Final Fantasy VIII PC Launch Trailer

One of the most highly regarded classics in the Final Fantasy franchise is coming to Steam and other eStores as a digital download!

Experience what many still consider to be one of the greatest games in the series with an emotional score by the renowned Nobuo Uematsu, a powerful story and iconic moments that are still fresh in our hearts over a decade after its original release.

Optimized for modern high-definition PCs and fully integrated with the Steam platform, this version includes a range of new features such as a Magic Booster that enables players to power up their spells, Steam cloud support, and 45 integrated achievements to encourage players to explore various facets of the game. Also included is the Chocobo World, previously unavailable to Western players on the original release.

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  1. strife79

    I always loved this game, BUT please Square Enix fix the aspect ratio of the game, I've seen screenshots that the game has those hideous black bars (Aspect Ratio Locked)

  2. Mirage Fox


  3. shutedan

    new features and enhancements??? How about showing them in the fucking trailer…  you are just going to show us the video we know in HD… really??? And you expect ppl to go and buy it?? You are done SQUEX… really

  4. ProPinkist

    Omigod, first VII, and now VIII?! IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE. <3 I was going to buy VIII and IX eventually on my new-ish PS3, but if they're going to bring them to the PC like they did VII I'm happy with that! IX NEXT PLEAASSSSEEE that's the one I really want to play. :3

  5. que sera sera

    I really like how you dont show any gameplay only cinematics … its sooooo smart

  6. قيمرز العاب ورحلات ونصائح

    واحدة من افضل بل اروع فاينل فانتسي على الاطلاق. ولكننا لعبناها سابقا على الPS3 دانولود من ماركت الستيشن. شنو الجديد . مدرى . المهم انها روعة بس انا مااحب العبها كمبيوتر بس على الاجهزةPS1

  7. Rain Peach

    remake on PS4 and FF 9

    * cough, cough *

  8. Xcify

    Would love to buy it but

    An error was encountered while processing your request:

    This item is currently unavailable in your region?

  9. hey!listen!

    Well, I guess a remaster is not that bad. Looks good 🙂
    And I know I'm one of these fans that can't shut it up, but really, I'll die happy if they remake FFVII. I know a lot of people don't want it to be remade cause 'it's a classic, if they remake it, they will ruin it for sure', but I don't think so. 
    I really want to see that game in good graphics, I think it deserves it. 
    On the other hand, I'm afraid that if they do the remake, we won't see it until they finish FFXV, KH3… So that will be in 2020, not to be pessimist 😛

  10. M Miller

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  11. finaljoses

    Man I love this game so much..

  12. iRatt The Gamer

    SE needs to update the FMV quality and re do the sound, it is horrible MIDI format from 99" this is 2013 we can do better on the music and FMVs, come on, hell do a full on remake SE.

  13. Enzo Pinheiro

    Crono Cross is next? pls keep porting old games, I'd like to buy dat.

  14. Shyb0y1988

    volvo pls give chrono cross!!!!!

  15. Astraldymensions

    I see a lot of people asking for FFIX on PC. If people keep asking I think SE will take notice and actually put time into a port even though FF VII and VIII were ported ages ago. Also they have introduced new fans to the older games and hopefully notice that there is a potential market on PC.
    SE is not a perfect company and listening to fans isn't one of their strong points, but I can see IX happening in the future more so than any of the others.

  16. Tatsu

    Get the original music not the midi. Then I'll buy it.

  17. nabor605

    Got to love how there's no actual gameplay shown with its classic PS1-era graphics. Still a pretty good game though.

  18. Pedro Davi Goncalves da Silva

    Best FF ever

  19. Jackson Borghi

    "highle regarded" …. wat.

  20. Benqbarbeque

    who need to buy this, if you can play it with the emulator..

  21. DmitriDelacroix


  22. Eandia

    Do they think so little of this generation that they dare not show any gameplay footage in fear of them rejecting it for the dated graphics!?

  23. Paul brooks

    I already have this on pc in hd lol

  24. whitescar

    ff8 still the greatest game I have EVER played in

  25. Hudoke

    PS4 remake….would be epic…
    Or just do what y'all did to FFX Remaster….

  26. DJ MX

    they are a AAA game company that has the assets, However they are not looking to invest the time and effort to remake a game that will actually take an effort and time. They are looking for a way to turn a quick profit at minimal cost, which also explains why their stocks are taking a major hit. The only way for these franchises to become remade is if square where to collapse and sell its assets to another company after a bankruptcy. These hard headed dickheads are too stupid to realise that maybe if they actually gave customers what they are asking for they would restore faith to their brand. Arrogant Rich people too stupid to understand this will ultimately fail, and I hope this does happen.

  27. JoSh

    Daamnn i used to play this like crazy back in the days on psone!! My favorite Final Fantasy game!! That feeling when a msg popped up that you had to enter the next disc, kids these days will never know that feeling 🙁

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