FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster New Features Trailer

Get acquainted with all the brand new features of the FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, including the completely remastered visuals, updated music, and brand new content. At last, fans can finally play the 20+ hours of the International Edition–never been released in North America. Experience the quintessential versions of two RPGs that defined a generation.


  1. legendaryhero

    so basically the international version…

    yeah… not interested.

  2. cangri1788

    If i pre ordered it at Gamestop i wont have the extras? 🙁

  3. cangri1788

    If i pre ordered it at Gamestop i wont have the extras? 🙁

  4. Lord Daveed

    soooo, whens the FF7 Release date again? 😛

  5. Laura Pels

    Will the original Japanese audio track be included? I would enjoy that, can't lie.

  6. Martin Golding

    What is this about the Creature Creator?

  7. Mudkipzlulz345

    Why are they re-releasing this garbage? Can they make a proper FFVI remake already?

  8. Danniel

    What an ugly title screen. X-2 bits looks far more interesting than the entire X part.

  9. Masta C

    1:06 the sound of a franchise dying. 

  10. TheGreatGame565

    Man loook at all the 6 and 7 fanboys in the chat. Can't you people be happy? ALL you want is the last"great" Final Fantasy remade! This was the last great Final Fantasy! Explain why you don't like it. I've played 6 and 7 and beaten them and I enjoy X far more than those games. 

  11. crazymiles

    Final Fantasy X-2 is an abomination.

  12. Hugo Hernando Falla Morán

    PC Version, please 😀

  13. Ron Dean

    I'm mixed about this… Owning FFX already – and being a huge fan. I use my disc on PCSX2 currently. 1080p. FSAA and Aniostropic filtering cranked. Texture filtering cranked – and it looks fantastic. I'm glad to see a more traditional FF coming out (this and bravely default, which I bought…). Turn based battles is where it's at.

  14. BK-Sakuga

    Japanese audio voice option?

  15. KingofFlX

    Listening to the audio voice drama in japanese subbed, get ready for an X-3(which could be amazing or really really bad) I will wait and see how Square handles this next project

  16. Tony Jeffers

    I love Final Fantasy but, the small changes they made here are not even note worthy. There time could have been better spent in my opinion.

  17. Probably a Furry

    How about everyone stops arguing. I've enjoyed every Final Fantasy game I've ever played (All main series games except for 5). Each game has its good and bad parts. Yes, even 7 has bad parts. It's a great franchise but they can't keep making Final Fantasy 7s. If they did, they would be criticized the same way Nintendo is. In conclusion, arguing never changes anyone's mind and just makes both sides more defensive. By the way, my favorite games are 8 and 13.

  18. matthew tonna

    FFX is amazing ….FFX-2 suckkkkssss lol

  19. Anonymous

    i missed the classic 'toiiii toiiii' sound when you are selecting your options….

  20. reversecolin1256788

    people don't remember the worst game In the series im so happy ^_^

  21. John Smith

    What is that other game?

  22. Kristian K Wangen

    is it for PC Please god tell me can we get this for PC?

  23. octuse

    This is it. This is the first game I ever played on the PS2 and my first Final Fantasy and I can't believe it's being re-released!

  24. AbsoluteMMA101

    aw man I can't WAIT to get it! Only less than a month away! XD

  25. BallX10

    Time to spend another 100+ hours on getting the legendary weapons (Damn you Lulu), killing the Arena bosses. Longer this time because now I have to kill the Dark Aeons and Penance as well.

  26. Ravenclaw KC [sniper]

    This is my favorite game I have been waiting since September 2011 and finally just a few more weeks to go!

  27. MazdaChief

    This is not Call of Duty

  28. kazameltis

    Umm about the cross save compatibility. Does it mean you can play it on PS vita using the the PS3 dvd only or do you need the PS vita versions as well to play it?

  29. 414caramel

    Ahhh the memories, can't wait to revisit them, FFX was what actually made me hardcore fan of the Final Fantasy series.

  30. darkswordfish7x

    Can´t wait!!

  31. Thor Mjollnir

    Why is it on PS3 and not PS4?

  32. Ryanx

    wish it was posable to load data from ps2 versions of game then I could jump straight in to international content on X-2  

  33. ryan489

    I am looking forward to this. Only 18 days away now. 

  34. FoamRoll

    There are ultimately 3 types of "FF" fans. The ff6, 7 and 9(?) fanboys who just bitch about wanting a HD revamp. The kind who like the newer releases and then the people who don't don't care as long as it had FF on it.

    Me personally, I don't really care. I've given the games a fair go, played 1, 2, 5, Crisis Core (prequel to 7), 7 (movie as well), 10 and 10-2, and the 13 trilogy. They all have their strengths and weakness, but great games never the less. What I am pissed about are all the people complaining which just proves that they are just arrogant self righteous people. Just be grateful for what you get. Don't like it? Well then, Youtube comments wont solve shit.

    On another topic, I should really get started on some drafting for uni work. Laters.

  35. Stephen Amodeo

    I have zero intrest I have them both on SD no need for any HD for me this is for the people new to Final Fantasy to get not me I'll pass

  36. Demi Johnson

    Should've done 7

  37. buddah1978egypt

    God hurry up!!! This looks freaking awesome!! The best in the series made better 🙂

  38. BARRR

    So are they going to re-dub Hedy Buress's Shatneresque voice acting?

    If not, the only real reason to buy this is for the remastered soundtrack. I'm not giving a cent to "International Edition in HD".

  39. DaniPooo

    I really liked the voice of Yuna, Howerver I disliked the voice acting.

  40. animefrasier

    @kazameltis u have to have the vitaversion s as well

  41. animefrasier

    +BARR   there are many reasons to buy this the hd remaster video and audio is amazing. The new sound track is sweet and all the add-ons are easily worth. Buying this im prould to say ill be getting this on day one along with. Metal gear solid ground froces for my xbox one  🙂

  42. Frologics

    AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH *breaths…. AH AH AH AH AH

  43. STRING3R

    God I hate wakka.

  44. Chard Williams

    never before*

  45. David02129

    if i can't switch to the old music there's no point in buying this.

  46. Weeabooty Tamagucci

    These games were trash on the ps2 and it will be trash on the ps3. Now if you will excuse me I must be off to play project diva f.

  47. Dennis Schwichtenberg

    Buy it and show them that we want more remasters! FFX and older are way better than the new generation shit 😛

  48. Scheneighnay

    I know I won't use the creature capture- I love the original team too much. X-2 was my first final fantasy.

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