FINAL FANTASY VII – iOS Launch Trailer

FINAL FANTASY VII, the most critically acclaimed RPG of all time, comes to your mobile device. Take the epic adventure that defined the genre on the go by downloading it now on the App Store.

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  1. Balthasar King

    When is it going to be out for android? Because that's the game I'm waiting for a long time to come out for my nexus!

  2. David Oliveira

    it would be perfect in Android too. Please release it to Android!

  3. My Blood Is Turnin To Clayxx30e1d rune732

    You can already play this for free on your android or phone w/e i overplayed this game too many times on the original ps1 iphone psx emulator pc psx emulator ugh they still trying to milk this lol.

  4. kaimi18

    I see the same game here, is like emulater free but paying

  5. Bloodylaser

    The iOS version kicks ass I hear unlike the shitty PC port of FF Type 0

  6. SIWIK

    where is My FFXV? ;C

  7. João capitaneo

    nossa q decepção, queria muito este jogo no meu android, nunca pensei q se venderiam desete jeito

  8. Papascrub

    Hope the controls aren't as horrendous as ff6.. not even playable. what a waste of 7 bucks..

  9. SlashedOregon28

    7 is my all time favorite. Can't wait to get it for my tablet

  10. The Sinful Gamer

    Nuu Square Enix Y U Do Dis…

  11. Kalathi

    Yawn. Basically the same FF7 that's been out for almost 20 years, on a tiny screen with slightly higher resolution battle scenes and imprecise touch screen controls. Also, all these years later, Square is still incapable of releasing a trailer that isn't 90% CGI scenes. 1:30 mins long, 20 sec of actual gameplay.

  12. J.E.B

    12 year olds: Ewww who would play this, it looks so blocky and the graphics are shit!

  13. Kamron Thurmond

    This game still gives me chills; but why would they rerelease the old one when they're doing an HD remake. Doesn't make sense.

  14. Fisher 33

    They use the same trailer that they used for the ps4 version, how lazy is that

  15. TR1PLE_6

    checks iTunes
    £11.99? No thanks!

  16. xXshelldogXx

    I want Final Fantasy G-Bike Dammit!

  17. Alejandro Rojas

    Wait, would the other FF VII games get a remakes or iOS version or no, cos I wouldn't mind Dirge Of Cerberus

  18. princesama2

    I didnt notice any "updated" grapics or etc
    (The only new is SQUARE ENIX at start then play the old stuff Square soft lol)
    I Could use psx emu and get the game there…

    Atleast update a little the char design or background omg…
    (dont get me wrong i love ff7 i would play again if they remake it normally or reboot idc but this ahhh)

  19. Negative

    Love it

  20. FilmStrife

    Another rerelease? What garbage!
    (downloads app)

  21. ChronozG

    Dear Square,

    When making the Remake for this game, Final Fantasy 7, please keep the turn base battle system. Do NOT make it into an action battle system or any other system that is not turned based. Also, please, keep all the Summons that were in the original game and port them into the remake, PLEASE!

    Thank you!

    A long time Final Fantasy fan!

  22. Guilherme Ortencio

    Make for Android , please

  23. Tyler Aronne

    Wow I just realized that this is the same exact trailer they used for the PS4 port that is supposedly coming sometimes in the Winter. Square really is the laziest company ever.

  24. Chi

    This is essentially the same trailer from the PS4 port.

  25. adam molina

    nice nice nice but please need so much for android version.and thanks so much square enix

  26. MrDinosaur25


  27. Hoai An Pham

    Disaster! Although square enix had fixed bugs in version1.02 but i have error when i played in mini game submarine. I had mission complete but the game was not continue with cut scene, and i must replay that minigame over and over but nothing happen after that? That is terrible bug, my game save had stuck in that minigame forever. Maybe i replay this game from new game. Oh god, that is shit

  28. Squall Leonhart

    plz make a final fantasy 8 remake

  29. Squall Leonhart

    plz make a final fantasy 8 remake.

  30. Retro Gaiden

    Where is the android release?! please

  31. Nicolas Saulo


  32. Андрей Быков

    No russian language ((bad

  33. JV

    This is wonderful news! Good work on getting this to work on both ios and android, must have been a difficult feat! It's on sale now through January 6! I would recommend the original platform, but for those who have never played it is extremely worth it! I'm saving my money for the remake, but this version is timeless.

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