.
    They made Final Fantasy 13-2 and changed everything the fans didn't like to make it better.
    They DO listen. And if you haven't noticed the fans make up the entire world of people that love Final Fantasy, not just you. Everyone has different tastes. :/

  22. Fat Squeek

    That and Type-0.

  23. ff789n10

    Probably because Versus 13 is still in development and not done yet, so they want to release more games in the meantime. There were sequels to FF VII, IV, and X because of their popularity, now they're doing the opposite, making a game for a not so popular FF entry, in an attempt to please the displeased fans lol. If not all we'd be getting is FF XIV :/

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