The full remake of FINAL FANTASY VII is coming to PlayStation® 4.
(final name pending)

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  1. TrueFO Files

    I hear this is coming out telltale style (in chapters) it don't get me wrong ill pay 80$ for a finished product. ill pay more for DLC. but i will be pissed if i have to wait several years for the chapters to elapse before buying ( A fan since square and enix were rivals, A fan square enix is on the verge of losing)

  2. 先週Time & Space Kenpo

    Bla bla bla cut scene how about what the game would really look like

  3. Berit Kintschil

    how to release in Germany we still waiting and waiting for 7

  4. Desasterific

    I love how no one seems to notice the reflection of aerith in the puddle of water XD

  5. The.Way.You.Pink.It

    I never played VII as I was too young to buy it at the time. Though I am looking forward to this remake.
    I did play Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, so it won't be completely new to me.
    I personally hate Cloud, so I hope you can play more than just his whiny ass xD even if you can't, still going to buy it.

  6. Gemini Bull

    you know, if you guys also made FF7 for the Nintendo Switch, it would make a lot of fans really happy too. i most certainly would buy the collectors edition of the switch version, the moment it came out. it would also mean FF7 would finally come out on a Nintendo system, since it was meant for the N64 at first. this would be a good thing. but this is just me wishing out loud. <_< #FinalFantasy7onNintendoSwitch

  7. No sunscreen ban SPF

    This game will be postponed and released for PS5! Amazon US states this game will be released on 29th of December 2017! Which I don't believe is the actual date for the release of this remake! Squenix is busy whoring with FFXV which was previously called FFVersusXIII before it was rebranded for the XV installment, they're milking FFXV by selling the fans a broken segments of the game through DLC and an upcoming unannounced sequel in the future!

  8. FairyCura

    I've played Final Fantasy VII's Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core but never the original, VII. I am looking forward and very excited for this release.

  9. Paul Thoresen

    Whose voice is this meant to be?

  10. Maybe

    Remake the final fantasy VIII too square

  11. GamersOtakusUnite

    in 2017 Cloud Strife is still the best.
    Cloud remained highly loved for 20 years and now he is coming back to show the new kids why.

  12. christopher lewis


  13. The Silent

    Fuck this new fight system. It s so boring… never played a more boring game as FF 15… the only thing you donia pressing X…. no thinking no strategy….

  14. Nevermore

    Yay… Oh… Not on my platform of choice. Okay, nevermind.

  15. Kevan

    2 years later, are we going to get some more info this year Square? heres hoping so.

  16. William Barnes

    You know, everyone, and I mean everyone, would have been perfectly happy if you had just…remade the same game with new graphics. The design decisions spoken of recently, the rocky start that was eventually completely canned due to disrespectfully shoving this cultural heirloom off on a shotty 3rd party(like, seriously dude?), all the delays and chopping it up into 3 different games, possibly making it LINEAR and not open world… You're only going to alienate almost everyone who ever loved the game and maybe enjoy a few new fans. But you're certainly going to lose a ton of loyal money paying customers for life when you release something that will not live up to what everyone wanted, an upgrade. Nobody asked for a reimagining, nobody asked for you to change all the stuff they loved and remembered, just an upgrade man…

    I really hope this thing is amazing, my heart aches for it to be so, but… if Duke Nukem Forever has taught us anything "reimaginings" like this tend to just be a giant dog turd with a big price tag. Please, give this game the respect it deserves in development… Don't go stripping stuff away, it isn't a new toy for tinkering. At this point, it is literally a cultural heirloom from the history of video games, don't ruin this.

  17. Bynk333

    4 years i still, waiting… 🙂

  18. Guido Jacobs

    So, how's that game coming along?

  19. markn26

    2019 still fuckin waiting.

  20. Xsp0603X

    This right here will get me into gaming again!! Knights of the Round FTW!

  21. Rafael Reyes

    If this comes out I die ok!

  22. What is FEAR

    Holy shit almost 4 years already? I thought that they announced this like 2 years ago.

  23. GodBarrierDjinn

    My 5 dreams for the FFVII Remake

    1. Make Angeal Hewley into a fully playable character. Maybe even make him the main playable character in one of the multiple games being planned for FFVII Remake. Please have him only using his Buster Sword (option to use blunt flat side of the sword) and never have him use the skinny plain soldier sword.

    2. Make the game rated M so the developers can make the most perfect jiggly version of Tifa Lockhart possible. I don't want characters getting censored/neutered in order to fit into the Teen rating category.

    3. Make a PvP 1v1 duel mode. No need for any balancing between the playable characters. I don't want the characters to be nerfed in any way. Just simple bare bones 1v1. Just meant for casual fun. But I guess you can play it competitively. Just don't want nerfs for the sake of competitive play.

    4. PC version with Full Mod Support (moveset edits, model edits, etc.)

    5. Lastly don't make any movies, anime, mobile game, chibi game, crossovers, like you did with FFXV. Just focus on the MAIN GAME. If you need to make more money, just make more DLCs (outfits, weapons, vehicles, etc). My DLC wishes

  24. xEvilRaptorx

    3 years later and this still gives me goosebumps. What a great trailer for a reveal

  25. jonnyX06

    I can't believe this was 4 years ago already…

  26. bgorch01

    Fun Fact: The narrator for this announcement trailer is same voice as Jiraiya from Naruto.

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