FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 PC Announcement Trailer

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD is coming to Windows PC on August 18th, 2015!

Pre-purchase FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD and receive the Master Chocobo as your courier and Class Zero Moogle as your ward in DOTA 2, plus an exclusive FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD loading screen.
Also, if you pre-purchase now you’ll receive a 10% discount! –

Key Features:
Upgraded graphics resolution options for high end pc’s
Improved in-game battle camera
Full controller support
Full STEAM achievements and trading cards
Scalable motion blur settings
New Character speed boost
Increased blood levels from the original PSP version
Customizable dynamic screen shot mode


  1. Prince David

    Great! I want this but please also translate Dragon Quest XI

  2. Mistral

    What's next: KH3?

  3. MitchellProductions

    FFXv pls.


    Just make ff xv for pc and we good

  5. Megat Harith

    Proper optimization this time please? K thanks.

  6. RAlistel

    Dragon Quest please

  7. 山本剣太

    ff type-0 was the gift that came when we buy ffxv demo ?.

  8. ZappGaming

    Hell yeah! Saw this on steam and its available in august 18

  9. Amaazin A

    Played it on PS4, it lacks in story and character honestly. Gameplays decent though.

  10. Artistic Visuals

    This game was fucking shit no need for a PC version

  11. Alex

    I want to get this game just for the Chocobo courier in Dota

  12. larryminzy

    You guys fucked me!

  13. SoraSimpleAndClean

    Can anyone tell me if the motion blur is gone in the console version? I wanna replay this game but that motion blur is horrible QwQ

  14. NuclearBunny970

    game is trash,but hopefully squeenix will release more shit on pc

    did LT even make it to pc?why put this shit on steam before finishing the trilogy?

  15. Michael Place

    Damn whats with all the hate this game not that bad. Its not great but it not bad there a lot of elements that make it a good game.

  16. BillyBobBaggyBottom

    You guys remember that scene in Final Fantasy 8, where soldiers and SeeD are storming the beach and you see that one guy get blown up, and you are like "Shit! That guy didn't make it"? That's this whole trailer to me.

  17. Pacoroto

    This game is GREAT and I hope that they release more content on PC in the future.
    What the fuck is up with you people? Can you stop bitching about them trying new thing like this? If they did not port this game to PC you sure would be bitching about it not being on PC.
    Internet comments are dying to stupid people who think that being sarcastic/satire is COOL or makes them SMART but it just makes you look even more stupid.

  18. Combuskid66


  19. BioHazarD

    Well, like FFXII this will be a shit of a port, Square please make this one run well, or at least better than XIII

  20. ToasterNinja

    30FPS locked? 

    No thank you I'll take my money elsewhere.

  21. Hyou Vizer

    PS4/XB1 $60 launch 

    PC $30 launch 

    FF15 demo $30

  22. jonnyfendi2003

    Still no vita version though.

  23. Lito

    Don't buy this game, almost every aspect is garbage

  24. DZ@J

    This game has some really great gameplay, but hard at the same time due to poor non-leader character battle AI just to avoid them kill stealing the player's kill especially when doing SOs. The CG cutscene is awesome enough, but the dialogue-like cutscene is kinda boring and not as interesting(for a game that made its remake into PS4 from PSP)… Well, I can't judge much, the story was good, still quite confusing as we need to read the history in the Crimson Codex to understand the relating stories… Boss battles can be very hard if levels are not at least 3 levels higher than recommended… now, playing it on the PC with what way of controls? just using keyboards right? Or do you need to use the mouse as well to adjust camera angle and facing?

  25. ki ra

    playing this on my ps4.. this game is awesome and the story was so deep.. this game is for handsome and intelligent gamer only.. if ur not then do not play this.. GG! 😀

  26. Call Me PeePz

    Much want… Wallet says no though.

  27. Ram Bersamina

    By the way, I have a question regarding the ending song. Did they ever change it in the western release or did they keep it like in Crisis Core? I'm just curious, not that I don't want them to change it, I just hope they didn't because it sounds really hearbreaking and would fit into the ending better despite being in Japanese.

  28. Maverick D.

    God this game sucked…

  29. TheFreeman

    Did anybody notice the fact that the ESRB rating for the PC version is slightly different? There was no Intense Violence or Gore in the PS4/XONE rating. Anyway, hope the port is going to be as good as they say! Lately we PC gamers have been having too many lazy ports…

  30. MetalSonic1389

    Buy this game to support more FF on pc!

  31. Squall Leonhart

    Now PC gamers can experience the most depressing FF to date

  32. Yunis Rajab

    Next on the list to PC: FFXV and KH3

  33. ApexCactus

    This is the kind of things that make you regret having a Mac.

  34. Walican132

    From Zero to hype in one trailer, I don't even know what this is but I want it now.  Thanks for Pc ports.

  35. Rifki Naufal

    and with this i'm 100% sure FFXV will be on pc as well. but couple of moth different

  36. YungTimeWeaver

    I think it's interesting to see all the mixed comments about this game.

    Half thought it was awesome
    Half thought it sucked

    I personally liked the game. For a port of a japan only psp game, I thought it was great, especially since I had never played the original.

  37. Kezo lastname

    Great…The world's ultimate JRPG game company with the ultimate in JRPG franchises, ends up with the ultimate in horrid North American voice acting!…

    At least hire Brits instead, they're much better with the language… ;^)
    As North Americans are notorious at butchering Non-domestic titles…

  38. boi

    pros : addictive gameplay, most characters are lovable, good story, replayable, New things when you replay, different endings, nice ost

    cons : while characters are lovable, they are dull at the same time, messy camera sometimes,some bland sceneries, potential not seen thouroughly, while the ost is good, sometimes it plays at the wrong moments, or is very repetitive

    but we've got to remeber, this isn't a main title, do it's not gonna be perfect, but I say play it. I've beat it 3 times so far

  39. Aroder

    game is so good  to bad SE fucked it up for pc its like wtf  another shit port

  40. Assinine Syndrome

    That moment when you look at your vita………

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