FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD – “The World at War”

The World at War – The battle for Orience.
A turbulent war of nations threatens to tear the land apart. Fuelled with propaganda, this show of power from the Militesi ruling incumbent, Marshal Cid, attempts to justify the Empire’s actions and discredit Class Zero, Rubrum and the other states.

Pre-order to secure the FINAL FANTASY XV playable demo available exclusively with FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while supplies last.



  1. GamesLpFreak

    pls make a new HITMAN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨¨

  2. Adam Blinderman

    The graphics are PS2 level, this definitely was a PSP game. I'm looking forward to the way it'll look on the PS4! 
    Hopefully it won't just be a straight port

  3. E Simpson

    Totally getting this game……. For the demo

  4. Koniving

    This looks awesome, but I would have liked to have seen it on either the PS3 or the PC.  Given the trend lately of PS3 Final Fantasies being exported to PC, I think I'll wait until this game is also sent to the PC (as I will not be buying a PS4).

  5. Chaos Order

    To increase sales of  FF 15  for next gen   . release a demo for  ff15  and  ff zero. along with   FF7    unmastered  edition  as well.

  6. zenglaf

    Final Front Mission Fantasy Type-0

  7. Trav Hat

    I'm confused, so this isn't ff15?

  8. Chuuni Chewer

    I'm just happy this got localized. That is all.

  9. MrKnaives

    It's like Final Fantasy VIII but with more killing and less Romance.

  10. DontPaniku

    Is this the PSP game that never came out here?

  11. Ricky Morales

    The ending of the video, was that FF XV or Type 0?

  12. Alex Almanza

    well i'm hooked, and it comes out right around tax time. I'm just wondering, the SE email i got said this was being shown in theaters…must be japan only

  13. francis phinney

    I miss the older FF games. These military type games r over hyped. Not my thing. My favs r the rug magic types. Like FF 9 and 10.
    13 was good cuz the main character.

  14. jackal27

    Wow. This was the trailer you decided to show in theaters? This is terrible. I can't even understand what this game is about, how it plays, or why I should be excited. It's flat, boring, and doesn't inform the audience in the slightest. Great job.

  15. Kardall

    HD Port, still can't make circle hats.

  16. lokasocba

    I wish this game were released on Vita too, or make the PSP version be playable on Vita with subs.

  17. Dannhy Rivera

    looks like Front Mission game for me…

  18. DeathInANoose

    I'll probably get it at some point, but I'd bet less than 10 hours into the game you're going to get tired of all the silly country names. They are really trying not to re-use any.

  19. pustulio81

    Wow, for a Japanese game, there's a surprising lack of shemales. Have they moved past the "Pretty Boy Raiden" phase they got stuck in, finally?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw the FF XV demo 🙁

  20. TASK

    graphically wii u games look better

  21. bemorewantless

    Eugh, good god let there be a Japanese audio track. What is with the Discovery Channel announcer?

  22. Excalibur01

    Jesus Christ Steve Blum!

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