FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster – Available on STEAM

  1. Labbish

    What next, 2016 iOS and Android ports? 😀

  2. Paris LeShea

    My two fave games of all time <3

  3. BeeP

    Don't You Give up Auron

  4. Giga Force

    Now, let's get Final Fantasy Tactics and XII: IZJS, please 🙂

  5. Haido3D

    best game ever

  6. Jun Kurosu

    And xbox got squat

  7. Ardian Hesa

    if only kh series going to oc it will be perfect square

  8. MyChannel

    Already have ps2 and ps3 version. Otherwise would buy. Best game ever.

  9. Marcus Mullins

    cool for ps, and pc fans but weres the xbox love? only 13 type 0 and 15 are xbox.

  10. Retro Vibes

    waiting for the mods, new model and texture

  11. Dia Mitani

    Just finished FFXIII-2, and that same second FFX release? Pretty nice coincidence!

  12. IrvRlz XD

    What about Final Fantasy 12?
    that's one of my favorites

  13. Knight of Astora

    Enjoy pc players, ff x is one of the best ffs if not the best.

  14. Phoenix Spirit

    waiting XII XD

  15. qwertyMrJINX

    That's neat. So, about Final Fantasy XII…?

  16. Adam Martinez

    As soon as I saw this on my phone notification I went and bought it. One of my favs as a kid. Now just RELEASE FFXII !!!!

  17. Fresh Ness


  18. Daniel

    oh my god oh mu god OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD

  19. Tjaye

    can't you remaster 8 and 9 and bringing them out for Ps4

  20. Uchiha Sauffie

    Im soo gonna play this…

    with trainer..

  21. Aroder

    finally! just what i always wanted wooo

  22. Reprieve

    just bought my steam copy. anyone planning to get this should make sure to have a fast internet connection. this games is a 34gb download.

  23. ProtossX

    Square Final Fantasy Tactics NEEDS steam release PLZZ WE BEG We BEG

  24. Nicole A. Matty

    Y'all better remake the best game in the series a.k.a. Final Fantasy VIII.

  25. lostn65

    can i play the cutscenes in 4:3 and the game in 16:9?

    Also Square, it's a bit dishonest quoting review scores of 9.5 and 9.3 when those scores were given to the PS2 releases 15 years ago. I haven't seen any HD Remaster reviews score that high. Expectations have gone up in 15 years. The bar's been raised by other games. For example, I expect my 6th gen i7 and GTX970 to be able to handle more than 30 fps in a game that's just a port of a 15 year old PS2 game and still looks like one.

  26. LordLarsaSolidor

    FFXII HD please

  27. アンジュEsdeath •

    Thanks square Enix!! 😉 all the feelings are here with ff X.

  28. Omnifarious

    I just got through Macalania on the PS4 version (about halfway thru story-wise) after losing a save file form the PS3 version where I was in the Calm Lands when I saw this on front page on Steam. sigh Guess I'll be starting FFX from scratch for the third time in less than a year. 🙂

  29. Albert Trujillo

    Really wanna know why FF12 isn't on PlayStation store if all the other ones are

  30. Buck


  31. n0De

    FFX port without choice for japense dub with eng subs and just only with eng dub? oh cmon Square enix…

  32. Jonash Dela Peña

    i cant afford this game fuck :((

  33. Bald Jesus

    it says F3 for no encounters yet when i press nothing happens??/ any help?

  34. Legendarysnake

    this trailer is full of spoilers. one thing that i didnt know what would happens is that a game about saving spira(you only discover that after hours of gameplay), that tidus and yuna would kiss, another major spoiler, seymour marriage with yuna…
    this seems like one of those desperate trailers made revealing all the best parts of the game for the game to sell… I am against this type of trailer, nowadays mainly superhero movies have this problem. Do me a trailer that make me want buy your game without revealing major spoilers. I hope that some employee of square read this feedback and change it, perhaps in a future final fantasy 12 release for pc. well at least with 0:36 forward the trailer works very well.

  35. Legendarysnake

    Square, if you reading this, please make a way to transfer my save from psvita to steam, using import save of something like that. Im with 90 hours of gameplay, still doing all the sidequests, and i dont want to begin all over again on steam.

  36. Legendarysnake

    sphere grid sucks, this game should let you know the best abilities and skills for each caracters, for you dont fuck up, or just give you a reset, paying for it, of course(maybe 100.000 gil) with some npc. i evolved my khimari wrong and now hes useless and i could not do nothing about it.

  37. Catalyst

    Final fantasy 10 #remake #PLease !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. TA M


  39. Handyoma

    Это лучшее, что можно пожелать! Спасибо за эту игру и за то что вы её перенесли на ПК в Стиме! Я вас обожаю! Жду больше игр в Стиме на ПК!

  40. The Cyber Nerds

    Can never get enough of FF visuals! Advent Children was one of the most prolific computer-animated film ever done!

  41. Joao Gabriel

    ?= Me waiting some Kingdom Hearts come to Steam.

  42. paulo sergio

    xbox one?

  43. Hyou Vizer

    for XB1 2017……….i wouldn't be surprised at this point >_>"

  44. Raghu Shahi


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