A new downloadable PC version of the popular role-playing adventure, FINAL FANTASY® VII is available now! This version of FINAL FANTASY® VII incorporates key features that help players relive the award-winning story and share their experiences with friends.

New features include cloud saves and a game editor that allows players to maximize characters health, magic, and money. Also included is an in-game achievement system which allows players to explore various facets of the game and share progress with friends online.

FINAL FANTASY VII is rated T (Teen). Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.

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  1. SaitoKojima

    Because people never played FF6, have nostalgia goggles on 24/7, and don't know what an actually good RPG is.

  2. TylerDubya

    or maybe you're just slow

  3. KoolAidMaine

    I played/beat 6 definitely was not my favorite…it was fun but not a favorite at all
    Honestly had to take a break at the end and push myself to finish. Last half of the game was not as fun as the first half (here's looking at u world of ruin)

  4. Jose Zuniga

    the movie is cool.

  5. Serenity

    'Cause it's overrated, but still a good game, mind you.

  6. Astr

    I thought final fantasy 5 was the worst because of the earn like 40,000 exp to level up even though the highest you could get was like 3,000 and you would be like level 40

  7. Astr

    FF6 was also good maybe even better than FF4 but the final boss battle was crap compared to Zeromus in FF4

  8. ListigerWolf84

    But is it hi-res?

  9. Stanley Marcial

    A re-release is fine. A re-make WITHOUT Nobuo Uematsu's music will never be by any chance nostalgic. Look at FFXIII. I still love the game, but they freakin' excluded FF's most glorious victory fanfare which made FF fans disappointed by the composer's logic. I mean the victory fanfare is AS POPULAR AS THE TITLE ITSELF so why?????

  10. Jeremy Barnes

    Couple things, you can buy a PS1 really cheap off ebay, or from game stores. You can find used versions of FF7 on ebay for fairly cheap especially if you go for a greatest hits version. Some are real pricey such as mint original black label versions but you don't need that just to play the game. There is always EPSXE emulator as well. If you have a PS3 or a PSP you can download it from the Playstation Network (PSN).

  11. Jeremy Barnes

    Just downloaded this today. I am happy with it. It's what I expected, the character models in and out of battle are a bit cleaner, the music is the exact same but better quality. The achieves are silly but it will give me a reason to do all those things I never do on a play through anymore because once was enough before. I may even go for a perfect game this time, I never bothered before. No issues downloading it, and installing and it runs fine.

  12. zee 77

    i cant download it, it says im out of the country or something and i live in NA. Howd u get it

  13. Jeremy Barnes

    Make sure you are on squares NA site, it should have na near the beginning of the url.

  14. zee 77

    got it thx derped out, but now i cant find my serial code cause its asking me for my email and credit card digits and says i made no purchases when i obviously downloaded the game from their website lol

  15. Crimson Loftwing

    I love Final Fantasy VII! First time I bought it was from PSN. I didn't own a Playstation when I was younger so I missed this gem back then. Luckily I'm catching up with all the epic games that I missed. Btw, is it just me or does this version of FFVII look more cleaner?

  16. Nick Sayavong

    i dont think my computer is ready for this

  17. 0LyriKal0

    FF7 has the best boss music

  18. Tella Telli

    waiting for this since a very long time ago……

  19. AlexanderMccarthey87

    This isn't a remake. We practically started a social movement to get a fucking remake and THIS is what you give us. Trophies, and save states. Come on. You're never gonna top this so at least make a little money off of it.

  20. gonzalo mercado

    With this final fantasy vii steam can i bring back aeris to life like gamesharsk codes???

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