FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 ONLINE Announcement Trailer

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 ONLINE is an all new take on the TYPE-0 universe, a multiplayer online, action-RPG evolved from the gameplay in FINAL FANTASY AGITO.

The title was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015 for mobile devices and Windows PC, to release in Japan in 2016. Plans for a North American and European release are currently under consideration.

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  1. Strider-Ragnarok

    What da? Mobile?… Ignore. Gone.

  2. Ph1L


  3. Alexander Coleman

    what's the point of telling NA when you're only releasing it only in Japan. Even the trailer was in English

  4. BigBossSteve007

    we want Dragon Quest VII & VIII 3DS localise!

  5. Timothy Albertus Leonardo

    What is soundtrack?

  6. Andrei K

    No need.

    Final Fantasy VII G-bike released in Japan -> CLOSED thanks for waiting
    Final Fantasy AGITO released in Japan -> only for Japan again thanks for waiting
    Final Fantasy Mobius um Japan? -> thanks for playing

    You can only advertise. You spending too much time on ads and doing "NOTHING" with translation.

  7. BmanB2000

    U guys can stop your arguing I agree we need KH3 for pc. some people may not be able to get a pc or xbox

  8. Blu Maryze

    Okay first off, thanks for making this guys. While I'm uncomfortable with a phone release will manage.
    Second I know this is something like pre-beta stuff but could you please make the comeback of creating your own character (hope this fact from agito doesn't change)
    Third again thanks for doing this and trying to release it across the world, while we are indeed expect other extremely hyped games, I hope final fantasy type 0 continues on and improves for the liking of the people (even if some of them are extremely biased and are extremely conservative)

  9. purgatoryhorse98

    Yo Square Enix, how about instead of throwing out more shovelware MMOs and mobile games, focus more on making the Final Fantasy franchise relevant again. You can do this by maybe releasing more info on the FF7 remake and the FF12 remaster and show us more proof as to how FF15 is gonna be the Skyrim of JRPGs the way you intend it to be.

  10. J C

    Vita on suicide watch again!

  11. SlashingShadow

    "No one wanted this", "No one asked for this", you know what there's this magical thing where if you don't like something then you can ignore it O.O Shocker Right

  12. Pier Cartagena

    It be nice if it came out for the Ps vita in NA ?

  13. The Tech Prophet

    I remember when square enix made graphics that put other games to shame, unfortunately they are lazy when it comes to mobile. Using PSP quality graphics on games in 2016.

  14. Floydthefuckbag

    FF Agito looked much better.

  15. Ricky Tse

    will there be character creation and costumes like Agito??? I wanna building up my own character rather than building up a in-game character that all others player had.

  16. Daniel James Dolor

    5 months in 2016. still not out yet.

  17. DROIDZ

    looking forward to playing!

  18. Clarence Ho

    glad that FFtype 0 has not died off yet! There was no news at all about Type Next last yr .. which worried me.

  19. Ultimate

    Guild Wars 2 still the best

  20. Gabulous


  21. A Lounge Moogle

    I am not impressed.

  22. Andromediens

    Funny how SquareEnix make remaster that people aren't even waiting for.
    What you can do is making full-hd version of all FF 1-9 on PC / PS4, even a remake with different prequel-stories for some of them, there you will target a HUGE market, and then making legit online games, for e.g DQB would've been perfect for online mode, it would be like minecraft but in hd and cartoonish, another huge market missed.

  23. Envy Noson

    How long does it take to learn Japanese?

  24. Prisim Drone

    Is this out in US yet cause i cant find it on any platform

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