FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Showcasing the development team’s creative talent by bringing to life a large cast of expressive characters in a rich and engaging storyline, FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD is full of emotional drama, powerful politics and epic in scale. It offers a new type of FINAL FANTASY experience not seen before in the series – one that is sure to captivate a new generation of players as well as long-time fans.

Pre-order to secure the FINAL FANTASY XV playable demo available exclusively with FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while supplies last.



  1. MayhemChild

    I was on the fence about this game, but this video really put my worries at ease. Now I can't wait!

  2. Eric Gornicki Vargas

    DAT soundtrack!!! Can't wait!

  3. Cinderella

    Awesome trailer!

  4. nokutos

    This is so epic! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  5. DemiDivine21

    This game looks amazing! This trailer showed all I wanted in this game and more. I hope they release the music sound track as well. Day one purchase

  6. sniperkitty 1400xx


  7. rooflemonger

    reminder this is a port of a friggin phone game

  8. MiChOcO

    They did a great job with graphics, it looks like a improved PS3 game.

  9. Dan Caracciolo

    I understand that's it's a remake from the psvita but it doesn't look very "HD"

  10. Killaman16

    Would still rather play this on my Vita square.

  11. TheShadowHunter

    Forget XV (for now)! I'm all about TYPE-0!!!

  12. Astro Pyrus

    "Chakahbos" Looks really good though, I'm interested.

  13. Corey Grimard

    It makes me happy seeing that everyone is excited for this game. I haven't seen so much excitement for a Final Fantasy game in a while! Square Enix is doing a great job with this franchise again and it makes me happy

  14. kosoul2k14

    They had by by the @6:00 mark lol I couldn't contain myself. And its 80+ hours???? And a ff15 demo??????? SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!!!!!

  15. DamuEmran

    @5:39 isn't that a spoiler??

    That bitch get REKT!!!!!

  16. Scibren

    English dub sounds fantastic so far and this game looks really cool. Although I'm wondering if in battle the whole team gets exp and not just the three that are currently on the field. And if they don't all get exp I wonder if grinding will be fun to do in the game. Guess I'll just have to wait and see if I like the battle system

  17. Conner Hobson

    I'm having a really hard time telling how the quality of the English dub is in these promo trailers. That's really what I'm most worried about. Regardless I'm really excited for my Collector's Edition to arrive.

  18. LuxAlike

    Oh my goodness, moist all over.

  19. karnovrpg

    I can't get over the way he pronounced Chocobo.  That is just a travesty.

  20. Prince of Light

    I'm ready for this final fantasy. While many fans may not like the genre change (whatever) this look more entertaining than FF12 and 13. 

  21. Luiz Eduardo Almeida Dourado


  22. Halenriser

    That STILL looks amazing. Bahamut looks even more amazing than usual too.

  23. Gray Aria

    4:00 "Let's murderize 'em!" lmao I knew Sice would be my favorite! 

  24. クラウンXIII Blades

    amazing !

  25. fraitheart22

    "My body is Ready!!!"… and my Fenix Down as well ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

  26. KCZ7

    Yup……. still got goosebumps watching this (again). I've been waiting for this game for a long time. With this in March and Xenoblade 3D (nu nu 3DS) coming in April, my March-summer will be fantasticly applied with hours upon hours of lovely filled fantasy goodness. Huzzah~

  27. Not sure what to put

    First time Cid ever becomes a main baddie (Cid from FF12 and Cid Raines were baddies but were never the main baddie)

  28. MatiasDarRobles

    vita version or gtfo

  29. Tomcat407

    cool, but not worth $60 … overpriced games these days ;O

  30. Apple Jinx

    I gotta say this free game that comes with the FF15 demo doesn't look half bad

  31. Sir Gustav

    A NEW type of Final Fantasy… from the past generation lol
    joke, I'm waiting for this one

  32. Rushaoz

    I'm super excited for this, but this trailer is making the game look terrible. And not because of the game. It's a bad trailer..

  33. Carlos Gallon

    Hello, yes, I would like a Final Fantasy game but with most of the fantasy taken out of the fantasy setting. And could you make the characters all have the same template and be androgynous 16 year old emo kid pop idols? Yes, that's right, just like you did with Cloud.

    At least it's not as bad as FFXV

  34. John

    I gotta say, I do like the female cid

  35. BParks21

    Why is the lip-sync still not finished? That worries me that it's gonna be like that. 


    Jesus Kanye this game looks ugly. Lets just up res a psp game, ignore the low res shaders, add motion blur, hire voice actors from the streets of detroit, and call this a ps4 game. I'm literally paying $60 for the demo.

  37. Mystasmo0th1

    Yes, yes and more yes !

  38. Lordshemp

    These promos certainly don't paint a pretty picture of the English dub. Good thing I can play in Japanese.

    Also "murderize them". Sigh… just… just awful.

  39. KeybladeMasterAndy

    Played the PSP version. It's worth the hype. Just don't expect amazing character development.

  40. HackerHaunter

    nice to finally see type-0 again but…. man, they never released type 0 for PSP in US, not even for VITA. its an awesome game and i used to play the JAP version, but, i kinda hoped for the US version 

  41. Tuschi

    I'm excited 😀 Bring it!

  42. Jörmungandr, The World Serpent

    They showcased FFXV gameplay with the music that plays at the end of FFXV

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