FINAL FANTASY VII G-BIKE: Official Announcement Trailer

FINAL FANTASY VII G-BIKE is a thrilling high-speed racing game from FINAL FANTASY VII is coming to mobile devices. The game offers quick and easy play on mobile devices in which players can enjoy thrilling high-speed bike chases as well as deep RPG elements such as character customization, development, and item collection.

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    To be honest, I don't see why they wouldn't wanna remake the game. They take over a decade to make one game like FF15, so I'd imagine they'd want to take as much shortcuts as they could with pre-written material. And not wasting everyone's time.

  2. somebodysendme

    This is cool but I wish they used original graphics rather then just re using the crises core skins. I honestly see nothing original 🙁

  3. liquid3600

    Square please stop

  4. Jeremy White


  5. Dragoner Productions

    How hard is it to remake final fantasy 7? one of their most beloved out of all other numbers? They can do a nice spin-off but I would prefer the real deal. 

  6. Striker Rokkuhato

    Good to know that I am stronger than Cloud.

  7. Will Tyler

    all you guys wanting a 7 remake have never looked at the fact that japan is incapable of getting good people to do english VO dubs, and your favourite characters will instantly all be ruined by the worst voice acting you've ever heard in your life, right?? personally for this reason alone i never want square to go anywhere near 7, leave it in my head where the characters sound amazing thank you very much. KH's cloud was bad enough.

  8. ronaldo soccerr

    square enix are bastards they are cooperating with the illuminati crew.

  9. Joseph Willis

    I can only guess the current S-E realizes FFVII is popular but want to make their own games over remaking games of their company's past. However, the game that outsold Lightning Returns in the US was made by the team that remade FFIII+IV (Bravely Default). If they only remade FFVII, maybe they'd rediscover more. They're certainly chipping away at it by releasing all these spin-offs, some of which look pretty spiffy.

  10. XGP OST's

    Bunch of  year olds still trying for a remake of a perfectly good game because graphics. Such hardcore gamers that graphics turn you off from one of the best games ever.

  11. Nerø

    Hope this is on the vita

  12. Nintendo Gamer

    So it's a "Runner" clone with no story most likely…. great Square has really lost its development skill.

    I'm wanting to enjoy the Final Fantasy V & VI remakes exclusivly on 3DS or Wii U….but this is making me worry that current Square-Penis developers will just screw up the BEST Final Fantasy game in the series this far. And NO FF7 doesn't hold a candle to FF6 fanboys.

  13. Savvy Squid


  14. Sirdoeboy01 Gaming

    FFIV the After years I thought was a good game but I also like FF2, so whatever.

  15. ReaperSound

    fuck me…. No… They turned it into a fucking endless runner? Fuck that mess I'd rather play it on the original PS

  16. Otaku Anormal

    aff o protagonista é destro  e não canhoto

  17. KAZ

    1:03 Akira reference?

  18. NHZ

    omg so nice

  19. Bloodylaser

    Sad part is people will still buy this I can play this awesome mini game on the ACTUAL game I own so screw you square 

  20. Jasmin Panumpang

    ff7 has the greatest story by far for me. It's sad how square enix won't consider a remake for ps4…

  21. Jasmin Panumpang

    ugh those stupid infantry men killed zack. T_T great now I'm bringing that up again.

  22. Perry D

    so, I'm pretty sure this game has been scrapped.  this was announced in June.  It's January now and we've heard nothing else about it.  Square, you wasted money again. 

  23. athrivenessworld

    Was necessary to put imposible badass moveset rather than just the original ones? And im refering to the infantry soldiers. What happens in 0:45 is just like: "What the fuck"

  24. Statue Bridges

    Square Enix had to ruin a memorable moment of my childhood with this. 🙁

  25. Behold! Games

    "deep RPG elements such as character customization, development, and item collection"

    Yeah, okay. Way to sell us all on your infinite runner, Square.

  26. xihart

    good news for fans but for what if this game release in japanese language .. this game just like mini game but for mini game this is too good ! SE you make this game on of the top from their series 

  27. Zachary Gibbs

    Jesus Christ am I the only one that thinks this is kind of a cool idea?

  28. brad dyess

    can anyone help me find a game??? I have been trying to find the trailer of an older game I believe to be PS2. It was turn based combat came in a case with multiple disks and. it was medieval fantasy with a trailer of one guy fighting and murdering this massive black demon looking army, the combat was awesome and animation was pretty advanced for its time. haha its a shot in the dark here!

  29. Shikamaru Nara

    They come up with this???
    Where is the HD remake of Final Fantasy 7???

  30. EvilMelon

    ooh nice! can't wait to play that game when it release for europe 😀

  31. Eddie Alva

    Guys, I downloaded this game from the Japanese App Store for iOS and it's awesome. So shut up and get it.

  32. Eddie Alva

    Also, FF7 REMAKE!!!!! 😀

  33. Angel Kibble

    Why isn't this out world wide yet? I really want to play it @Square Enix NA

  34. TungstenWulf

    Please make this available on steam with controller support.



  36. Asry Andy

    Holy Christ! Is that Kuraudo? English Version?

  37. Saiffxv

    Still can't believe this is on the NA Youtube channel when it hasn't even come out and the service is ending next month…

  38. Magic Tomo

    Why bother putting this on the English site? It's been 2 years since this was announced and it's still not even being talked about outside of Japan.

  39. The.Way.You.Pink.It

    You're working on this piece of shit and not the actual VII game? Come on Square. Stop with these pointless games. We want VII Remake. Not a shitty race game.

  40. Ebby

    Three questions Square-Enix:
    1) Will you release this one outside of Japan, or is it Japan exclusive like Before Crisis and you're just taunting your English audience?
    2) Will you EVER release Before Crisis outside of Japan?! My phone demands Turks!
    3) Where is the release date for the PS4 remake of the original game?

  41. Bastion Monk

    I am sad that this game was removed b4 I got a chance to play it 🙁 🙁 🙁

  42. binglee8000

    Looks good

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