FINAL FANTASY® X/X-2 HD Remaster Comparison Trailer

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster celebrates two of the most cherished and beloved entries to the world-renowned franchise, now completely remastered in gorgeous High Definition! Based on the International Versions of the games that were previously only released in Japan and Europe, FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster brings these timeless classics forward to the current generation of fans, old and new alike.

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  1. Kluyunanonymous

    Quit defaming my game or else like I told Spoiled Selfish 7 fans I'LL THROW YOU ALL IN COURT! FFX is the best game & GET OUT IF YOU DON'T LIKE!!!!! I'm no longer having discussions anymore with brats & the likes of spoiled twits like you or I'm no better ranting back!

  2. Kluyunanonymous

    Quit boiling my F**KING EMOTIONS more than what I can take getting bad FF games every year from Enix & Seeing 7 fans rant about everything, insult every character & fan + trash talk Enix every day. You think I like people looking up to FF fans as losers, because all 7 fans know how to do is spout negativity about this & negativity about that negativity about decent and best making people say ohh why support this crap series is that all we see people saying it is? Is crap! 6-10-2 was great.

  3. Kluyunanonymous

    GET OUT OR MY ATTORNEYS & ENIX'S THROW YOU OUT!!!!!!!!!! You DARE trash talk my favorite game which is the best game YOU GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kluyunanonymous

    You 7 fans QUIT GOING AROUND INSTIGATING FIGHTS! I'M ABSOLUTELY SICK OF IT!!!!! What the hell do you hope? Ohh where Enix Here yo game yu have just because all act like is A-holes (Sorry if you don't like Japanese accent). You fight everbudy and game and fan so here your remake? No Enix should say screw you and that's the last time we just only cater to 7 fans & 13 fans. Since all you do is insult every fan, game, characters & lastly Enix who creates them. Yes they're doing bad, but fighting.

  5. Kluyunanonymous

    You think I like 7 anymore which was my 2nd favorite game with X & Chrono Cross as my favorite for having the best stories & most freedom to do stuff. No I'm throwing 7 straight to the trash like the totally trash 13 series since that's what you helped make 7 worth. Is worthless. Is that what you hoped for? When I finally get FFX & FFX-2 HD. I'm keeping those, 2 copies of FFX & Chrono Cross & Throwing away 7 & every other FF game since that's what you & Enix helped make FF worth to me! GROW UP!

  6. Kluyunanonymous

    You know when I get FFX & FFX-2 HD I'm employing the pen is mightier. I'm going to send Enix a giant Email telling them I'll no longer support them and all the reasons.I'll explain how 7 fans act totally ridiculous wanting everything just for them. I'll explain how people feel about them and their games from X-2 being silliness & irrelevance to 12's ridiculous system to 13 having everthing minus graphics worst, 13-2 only lasting 4 months so why 4 games, Disney in FF.What's fighting people doing?

  7. Kluyunanonymous

    What's fighting people doing when all I see is 7 fans go ohh you like that game your a fag, you like this your a fag. This game isn't FF7 so it's automatically bad. Your acting over obsessed over characters from 7 that don't have barely anything to look up to them over. Your acting like people can't like anything else or any other characters. Your just painting up FF is bad as a whole instead of 11 up or just Enix. Who wants to support FF anymore even if 15 is unanimously called best. Not most!

  8. Oathkeeper Oblivion

    What does it say at the beginning of the video?
    "The following footage is of a game still in development."

    That means things are subject to change before release.

  9. Jack Barr

    I don't understand why people want ff7 to be remade so much, yes it was an amazing game. Whenever I think of it I'm surrounded by amazing memories, if they made ff7 again it would just crush all of that nostalgia. There's NO WAY they would be able to fit that much depth and length of storyline onto the PS3 let alone PS4. Look at the most recent releases such as FF13, they're not exactly long games. Re-making such an amazing memory would just fuck it up. Looking forward to this though!!! 🙂

  10. Yoshe Melton

    you know there is something to be said for the emotion engine in the ps2,  it really did some things right.  like the soft shading of faces. and subtle eye expressions. that was downright a great chipset.

  11. vNitr0

    I feel like they should continue the story, i just feel like there is more to happen with the ffx series

  12. Merlin

    Calm down everyone. Be happy with what you're getting. I'm upgrading from a PS2 to a PS3 in a few days, so I was excited to find out that I'll be able to play my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME (insert squeeing) on it. 😀 Plus, it's the international version! Extra side quests that the NA released version didn't have previously will have it now. I just don't think I can handle waiting 4 months for it! D:

  13. fantasyxyay

    mmm somethings off.. the shading and his skin coloring maybe… idk. It looks great though!

  14. Shane R

    You people are mad if you think the sd version looks better or blind for that matter I mean tidus is actually a white /
    Asian looking guy now not an orange cartoon character

  15. Mladen Minogly

    Hmmm… This is what usually happens when you just upscale a PS2 game… it somehow enhances the drawbacks even more (for instance the polygon count). They did use some subtle bloom to make it less noticeable, but it still makes the game world look… hmmm… emptier to me. I do like the anti-aliasing and strogner floor and sky textures, though. Their faces just look terrible, like plastic dolls, much less emotion, than before. And so pale. Even their necklaces looked nicer in the SD version in my opinion. It really is tricky to get this artistically right. If they wanted to do a proper HD remake, they should've used FF13's graphics engine.

  16. Kon3ko

    Whoa.  HD Tidus is…prettier.

  17. Alexander

    1:38 made me laugh lol 😛

  18. mex1jvr

    I like everything except for the font used at the end 2:19. Just don't like it how it's in bold letters. Feel like the font used in SD for "Final Fantasy X" is better.

  19. Daoneman80

    They better put shine textures and everything on lulu's titties!

  20. MoonJung82

    This doesn't look much better; I wasn't sure which was which until Tidus's face.

  21. Zargaal Xi

    big fucking deal! Is that the best Square can do? Not impressed.

  22. Don Wu

    What the hell happened with these models? The final game remade the character faces losing animation bones here instead are using the original PS2 faces but with higher resolution textures.

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