Customize. Equip. Battle.

Have you heard of the Gambit System which appeared in FINAL FANTASY XII back in 2006?
Or perhaps you just need a refresher on how innovative, revolutionary and fun the Gambit System can be?
Either way, check out this trailer as we break down the top 5 reasons of why FINAL FANTASY XII’s Gambit System is a must play for any FINAL FANTASY fan. Customize. Equip. Battle.
FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE improves upon the classic FINAL FANTASY® XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system.
Available July 11, 2017 on PlayStation 4.

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  1. Aleandrian

    Fran's voice…

  2. BaDUM Tsss

    i am gay for Balthier

  3. PKLooove

    "How to spend 3 minutes barely even talking about the thing that's supposed to be talked about in the most obnoxious way." would be a more accurate title for this garbage of a trailer.

  4. sumbodyshero

    A Final Fantasy Trailer made by a thirteen year old girl? It feels like a generic insurance commercial made for brain dead morons.

  5. audiencefromspace

    Mastering the gambit system gives you more time to look at balthier… Welp priorities!

  6. Arthur C.

    Screw Vaan. Balthier is the real protagonist.

  7. PGSawesome

    There's really no way Squenix can sell me on their pretty rubbish attempts at making more action focused battle systems. The Tales Of games have been doing solid ARPG battling for more than 20 years without ever taking away your control over the other members of your team. I really don't know how Squenix have come this far without understanding that you can do action and in-battle strategy at the same time.

  8. Mao Sama

    lol gambit system you mean the system you copied from tales of games series?

  9. Pesquids

    How about a break from Final fantasy and make a new game for a great franchise that I hold deeply in my heart?

    Breath of Fire
    Breath of Fire
    Breath of Fire
    Breath of Fire

  10. keioII

    What is this? A trailer for kids toy? Ugh!

  11. Eric Hernandez

    God, please stop trying to be funny.

  12. Wolvenworks

    Fran and Vieras Fanclub, ASSEMBLE!

  13. haitianxu



    On steam please. I Need!!

  15. Rynov

    I'll wait for it on PC the same.

  16. Asuka Kazama

    cool! but… Very unfortunate there is no additional story or a quest

  17. warnexus

    Some people love it. Some people don't love it yet.

  18. KetchAppSona


  19. KetchAppSona

    The sky pirate will soar the skies again!

  20. Lucas Freire

    Question: I'll have to rearrange my Gambits to suit the job that I'm usin' everytime I change between jobs or I'll be able to set a gambit to both and just switch them as we switch the Licence Boards 😕

    P.s.: I already pre-ordered the game, so the single reason to why I'm askin this is 'cause it's only question that haven't already been answered in any other trailer or gameplay at podcasts (well, not that I have found at least) …summin' up, the curiosity is killin' me inside! Please, send help!!

  21. Cyclopsblast

    I got the steel case version on the PS2…not the Zodiac Age.

  22. Krist the 30 Year Old Boomer

    Holy fuck that narrator is annoying.

  23. KronoFox

    I miss trailers like these ^^

  24. Jemsy

    This was almost as cringy as "I'M CAPTAIN BASCH!!!"

    I still smiled like an idiot the entire trailer. So excited to play this again.

  25. Cecilia Diana

    Why don´t put portuguese subtitles?

  26. someone

    even square recognizes that daddy i mean balthier is the leading man now

  27. Eric C

    1:33 did she say van?! (like the vehicle) wtf ???

  28. Dragon Warrior

    I have to say, the original's resolution hasn't held up well, especially if you play it in widescreen. I'm glad to see a remaster.

  29. MultiPlatGamerGuy

    The Gambit System is the main reason why I didn't like this game when I was a kid. I hope after growing up, I can like it this time.

  30. RyanCooper101

    THIS FOR PC WHEN , hopefully not a year later….

  31. Millian Farehart

    Fran move aside!

  32. alfasilverblade

    Final Fantasy 13 would have been good if they kept the gambit system.

  33. Patrik Josefsson

    Wow cringe through the roof! Please never ever make a trailer like this for a FF game again!

  34. Reuben Beddoe

    good humour

  35. Daiyaan Slamang

    She called him "Van"….

  36. Trevor Philips

    No reason for Quickenings to be in this video. Or Penelo 😛

    But otherwise, yeah. FF XII = the GOAT JRPG; Gambits = the GOAT RPG Gameplay.

  37. Deva Aulia

    balthier kinda looks like ignis

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