Making its debut at PAX East in Boston, MA, the FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD PAX Trailer takes viewers deeper into the story of Machina and Rem, two cadets who are transferred into the Dominion of Rubrum’s elite combat force known as Class Zero.



  1. TigerPrincess

    Awesome! l can't wait to get this! 🙂

  2. DamuEmran

    So they Fal'Cie in this game like they did in XIII?? I know a L'Cie was one branded by a Fal'Cie(back in final fantasy XIII some were from Pulse while others were from Cocoon) I'm guessing L'Cie in this game is very powerful unlike XIII who were servants of Fal'Cie. Caius has "heart of Chaos" inside of him and when he died everything Serah and Noel did was for nothing and he won. Lighting and others beat Orphan and saved Pulse and Cocoon 

  3. NickTheGolden

    The demo was actually amazing as well

  4. Jransom

    More excited after what this gamestop clerk told me about it yesterday!

  5. OmniOmegaKiller

    Finally a Final Fantasy with blood A lot BLOOD!!

  6. Freikugel

    This looks amazing

  7. Tristin

    I have a feeling this is going to be a very heart wrenching game

  8. LordColdGames

    This actually looks awesome. I might get this game when I get a ps4.

  9. yoshreimi

    Amazing! I'm really excited! A lot of action, survival and story at it's finest. Also talks about L'Cie, not that surprising being as this is part of the Nova Crystalis series like FF 13 and 15. Can't wait!!

  10. iIllusionStudios

    Oh wow the voice acting. IT SOUNDS AMAZING!

  11. Not sure what to put

    That Chocobo save tho

  12. JoeBee9

    Got my copy pre-ordered. Looking forward to playing it. One week and counting 🙂

  13. Mind of Logan

    "The power of a L'Cie?" Are they going there again?

  14. Azraelson

    new Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae trailer, pre order the demo now and receive Type-0 HD for free!

  15. Cody C

    No pc 🙁

  16. Austin Evans

    Where are my cute pink haired girls and Chocobo chicks? LOL

  17. Alex Rodriguez

    My body is ready!

  18. Klink180

    I don't have a PS4 yet, but I pre-ordered the game anyway because of the collector's edition, and the FFXV demo. Haha… I won't get to play it still…

  19. Smart Hifi

    Jack is the best character.

  20. Rawbeard

    oh look, angsty teens.

  21. SephirothClone

    Shaddap and gimme the FFXV demo.

  22. Victoria

    I can't wait to finally be able to play Type Zero!! FF XV demo is just a sweet bonus 😉

  23. Daniel McGinley

    Really wish there was co op for this tho

  24. Sheik92

    Yeah ok. But it has a shitloads of spoilers lol

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