Enter an Era of War. Fight for Freedom. Embark on Adventure.

Experience the intrigue of FINAL FANTASY XII’s story like never before with enhanced high-definition graphics and the Zodiac Job System, allowing players to pick two of 12 jobs in a character progression system first introduced in the Japan-only release, FINAL FANTASY XII International Zodiac System. The title will also feature a remastered soundtrack, 7.1-surround sound, speed mode, an auto-save feature, faster loading times, new Trial Mode and more.
FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE improves upon the classic FINAL FANTASY® XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system.
Available July 11, 2017 on PlayStation 4.

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  1. Octopus Pancake

    1:29 it's the 3rd TMNT all over again _. I get they want to release this with polish for the most recent consoles but come ON guys this is just abysmal to watch…

  2. The Demon Mercenary 03

    now,i will buy an PS4 to play that game

  3. xOmniCloudx

    The last great Final Fantasy to me and I prefer it to X. After this I will officially call FF quits since I have tried the newer ones and just can't get into them at all. I don' trust them with the FFVII remake either so great way to close things outside replaying the older installments I like.

  4. Werberte Gonçalves Ferreira

    Hahahahahahha "Only on" litle box..???

  5. Joseph Hill

    I'm so glad that they fixed the voice quality. the original games audio sounded like doodoo

  6. Joshua Ball

    It still sounds like they are talking through a tincan ?

  7. ZmanVlog

    ♥ Balthier ♥

  8. DaSHalpha

    Loved the combat system in this game, hoping they do something similar on some other games some day. It's fun tweaking the skill choices just right then casually sitting back and letting your party take anything out in their path. Gets kinda annoying in other games whey you have to micro-manage every single choice and you know exactly what you want to do and just have the players carry out your pre-determined orders. Also liked the larger open area exploration this one had compared to others in the series.

  9. Mako Materia

    they should have done THIS with ff7 remake, and just added a ton of material and new combos. nope they have to 'make it better'


    Balthier should be the protagonist instead the no-charismatic Vaan.

  11. djonTHZ

    Não vai ter pra PC? Whata hell???

  12. JT Saiyan

    Still better than FF15 "The roads are not perilous at night"

  13. SimmerCK

    I never finished this, barely started it actually. Now I can.

  14. Brunn0121

    pc? c'mon you remastered 10 for it, why not this too?

  15. Nitramelyk games

    I really wish they would've put in more effort remaking the character models and textures. You can see the PS2 in the character models still. None the less I am excited for this game.

  16. Megawolf01

    I will love to reply this game. It was so underrated

  17. Eleven Eleven

    From the wiki on the changes:

    >Introduction of current generation visual expression

    Ashe's mouth still moves like a bird beak when talking

  18. Tonton Palanca

    Even just in this trailer, the CGI cutscenes look amazing!

  19. GenAdams


  20. CMDR Vulnero

    Oh man I hope this comes out on PC

  21. Erebus

    Remake 8 or make a new game with less homosexuality. A lot less.

  22. ElevenAce

    Its nice to see Fran again. Lol

  23. Aikuchi

    Awwhh…… Why can't this be on the Nintendo Switch?

  24. Fabian Petrén

    Still one of my favorite FF's. Such a great story, design, world, atmosphere etc. And the writing compared to what we hear in more recent FF's… this is so much better.

  25. Annswer _

    Best Final Fantasy <3
    Where's the PC version alr xD

  26. momokol366

    here's to trying to beat Yiazmat. love the game. I'm Captain Basch Fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca.

  27. Tatsu

    Currently playing Zodiac Job System on my emulator but once this comes out for the PS4 I'll get to grind dustia all over again lol Level 50 in 10 hours weeeeeee

  28. JaceJavelin

    I would get this, but it's ps4 exclusive

  29. Effect Without Cause

    It's almost like Ashe and Balthier are the lead characters in the game… go figure. looks at Square mildly disappointed

  30. abdullah s.s

    most more hd

  31. KaimonJRE

    Please consider bring this to the PC. It's my favorite FF.

  32. syntax

    s t e a m

  33. TypicalWhiteAsianBoy

    FF12 was the worst I've ever played

  34. Elsefirot5


  35. Yukimura

    sem legendas em português BR, que decepção…

  36. hungry african kid

    this was the best title of FF in my personal opinion! i hold my fingers crossed to see this zodiac age with 7.1surround perfection on my pc!

  37. Vice TOLUCT

    I like the part where you basically stole Game Of War content, Oh Wait, That was the whole video.

  38. paulo sergio

    Xbox one plz

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