Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Announcement Trailer

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, a HD remaster of the classic Final Fantasy XII is coming to PS4!
Return to Ivalice in this glorious HD remaster of FFXII and for the first time in the West, experience the game like never before with the Zodiac Job System and a host of brand new features:
• Latest-generation high-definition graphical capabilities, including characters and movie scenes fully remastered in high-definition.
• True 7.1 surround sound, including high-definition voicing and newly recorded background music utilizing the current generation of sound production.
• Option to switch from the original and the newly remastered soundtrack.
• New trial mode where players can take on monsters and enemies in up to 100 successive battles
• Modern gameplay advancements including PS4 system trophy support and share functionalities, auto-save and shortened loading times
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  1. Cyclopsblast

    Finally Final Fantasy XII is getting some respect with The Zodiac Age coming to America.

  2. Jonathan Njembe

    let's say this straight: It is all thanks to FFXIII

  3. matias86c

    you could patch the japanese interational zodiac job system to english and you have the same game

  4. 10E

    Just finished another 300+ hr file. Bring on the hd remaster. My ps4 and i await impatiently

  5. Universalistic //

    what's the difference between this and international zodiac job system? except for the graphics of course

  6. Experiment Master

    Basch Lives!

  7. Emmanuel Borgos


  8. ButtHurt Lad

    sorry, already played both versions of 12. I won't be wasting my money on this. I'll be wasting my money on FF7 remake and KH3. unless you bring 15 out on the pc. in which case I won't be buying a ps4 after all


    so basically after ffxv and world of final fantasy they're gonna focus on ff12 remaster and ff7 remake, from new games to re released games lol, still buying all 4 though because i never played 12 and it looks fun

  10. ytborg7

    Wonder how close the cost will be to the original?
    The quality is clearly the same, all they did was convert it to PS4.
    For a game from long ago I think it should be a little less than half the original.

  11. eyeweiss


  12. Bastien Van Hyfte

    Final Fantasy XII is one of my favorite of the serie. Too bad that so many people don't see how beautiful is this FF.

  13. DrGreenThumbNZL

    No Xbox release as usual , fuck you clowns

  14. Shitstirrer

    No thanks. Once was enough.

  15. LankyBrendon

    if this game gets co-op ill buy it

  16. Matthias Willemen

    I hope you will finally be able to see what equipment you have on your party. The original had only 1 model per weapon class and no change in clothing/armor.

  17. GameStressed

    fangirl squeeeee

  18. Lawrence Owens

    can't wait for this but to me still to this day I think xenogears was squares best if not one of there best rpg. i still play that game and it took me a year to beat.

  19. Michel Bernstein

    Um dos melhores Final Fantasy sem dúvidas…

  20. Thiago Palmeira

    Noooooo!!!! Bring me a remake of FFVI (FF3)!!! The BEST FF EVER! Locke, Celes, Terra, Sabin, Edgar, Cyan and folks VS Kefka (best villain in HISTORY) all in 3d with unique class skill system for each!

  21. Plasma Studios

    Ahhhh…. so many great memories with this game… I can't wait to play this game again… thank you square enix!

  22. MyVanir

    No Steam release like with 8/9/10/10-2? I'm sad.

  23. Riley Tan

    I love Final Fantasy XII, this is the first game I play of the FF Series,
    Was hoping I can play in on PS3, but it's only on PS4,…..DAMN, damn (T.T)

  24. 0ion

    Damn it, Square, between this, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV, I am Setsuna, KingdomHearts I.5 + 2.5 Final Mix, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake, I won't have any money left! Someone needs to stop you, because at this point, you're a bully who's just stealing from me.

  25. Justin Grandfield

    Please release this game for Xbox One and PC! It's not like people won't buy this on those platforms. With the success of FFXV on the Xbox, you would think we would warrant at least some more FF games on our console. Please consider bring this game, plus many of the other classics to the Xbox One!

  26. kazuyaum

    Will wait for PC release.

  27. Andhika Chayadi

    the best Battle system from all series . Gambit system make the game more fun to find potential skills .

  28. Lucas avancini

    final fantasy will it be released just for ps4?

  29. Alexia poncin

    And now a Steam release ! Please SE !

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