FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Announced for North America!

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  • FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Announced for North America!

The FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster has been announced for North America! Keep an eye here and on our official Square Enix Members Blog for more information soon!


  1. stvtylilqt

    I really need a release date for this. Please, please, please. They better give us a release date at E3!

  2. MutantMFM

    For one brief moment I thought this was only for the Vita and I was rather upset. Thankfully it showed that it was also coming out on the PS3 for both of them. Even though I already own both of them for the PS2 I'll definitely be getting this.

  3. rikkurikku

    X-2 is in it, therefore it is the greatest game package since the Orange Box.

  4. PantySausage

    I would buy this if it didn't come with X-2.

  5. Darikun

    That's stupid

  6. Lima

    X-2 was when Square merged with Enix. That's why it wasn't that good.

  7. PantySausage

    One of the worst games of all time. It would offend my senses just to own X-2.

  8. Armond Dorsey

    It comes out December 31st, this year

  9. Jart OFDEATH

    if you got that off of gamestop they usually put that there until they get a release date

  10. stvtylilqt

    Source? I thought December 31st is the default date companies set as release dates when they know what year a game is coming out, but don't know the actual date (For example, Animal Crossing: New Leaf had a release date of 12/31/12, then changed to 12/31/13 until they announced the real date).

  11. Andres Sarmiento

    instabuy o/

  12. DeicidedAce

    I need a remake of FFIX. 9 is so underrated… It's story is one of the best in FF hist.

  13. zaelord

    i want this so badly

  14. J Ramirez

    Infinitely better, I agree. But on the upside, the official E3 trailer for FFXV (formerly Versus XIII) shows me that at least that game wasn't cancelled. Plus they finally showed a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 which didn't show much game footage, but what it did show… looked amazing. I hope S-E does well with the PS4 because they royally screwed up their credibility during this current gen.

  15. J Ramirez

    The gai kai cloud network will supposedly let you play PS1 – PS3 games. So I suspect that this will be available to play on the PS4 🙂

  16. Grim Tyrant


  17. DamuEmran

    could this game come to the ps3??

  18. sorax62

    it says for playstation 3 at 1:09 , so it should be

  19. Deus Ignis

    Me neither, only if they take out redo the laughing scene

  20. Deus Ignis

    If by 3 you mean lightning returns then it shouldn't be as bad as the first two

  21. VermilionLotus

    god, i fucking love this game. I am so getting this.

  22. sorax62

    they should not redo the laughing scene, it is good how it is

  23. Sweet Monsters

    Listen to my story. This… may be our last chance…
    Feel so nostalgic >.<

  24. Jeff Abandy

    Waiting for FF7 HD.

  25. Miguel Gonzalez

    Its says HD remaster, not redone with a new engine.

  26. TheInsei

    I'll be honest…even if it's EXACTLY the same, I'm still gettin it. It wass the first I've ever truly played and what made me start playing FF.

  27. Gukster

    IX was my favorite for the longest time. I've never understood the infatuation with FFVII. VII was the first one I played and I thought IX just blew it out of the water. I kind of wish the Characters had looked more badass, but they were so complex I easily overlook it, lol.

  28. Gukster

    So wonderfully awkward.

    AH. HAH. HAH. HAH.

  29. KingdomHeartsMusicHQ

    I would have liked to see that too! Never got a chance to buy it!

  30. mysticmanaged

    My favorite FF game is X. it was my first FF and I played the hell out of it.

  31. MissInterpretCosplay

    I really do love X. Everything was just full of colors and magic, but IX is still so far my fave. It was the first I ever played. I always believe whenever someone plays one of the FF games first that it automatically becomes their favorite of the entire series.

  32. mentalparasite666

    final fantasy x = one of the best games of my life

  33. juliaheartz

    the music 😉

  34. FoamRoll

    Is it just me or does the graphics looks the same as the ps2 version… o.o

  35. WhoaItsDustin

    I loved XII too, it's my Final Fantasy of the series. But they do have a sequel for XII, it's for Nintendo DS (Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings).

  36. SayuriaChan

    Somehow I'm glad the release of Lightning Returns has been delayed. So I have enough time to play those wonderful games once more ♥ That's the best present SE can make for us fans after over 10 years of X's release, especially because FF X-2 will contain International+Last Mission!

  37. Red Riot

    Your not alone in that, I think it looks like the ps2 version as well.

  38. Zhnigo

    Producer of the series says that XII ZJS remake is "a possibility" as long as X and X-2 succeed financially. Think we can make that happen?

  39. 5hane9ro

    highest rated final fantasy on metacritic, just saying

  40. Joshua Graston

    i agree but they should make it harder game was kinda easy

  41. Karnage

    The best Final fantasy in my opinion!

  42. Elan Samuel

    Agreed. IX is my favorite by far.

  43. Felicia

    out of all the playstation1`s FFs I can agree, however I also think 3,5 are also underrated

  44. tarheelintexas1

    Final Fantasy 6 seriously is in need of a remake. If they keep this up, that classic will just be a forgotten treasure to all the new gamers out there.

  45. MFS Khaos

    Underrated? As far as I know everyone loves FFIX, its atmosphere & gameplay is brilliant.

  46. Kenji Harima

    what ? Vita ? Why not PS2 ?

  47. hanzocloud

    I never played this before. But preordered the limited edition final fantasy ps vita today to play this. My first FF game was FFXIII and loved it, so I hope this will be just as good.

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