FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD: Traitors of Orience

In response to the recent Orience News report, High Commander Marshal Cid Aulstyne has quickly responded with a new propaganda film discrediting the cadets of Class Zero. The film attempts to show the “Traitors of Orience” arrogance and petty in-fighting within the group, pushing the ideals of the Empire once more.

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  1. Jun Kurosu


  2. Jun Kurosu

     drama on square

  3. Sam Richardson

    pc plz

  4. LuxAlike

    So beast…

  5. Faris Raz

    I played the English patched version. Awesome game but I think these trailers are abit spoilerish.

  6. Stardust - NCXV Gaming

    Did I heard Rem's voice?! I gotta knew it Laura Bailey?

  7. Laussard Regaudé

    What console is this game coming for?

  8. Leslie Greene

    Wait… what? I thought Class 0 was all 14 characters. Why are these guys "Wanted for Treason?" Were they one group and then got split up into two? Or were they two groups that later combined into one? I thought they were all on the same side. I'm so confused. Can someone please explain this to me without spoilers if possible?

  9. King Chocobro

    Airship,chocobo breeding,dungeons,secret summons. People should play this game and not just get it for FFXV demo.

  10. Zeyeco

    Square Enix marketing department killing it with these trailers lately!

  11. Luca Malvicini

    Eng dub is horrible for me. No expression whatsoever. I hope they'll add Jap language. Much better in my opinion

  12. Chester Lee

    I want to love the voice acting but
    I just………….can't
    It seriously sucks soooooooo baaaaaaad
    I'm not one to say that but my lord
    Were they on a tight budget or did they get the most unemotional people and say SPEAK and voila
    People don't lie and say it sounds AMAAAAAZZZIIIINNN!!!! When we all know it's not AT ALL

  13. Onex Farewell

    Shut up Machina !

  14. MarluxiaVI

    so tired of english dub is horrible, japanese is better and vice versa just play the damn game……

  15. T.K. Bold

    …Wow. The vast difference in quality between the cutscenes and in-game stuff is kind of jarring.

  16. Tomcat407

    I dont want to pay $60 for a FF15 demo and a PS4 poop game.

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