They are coming back to Midgar…

Mako Reactors are draining the life energy of the planet. The Shinra Corporation rules over a corrupt surveillance state. A few prosper, the rest are left to rot in the city slums of Midgar. That changes tonight.
The elite mercenary and ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife has been hired by the resistance movement AVALANCHE to fight back. Their mission will change the world forever.

Play the original PS1 version on PS4 now at the PlayStation Store:

[Opening – Bombing Mission] from “Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY”


  1. SuperKinahead

    I sure hope its got japanese with subs, i can already tell the english version is gonna be annoying asf

  2. Xoreign

    ignoring the technical impossibility, what if games started out action based and then the remake ended up being turn based

    "Darn kids only wanna play dem turn based games. action games from the 80s are where it's at"

  3. SinglePlayer

    final fantansy is the best game ever and i will bring it to my channel 😀

  4. BrasorWind

    Look, I know how you feel, I expected the old battle system as well, but this! Shit, you can't tell me this doesn't catch your eye

  5. AyatoKaminaKun

    holy fucking shit!!!!! final fantasy 6 & 8 remake next ?please?

  6. Cosplayshino

    sooo excited! I've watched VII been played, but never actually played it myself. (terrible I know)

  7. Izzati Zaiton

    I love this!!! But where's Tifa? I cant wait to see Tifa in her old outfit, really miss seeing her in that sexy outfit though XD and who cares what the gameplay is, as a true gamer, I play all kinds of games, I enjoy every one of them as long as it's AWESOME!!!

  8. toorimakun

    it is FF7 and they are managing to fuck it up……. god damn it…………..they have to be trying REALLY hard to fuck up FF7……

  9. Dark Cloud

    ATB system would be better, change that please, FFVII and action is not a good mix!!… This is FF, not KH.

  10. Goog

    By episodic does it mean like how to the original was split in to 3 discs

  11. nodnarB regguD

    thought this was gonna be the game that got me back into ff single player games. after seeing the action oriented combat I guess I was wrong.

  12. rayn clinger

    So final fantasy 7 with new and amazing graphics with what looks like kingdom hearts combat mechanics. Sign me up

  13. Joao Gabriel

    Am i the only who like the new combat system?

  14. Bowlcut Bandit

    Shout out to all the morons in the comment section that don't know the difference between a REMAKE and a REMASTER; this is the former

  15. BeatGoat

    Could someone please give Cloud a sandwich? He looks like a skeleton. 😀
    Really excited for the game.

  16. Sydney Ludwick

    I just hope I can control everyone in the battle system. I have to summon Knights of the Round Table a million times in a row.

  17. Chris Galinato

    This and final fantasy xv is the reason why I bought a ps4. I just hope this game comes out in the next 2-3 years or less and not have to wait another 10 years until a ps5 is released….. i hope

  18. ???DesFox ???

    "Limits are meant to be broken!"

  19. Brad Kastner

    Should of made 8… Such a better game and story…

  20. Hephen Stawking

    I just bought a PS4, largely because of this and FFXV (which is the best Final Fantasy in years in my opinion). Can't wait to play the remake.

  21. ReiGnJuste

    If you want to extend the final fantasy 7 story you got to make sure that the story evolves in a way that somehow in the end sephiroth joins forces with cloud and extend it from there.
    There is no other way advent children continuation was trash.
    Additionally the game releasing in parts idea is bad very bad.Dont make separate stories you will ruin it.Give people the ability to continue using their save from the previews parts
    Ive been real and prophetic for many games.
    DOnt ruin this square enix you will face the planet.

  22. Final Omnislash

    People with "Either it's turn-based or we riot" will end up buying the game when it's come out anyway … … Real-time or turn-based RPG, it's still awesome to play this game again … If you want the nostalgia, please go ahead and play the original version of it … Whining ain't gonna change anything … Just enjoy the game!

  23. AbsoluteMMA101

    Would be epic if they had the "attack camera view" zoom in that Lost Oddessey had put in this game.

  24. AbsoluteMMA101

    Won't be surpriaed if Square gives Cloud the warp strike which IMO is stupid.

  25. Demir Çalışkan

    Great Job.. Now please for god's sake REMAKE XENOGEARS and stay true to the original…

  26. Revolt

    So PC is second, heeh Square?

  27. cloudstrifeff7xx

    god how much longer must I wait lol

  28. boobgoddess

    how we gonna summon Knights of the round(

  29. BladeX

    saquen esto para PC ahi esta el dinero porque ni en pedo me compro una ps4 para jugarlo prefiero no hacerlo.

  30. Canccel

    Dear Sqaure Enix,
    please give us german voice acting in the FF7 Remake.

  31. Mikhail Angelus

    Since when is pressing one button like a effing idiot better than turn based gameplay?

  32. morondes

    needs more polygons

  33. DeadWade 213

    Soooooo….Any New gameplay this year Square Enix?!?!

  34. Kelsey Curles

    Literally cried on this shit.. literally my first FF game ever..
    Shit you not. They better remake this, and do it fast… Either way they'll butcher it from the original aspects and plot-line. So anything that's worth having again can't be totally completely perfect to the same degree.
    But, surely VII can't rip off itself, right? cough FFXV.

  35. AbsoluteMMA101

    If they put the old battle system as DLC, I will buy it IMMEDIATELY!!

  36. eLWacKaZ

    People asked for a Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Why are we getting a Final Fintasy XV reskin instead?

  37. Xepahr

    Looks like a hack and slash 😮

  38. Jester

    if suqare would be smart, they`d make a hybrid version of the gambit system and the action battle

  39. Joe Ferri

    When are we going to get more information about this game

  40. ZeldaFan 226

    I never played the full game, only the demo.

  41. dragonhold4

    For the remake to win over old fans the designers need to capture the unique atmospheric juxtaposition of: Claustrophobia(oppression) + Steampunk/VictorianTech(nostalgic capitalism)

    P.S.: I love the metagame of combining Materias! This system brought Finesse to turn-based combat and hope the remake can capture this kind of satisfying "gamer flow" inducing gameplay.

  42. BestOfHungary


  43. Supah Cole VII

    At this point, keep the original ATB Battle System and just improve the graphics, translation, and overworld. It'll save time, and God knows that's what you really need, Square Enix, if you want to catch the tail end of this console generation.

  44. Ninja gaiden

    Please in pc 4k (60fps)

  45. Jeetu Singh

    Please don't rush this game plz! I will wait 10 years, but I want this at its best!!

  46. Anderson Benitez

    A message to Tetsuya Nomura and the whole development team, please take your time to finish the game the way you guys visualize it. Don't publish anything or else you guys are going to feel the rushing pressure you guys had before with Final Fantasy XV and now the game itself is a disorganized disaster. Take your time to make a master piece, not making just another game to sell.

  47. HyperSonicXtreme

    Haven’t seen this trailer in a long time. Just came back after the recent new trailer.

  48. Sheila Mendez-Goad

    bet bra

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