FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster TGS Trailer

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster celebrates two of the most cherished and beloved entries to the world-renowned franchise, now completely remastered in gorgeous High Definition! Based on the International Versions of the games that were previously only released in Japan and Europe, FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster brings these timeless classics forward to the current generation of fans, old and new alike.

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  1. omarct


  2. Xenogear_ Jrpg

    brutal juego

  3. NoobishCheshire

    I wonder if you really know what the game comes with? Have you tried the game when it first came out? And it doesn't just become a re-release but rather an upped version with all the content only the Japanese players managed to get due to localization. This game is worth the money and time. *_*

  4. Kevin Subero


  5. vanadiumd

    That, Tsunade, could be the X-3! 🙂

  6. TheKRWProductions

    haha there was like 10 seconds of x-2

  7. Tsunade

    X-3 would have to be a direct continuation of X-2 though. I really don't want to see Wakka anymore or Rikku. xD

  8. Freizeitspieler

    hmrpf….gimme a ff 14 graphic quality remaster that i would buy….but only a hd remaster with the same low poly skins? pfffffff

  9. vernon daley

    Awesome as long as Tidus looks the same and not a completely different person like I saw in the other video for FF X HD remastered. He looked alright in this one I think.

  10. vernon daley

    also it's not for ps2 which some people don't have anymore, but still want to play the game and vice-versa.

  11. vanadiumd

    It doesn't have to be a continuation! Look how they did FF7. Sure, they didn't name the series 7-2, 7-3 and so on, but they went fourth and back. They can do the same with 10. 😀

  12. omarct

    I doubt it, people tend to buy anything that looks pretty.

  13. omarct

    Friend you are probably slow in the head so I will be as clear as possible. A remaster = same game in HD with higher resolution and maybe a few fixes here and there. If you remaster any of the PS1 games you mentioned which you can play on PS3 already, they will still look pathetically old and shitty. Thats not to say they are bad games, its just you would have to REMAKE them from scratch. Do you understand the difference between REMAKE and REMASTER now? P.S FF9 is awesome.

  14. omarct

    Same way you can stand playing those games with the macho dudes you masturbate to everyday.

  15. TheSilverPhoenix100

    Yes 9 is swesome my favorite game in the series…why dont they remake that one then instead of fucking 10 with its bitch of a protaginist and mind numbingly shit story

  16. omarct

    Perhaps its because they just wanted to piss off people like you who are always bitching and whining about remakes and other bullshit. Sounds like the real bitch here is you.

  17. Mora

    Would a prequel to FFX be FF1-X? =/

    I have no idea. xD Or maybe FFX-1?

  18. Mora

    Hahaha, yeah. xD Wait, not sequel? So how about the latter? FFX-1? I guess that would just mean FFX?

  19. Skinny Kimmie

    I've wanted that game for so long omfg.

  20. Tsunade

    It'll probably have a subtitle. Maybe like "Braska's Journey" or just "FFX: The Prequel." Or even "The summoner, the swordsman and the bad ass." =P

  21. Mora

    What an awesome title. xD

  22. Pizzatoto


  23. DheksTheDude

    pretty sick

  24. kira yamato

    We would all have the same teams though 🙂

  25. Omega_XIII

    Final Fantasy: Before X!

  26. Matt Manivannen


  27. Matt Manivannen


  28. Sora4277

    im sure this game will sell really well! and then it's… ff12! : D

  29. TheOogy2002

    Now that's a game I'd play!

  30. vanadiumd

    Okay, then how about "Final Fantasy X: The First Pilgrimage" or something similar?

  31. Shraiko

    Hey people are looking forward x-2 just as much as x how about a little equality eh?
    i want to see a little more than 10-15 seconds of x-2 

  32. BowNaRRowYerMum

    Hands down the best FF love story. Can't wait to play the HD Version!

  33. Austin Smith

    Man this was like the only game i played for like about 3 years when I had my PS2. I ended up selling it at a garage sale and I still regret it. But I'm so excited to finally play this game again

  34. jlei8aX

    shut up already and take my money

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