FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster – Lessons From Spira

The journey of Yuna, Tidus, and the rest of her Guardians has made an impact on players around the world in so many ways. Join us as we look back on some of the things we learned from FINAL FANTASY X and FINAL FANTASY X-2 as FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster becomes available now on PlayStation®4.



  1. Nate Yung

    Who else preordered this on the last day so they could get the calendar?

  2. Datafiend

    Does this version include the Japanese VO?

  3. Vj Ramkilawan

    Beautiful 🙂

    Now, Final Fantasy XII please…
    And VII (not that pc-upscale … a remake!)
    k,thx,bye 😉

  4. PurpleRavus

    Ah, but we weren't taught how Kimahri lost half his horn! Lessons still remain Square! @Square Enix NA

  5. Renafan

    I like the "taught us how to be awkward" scene…Spoony would cringe at that. lol

  6. Nevermore

    warning. this trailer shows major spoilers for those that have not played FFX yet.

  7. Kyle Morton

    Sorry Square. Make a real game and I will spend money. I'd be tempted to buy a PS4 if you actually did a real remake of FF7 and 8. I want the exact same games but with current gen graphics. And on PC preferably – you'd sell more copies that way. Oh well, never going to happen.

  8. Daniel Moore

    I am not nostalgic for graphics that are 2 generations out of date… Seriously? Why even bother re-releasing? I still have my hacked to heaven ps2 someplace if I really want to replay this. Which I don't. I played so many versions of this game already. There's the original, the undub, the international/last mission, and then the PS3(!)/vita HD Remaster which as far as I can tell looks exactly the same as this "NEW" version!

  9. Minh

    no japanese vo……

  10. Taun-Chi Gaming

    This trailer may contain spoilers.. FYI

  11. Andrei K

    You taught us how to spend money on remakes and you taught us how to watch those videos again and again again and again CAN YOU JUST RELEASE THIS GAME?

  12. CandyHam

    "you taught us how to be awkward"
    That you did.

  13. TheRealYoshihito

    The feels. Final Fantasy X came out when I was in high school. I didn't leave my room for three days when it launched and didn't even sleep until I had beaten it. Those were the days… They could have left out the X-2 in this HD remaster…

  14. Ruhan

    Well it's nice for those who have a PS4, but no PS3. However, I already have it on the PS3 so that as they say is that.

  15. Chihan Lee

    X is perfect.   X-2 is just for $

  16. Michael Place

    Cant wait have it on preorder picking it up tomorrow cant wait to play it

  17. tghn100

    didn't this just come out for PS3?

  18. Nishi Fails

    All that nostalgia

  19. TheKing4E

    please please please do a 4K remaster for this game for PS5.

  20. Shentok

    I just wish that they'd offer an original music option. The new track just doesn't have that same depth the old one had.

  21. Lind the Chaotic Heretic

    This… May be our last chance.

  22. SlimyDragoon

    And still no japanese VoiceOver? Cmon, why not included it? Will still buy it though

  23. lilpopler

    Well looks like it is time to make another 200+ hour long save file on FFX again!

  24. lilpopler

    Only have enough for food this month… damn

  25. Raditz The Lost Brother

    need hd ff7,ff8, ff9 re"make"s lol

  26. alopradocai

    Will the collectors edition be available?

  27. Özvegy Tibor

    One of my favorite Final Fantasy.
    I'm looking forward on Steam also.

  28. Tygier Morgan

    i love this game soooooo MUCH…but i HATE getting the celestial weapons..omg SHOOT ME!! >.<

  29. Mark Voon

    Where is FF7 Remaster?!? where is the promise?

  30. Phenix19

    I still want to know how FFX got an HD remake before FFVII

  31. Holo The Hogan Johnson

    Awesome, now remake Final Fantasy VI please.

  32. silenthillmaster755

    you know…I really actually like the laughing scene. I find it endearing…
    also not enough X-2 in this!! I love the transition at the end between Lenne getting covered by fog which was from the top of the airship in the prequel!! more crossover wouldve been awesome.

  33. MarluxiaVI

    "You Taught us 199 wasn't enough" No you taught me that the patience I once had is non existent now and I need a new controller after throwing mine across the room in frustration
    "you taught us how to fight" No you taught us that against seymour aeons go on the backburner (well Kinda)

    the other ones I can live with haha

  34. HunterOfHunters

    Give the west dragon quest

  35. Shawn G

    I just bought this game for the PS3 last year man wtf square enix

  36. Tsunade

    I'll always love that laugh scene. rofl

  37. yingyistrife

    Makes me regret playing that on PS3. Should've waited a bit longer.

  38. Jose Mendoza

    I wanna see a kickstarter for Final Fantasy X-3

  39. Aroder

    comon make it for pc now

  40. Sean Parrish

    You taught us how to completely demolish an epic, beautiful, romantic tale by creating a indescribably frustrating audio drama and novella where Tidus get's blown up by a blitzball-bomb and his decapitated head flys past Yuna.. Then yet again resurrected, Tidus apparently cheats on Yuna and they break up. What the actual fuck man? Sin returns? All that work to reunite such a pure romance between 2 incredibly innocent characters ends with them bitching and cheating on each other. Now Wakka, Yuna, and Lulu are tools who still preserve Yevon even though it was responsible for the lies and deceit that kept summoners going on suicidal pilgrimages. SE you guys really took trolling to impossible heights. I don't know what kind of drugs you guys were on… but Touche

  41. 19HajimeSaitou91


  42. 19HajimeSaitou91


  43. StillPlay zZZzZ

    need ff8 !

  44. TheUnsuper

    Come on make discounts on the psn store 50 bucks is too high

  45. Bank Alexander

    fuck this video brings some sort of feels. genuinely funny and real haha

  46. Wyguy the French Fry

    The Japanese laugh is even more awkward

  47. LordHEF

    That friggin' thumbnail.

  48. Nikki Likes

    Tidus has the BEST smile! 😉 So CUTE!

  49. DarrenBunt

    I see they focused more on 10, at least they know it was a much better game haha

  50. reszombie game design

    I really wish this game was ported to the Xbox one I really want to play it and don't have the money to buy a ps4 or pc

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