FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster – Gamescom Trailer

Turn up the volume! Our latest Gamescom Trailer features not only an SD to HD comparison of the new graphics from the upcoming FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, but also has some newly arranged audio tracks from battles and Overdrive attacks!

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster celebrates two of the most cherished and beloved entries to the world-renowned franchise, now completely remastered in gorgeous High Definition! Based on the International Versions of the games that were previously only released in Japan and Europe, FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster brings these timeless classics forward to the current generation of fans, old and new alike.

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  1. zach wingo

    what makes me the most interested in this remake is the audio drama. it seems as if it hints at an x-3 unless square is just trolling us lol

  2. Dustin DuJack

    PC port please, k thx.

  3. lostinwisconsin

    Its been said that if final fantasy x/x-2 hd does well that the next logical hd remaster would be ff12. And I hope the limited edition for ffx is lazily done like the kingdom hearts hd, I want a my case seperate from my artbook

  4. ripxxc

    If logic is how they decide their remakes then why did they skip FF5-FF9 before remastering FF10 and 10-2.

  5. lostinwisconsin

    Those would be full remakes, not remasters

  6. luisimgb18

    They should have improved Lulu's rack too.A bikini costume would be great too lol.

  7. Bank Alexander

    i can vouch for this

  8. Lone Wolf Zakuro

    I think both are great in their own way. I feel like the new one is reviving nostalgia in a new and epic way.

  9. redbandit699

    Is there any way to download the ost for the hd remasters?

  10. Skeptik

    Omfg a ffx-3 would be a dream come true top 5 best game ever

  11. Kyle Flanagan

    how do you hate blitzball? its better than the damn card game!!

  12. joewizard100

    you cant compare them, i like both personally

  13. GamblerOfFate

    how much time do i have for pre ordering? when does it even come out? i dont really believe it comes out new years eve (dec-31st)

  14. Mark J Aguilar

    FFX-3 omg! 😀 yeah!

  15. Sam Heald

    Yeah. If Nobuo Uematsu was remastering his own tracks then this probably wouldn't have happened :/ Hamauzu is remastering the whole OST.

  16. gtasthehunter

    I also would really hate any trophy for the "dodge 200 lighting strikes< the only legendary weapon i couldn't get! Maybe that could have been changed to a lower number…

    But I wouldn't mind blitzball

  17. Andres V

    The soundtrack it's great. What's the point of a remaster if they don't improve the music too? The same with KH 1.5, orchestrated music is awesome.

  18. falconer

    It wasn't that hard. Put a metronome next to your ear :D.

  19. Junior2K


  20. Alienshade

    I want it this year sooner then I think!!! I remember that one!

  21. joeyxl3456

    loose the n word and i give this a +1

  22. Wotans Speer

    whats the meaning of the trophies ? They are useless, you get nothing from them ? Just play the game to play the game(!), if you decide to buy it.

  23. Rascal Little

    I miss playing this… I hope they get rid of the thunder plains thing

  24. TheNorseCrow

    The only logical explanation I can come to for you not seeing the difference is you either watched it in 240p or you didn't watch it.

  25. Logan Dorion

    what do you mean 'the thunder plains thing'?

  26. W3irdS33D

    japan will be destroyed by that nuclear plant before we see this game :<

  27. tuck295q

    Oh GAWD!

    Time to throw myself onto the floor and roll in HD. xD

  28. Myniced

    Lightning, textures, models, international content.

  29. Myniced

    Nobus Uematsu did not compose the entire soundtrack himself.

  30. Sam Heald

    I know that. If you read the comment what I was replying to, you would understand why I only mentioned Uematsu.

  31. Jace Belerin

    Lolz probably the dodging lighting for lulu's weapon thing lol

  32. Dustin Jace Wolf

    Persona I know the release date and this game will come out on January 1st 2014 I pre ordered it so I'll be getting the artbook with the game

  33. dragonballman07

    square enix is the slowest game company of all time ! this was announced 2 fucking years ago! i'm scared i ll die before kh3 and ff 15 finally hit shelves!! ARGGHHH!!

  34. dragonballman07

    ff8's card game was FUUNN!!

  35. Abdullah .m Alfi

    PS4 or you guy's are fucked!

  36. nekohanten0910

    Not only the graphics but the audio tracks also sound more badass. So looking forward to the release 🙂

  37. cangri1788

    I preordered it, so i will get the artbook limited edition instead of the basic_?

  38. Fettster777

    The artbook will suck just as much as the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 one.

  39. Squall4Rinoa

    All you have done is cluttered the arrangements of many of the tracks, and removed depth from others.

    Not impressed.

  40. Eric -

    I've had FFX HD for years, it's called a PC Emulator with Anti Aliasing at 1080p.

  41. Eric Tran

    i preordered the collectors edition because this game eas my child hood i spent everyday on rhe game beat it like 20 times

  42. Eric Tran


  43. ChaosDaughter Quelaag

    Anyone notice that they left out the sound animations of the overdrives and attacks? they sound exactly the same in the hd remaster as they do in the original. I'm still looking forward to hd, but I kinda wish that the characters wouldn't look like kingdom hearts characters now. I wish that they would keep the characters relatively the same. Thank god the amazing voice acting is coming back though.

  44. Jesus Gonzalez

    I wonder why they changed the art book this one was Awesome

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