FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD – Launch Trailer

We have arrived! FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 comes to current generation consoles as FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD. When the Militesi Empire uses its superior technology to launch an assault on the neighboring Dominion of Rubrum, all hope seems lost. But you will enter the fray in control of the 14 members of Class Zero, Rubrum’s elite combat force. Can you face the enemy and discover the secrets of the war that threatens to tear apart the world of Orience?

The FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD Day One Edition includes the exclusive playable demo, FINAL FANTASY® XV –EPISODE DUSCAE-. Get it while supplies last!



  1. Carnoxis

    I bought it yeah!

  2. fraitheart22

    I bought the collectors edition, so happy for that!!!(─‿‿─). The BEST Final Fantasy in years, great and sad story. Thanks SE for remaster this game.

  3. tonerton

    Definitely one of the few games out there that's good, even better than some other titles last year.

  4. DiogoHolySpirit

    In Brazil the game will be released next week. However, for who has been awaiting since the PSP release, one week is nothing. Thank you Square Enix for finally bring the FF Type 0 to the west side of the world!

  5. Vred

    aint nobody got time for those graphcis

  6. Emma McGinley

    Well I have the game but ive been hooked on the FF15 demo, maybe i should stat playing this now

  7. Mike Vincent

    graphics look like ps1 no thank you

  8. Martin Slauf

    Is this another MMO or a normal game..?

  9. scathson

    what's the point
    not available on PC

  10. Kurohei

    Is it wrong that I enjoyed the FF XV demo more than Type-0? I mean Type-0 is great so far, but it's just a portable on the TV (Which literally it is). All I know is, I thought FFXV would be good due to the trailers, but now that I actually played the game, I know it's going to be amazing. 

  11. Clarence Ho

    Thank you for releasing this PSP masterpiece to western. I am delighted to play this game and wont take it as granted! =)

  12. amit

    Square Enix is so screwed up.  I saw this trailer and have no idea if this is even a game.  Probably a movie.

  13. YungTimeWeaver

    ppl forgetting this is a remake of a psp game bitching about the graphics in the pre rendered cutscenes. lmao

  14. Abdulla

    PS2 games look better than this game.

  15. Syvern Hayden

    Am I to assume this means PC Gamers will be left hanging for half a decade or more, before it releases for us? : 

  16. Flowmasta Flam

    I was so confused, I saw a commercial and thought this was just a pre-order of ff15 with a ff15 demo. No idea this even existed. Unsure if worth $70……

  17. Rynn21

    Amazing soundtrack, voice acting, visuals, and story.

  18. Ron Howard

    Now, if he's riding a chocobo and moving FORWARD, how does he start rolling backward so fast?  He must be super-human!  Great FMV physics.

  19. Sharif Sircar

    I Just wanted to say 2 things 

    1> This trailer gave me chills love it!

    2> What did Pc players ever do to you…….The last FFs i had to play was Until the PS2 ones….until they finally released new ones on pc,which i will totally buy but when will this make it to windows/linux

    I hope the windows 10  cross platform game merge brings along Xbox titles such as ^^

  20. Arel Christian Tanio

    he falls off the chocobo and then rolls the opposite direction.

  21. Blue Knight Gaming

    So many spoilers in this trailer, shouldnt watch trailers on youtube T_T

  22. Ian Brooks

    Time to get a Ps4.

  23. Jonatas Nogueira

    FF XIII came to pc and now this. Guess FF XV is comming to the master race bois!

  24. Benjamin Bentzen Hansen

    Reminded me of Drakengard very good

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