FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Return to Spira Trailer

Experience two of the greatest RPGs ever made as these groundbreaking titles become a must-have part of any PlayStation®4 owner’s library on May 12th, 2015. The PS4 version contains the beautiful HD graphics, all of the International Edition and extra content previously released on PS3, and new to PS4, cross-save functionality with the PS3 and PS VITA versions, and the option to switch between the remastered and original music of FINAL FANTASY X.

Pre-order now at to receive a free desktop calendar, featuring illustrations by renowned FINAL FANTASY artist, Yoshitaka Amano.


  1. downphoenix

    Any option to buy just the good game out of the collection?

  2. Julian Mello

    i want a new FF version of classic consoles =)

  3. SenorCatbutter

    Pretty sure a pc emulator looks just as good if not better.

  4. SVisionary

    Defined a generation?  Ground breaking?  What a load of BS.  As I recall this was right around the time that Square started falling behind.

  5. Kenneth Jay Cramblit

    FF 12 HD Remaster needs to be next!!

  6. 08Damixedone

    I already bought the PS3 remaster….sadly..i am tempted on getting this one (to me the last good FF game)

  7. ReviewNarutoUSA

    still looks the same
    its the second of april not april fools square enix.

  8. Khang Ninh

    Seriously? why not making the Final Fantasy VII remastered or VIII remastered? I think i'm a little sick of replaying FFX on PS2 then PS3 and now PS4

  9. DarqStalker

    So is there an XB1 version?

  10. K1llerB333

    Didn't they ready release this?

  11. ADofCLE

    As much as I love these games, I will NOT be picking this up AGAIN. From this video, I can't even tell the difference in the visuals compared to the PS3 remaster.

    I understand remasters bring in extra money to do new IPs but, do a remaster that the masses really want, (final fantasy VII). And to those that are complaining that most of squares games are PlayStation only, especially the remasters, it's because Sony still holds exclusive rights to the games from their earlier generation releases.

    Back to this crap remaster remaster, STOP!!

  12. JackBauer137

    Does anyone know what's different about the PS4 version compared to the PS3 version?

  13. Doriphor

    Does it have Japanese voice acting? I wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole if it doesn't. Also Steam version please? 🙂

  14. SIWIK

    Please… Leave Alone FF X and X-2 and work FF XV I need it, where is it?
    Stop to so Demo and do the real Game, How more I need to wait for FF XV? Srsly! D;

  15. Daniel McGinley

    So buying the HD collection for my PS3 was a waste? Eh might as well keep it on there tho i dont want it to collect dust

  16. Nocti Swerve

    Ok square, i really liked FFX, X-2 but this has got to stop! another remake? and in such close proximity of the last one? no no, another SE title miss for me thanks

  17. Julez Rulez

    I would have bought this, had i known earlier this was dropping for PS4. I'm in Chapter 5 on X-2 for the Ps3 remastered version

  18. Guitarmaster7272

    1. It looks quite the same really
    2. April 2nd?  How do I know this isn't a joke?
    3. How different is it?  I could just play this on PS2 :/.  cinematics are pretty sweet on PS2 anyhow.

  19. LeonhartGR

    Make FFVII-VIII already!

  20. ketxxx1

    Out of a 1min 40sec trailer, MAYBE 10 seconds of it are actual in-game (which look no different to the PS2 I might add or emulated on a PC) and not bits of FMVs. We have a new champion of lazy HD remaster.

  21. DarkAnima

    Does the trophies stack? I really wanna platinum x & x-2 again xD

  22. Remi Lanier

    Watch this be on PS5 whenever PS5 comes around.

  23. KeybladeMasterAndy

    "The Story that defined a generation"

    I Love this game and its story, but find that hard to believe.

  24. MarCoViTV

    How about a ff8 remake in type zero form or a 6 remake in ff15 form smh come on square enix, heck can we get a xenogears or musashi remaster how about saga frontier now theres a game

  25. Alexander N

    I am a fan of FF8 and i realy want a remake of Final Fantasy 8 on ps4 🙂 i realy realy want 🙂

  26. Adina Sayson

    Ok, NOW I need a PS4.

  27. William Baldwin

    Please bring these to Steam!

  28. Swarmish

    So when's it coming to PC?

  29. BaDUM Tsss

    ahhhh this game has a big impact on my life amazing T.T will a game that can provide to me another experience like FFX 

    evey gamer should play this

  30. David Henry

    Now if they would just make a Final Fantasy XII remaster, they'd have my money for sure. I think Final Fantasy 10 had the best story out of all the games but 12's story was still really good. However I think 12 had the best gameplay out of all the Final Fantasies. Really hoping it makes a comeback this gen. The graphics would be out of this world!

  31. DarkPhoenix69

    Now this is the way to make your games Enix!

  32. Pinta Kong

    my favor since i was young , this time must buy PS4 version

  33. Pinta Kong

    ?just bought it !

    collected PS2 , PS3 , PS Vita & PS4 version finally

  34. Andrew Martin-Sharples

    I understand why some people are calling this a foul – they released this not long ago for the PS3 – but there are a couple of things to consider: First, the games are both their "international" release, which was never released in the US, international versions have features that the original did not; Second, not all gamers had/have a PS3 (even less gamers have a Vita) and went through that console generation with a 360 but have bought a PS4 this generation; third, some gamers sold their ps3 for credit towards their ps4.

    This means that even if you played the original you have an awesome adventure to re-experience, regardless if you went the Sony or Microsoft route last-gen.

    Don't forget that the game is 14 years old and there are plenty of gamers that never even played nor owned a ps2.

  35. Nessly

    The refreshed music sounds great!

  36. Eric Hernandez

    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for the PS4. I can't wait to get my own PS4 really soon. ( "^_^" ) ★★★★★ 😀 <3

  37. Shinu Real

    what's wrong with that font?

  38. Michael Winger

    Please continue with your PC releases. They have been the only way for me to enjoy FF.

  39. Samantha Riggs

    I got this on my Nintendo swich a week ago and I am probably already half way through. IT IS SO FUNNY BEST GAME EVERRRR

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