Final Fantasy VI Available on Android

The timeless classic, Final Fantasy VI makes its way to Android via Google Play! First introduced in 1994, players can now play the game with a host of new features.

• All graphics have been painstakingly recreated, bringing the world of FINAL FANTASY VI to your mobile device for the very first time! Kazuko Shibuya, one of the graphics designers involved in the FINAL FANTASY series from the very start, personally worked on the main characters and supervised the recreation of the game’s graphics.
• Square Enix’s vast experience in A-list smartphone RPG titles has been harnessed in implementing intuitive user-friendly controls that make the game easy to play on touch screens. The battle interface has received particular attention, with a complete overhaul for use on your smartphone.
• This smartphone release includes the new magicites and events that were introduced in the 2006 remake.
• Some events have been optimized to be played with user-friendly touch controls.

Download it today!


  1. DIO

    Kefka is one of the best villains ever made !

  2. MegaOpter

    One of the Best Final Fantasy Games.

  3. trago1337

    Oh my god! What the fuck did you do to this game Square?! 

  4. Flare GFX

    Wadafuq?! Why? WHERES MY 16 BIT!!!??? And most importantly WHERES MY HALF LIFE 3?!??!?!?

  5. noctis678

    I'd buy a remake/master when you make it in something other than RPGMaker. How does someone put effort into something like this and make it look worse. But hey minimal effort, maximum profit eh guys.

    As a fan of FF7 I sincerely hope you don't remake it anymore, not with your current mobile focus.

  6. Kevin Ton

    Where's my iOS version

  7. ladynikkie

    Still got my ps1 copy.

  8. HitomiLove

    No iOS version? FAIL

  9. Solunous

    I rather have a remake.

  10. Zeraiyah Ben Israel

    Wtf I'm not paying for that. I thought they would remake it like they did some of the others. I can get this with a gba or snes emulator.

  11. naaros

    This version looks hideous.  What did they do to one of my favorite FF games? 🙁  Hate the new character designs, and did they change "Esper" into "Espiers" or is that just a typo in the game?  wtf.

  12. Voe2

    WTF? Where's iOS? Are you SERIOUS!?

  13. Voe2

    fo real realz??

  14. rodolfocm

    Stop. Releasing. Final Fantasies. For. PHONES!!!!

  15. Steven Holland

    Final fantasy should be only made for gaming devices (ex. console (PlayStation) and handheld (Vita)). And such minimal work done I mean come on focus work on at least a great remake/remastered version for all types of platforms or work on up and coming FF titles we want to see.

  16. MyTricksterGod

    No iPhone love??

  17. Mr.Red

    So they can port the back drops but somehow not the sprites

  18. Uderscore

    Totally botched the sprites. Coincidentally I just had a terrific time playing the original on an emulator on my Android. SE, if you want my money, you need to do something that competes with that.

  19. قيمرز العاب ورحلات ونصائح


  20. قيمرز العاب ورحلات ونصائح

    i go to google play > i did not see this one ????

  21. arkane9b

    Hideous character sprites. What on earth were they thinking?!

  22. lunarsuperstar

    funny how apprently graphics are so important for a game old like this for some people…

  23. YellowFlash

    I'd better speed on FFV then!

  24. cio5659

    Thank you SquareEnix for bringing an amazing game to a platform where you can reach new and old fans alike.
    Ps. People don't be stupid…….graphics don't make the game. The story and the gameplay do. Back on the SNES this game did not have amazing graphics. You know what made it good???? The gameplay and story. O_o ….. so stop your crying and enjoy the game because its still amazing even with the "HD" coat of paint.

  25. Sergio Durán

    @***** this game ( #finalfantasyvi ) will come to PC someday? if it will be ported for PC do you can make it avalible via steam for Mac Windows and Linux? I have found #finalfantasyvii  on #steam  but only for Windows, if you make it abalible for Mac and Linux too I will thank you a lot

  26. Donald Saad

    Still the best Final Fantasy

  27. John McDaniels


  28. Zeraiyah Ben Israel

    Ok so I broke down and checked it out and my phone isn't compatible for this game… I can play the other remakes fine even Chaos Rings but I can't play a 2d FF game? I'm a bit confused about this. Chrono Trigger even plays well on my phone…..sigh.

  29. Vyse195

    I have this game three different forms I don't need FF6 MS paint edition 

  30. theunkn0wngamer

    square why must you fuck up EVERYTHING you touch now a days, my god you made hate my favorite villain of all time

  31. mariopoke

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SQUARE!!?!?!  This game and your fans deserve a little more of respect, take this as a freebie, why not doing some research on what your fans want? A 3ds version of this would have been so great. So much potential……..lost.

  32. Willy Tsung

    I prefer the older sprites vastly more than this… Furthermore, like everyone else, I am extremely displeased with the price point. I would rather buy 7 other games at $2.00 each on the app store.

  33. AC!D


  34. Gogo

    YAY! FINALLY.  SquareE, what took you so long?

  35. howiehoward

    Thank you Square! Hopefully you'll release for other platforms as well. Keep it up! Not sure why everyone is getting raged about – it's the same game with some new graphics. But people get way too personal over some new sprites. You guys living in the past too hard; hating way too much. Times change. Hate on everything Square does from this to XIII and XIII-2 and the upcoming Lightning Returns. Be grateful. Be patient.

  36. HisShadowX

    Looks horrible why not a 3d remake? Looks like you used RPG MAKER to do this

  37. SuperChocobo57

    I went to iOS since ff4 and most others came out first on it…..and now you tell me the one I've been waiting for comes to android first!? Lol damnit

  38. Gether Medel

    @SQEXMembersNA  WTF DID YOU DO?? SERIOUSLY? my gawd.

  39. Ouron84

    EU for iOS???

  40. xfghkhjfsejid

    ….ya'll still buy it HUU HAH

  41. kanalu808

    OMG this is one of my favorite final fantasy games! But sadly… it was called Final Fantasy III at the time.  0.o Talk about confusion lol

  42. Suite Precure


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