FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD – Final Japanese Trailer

Packed full of emotional drama and exciting gameplay, while also highlighting the dual-audio options, this is the last trailer to be produced in Japan for the upcoming new type of FINAL FANTASY experience.


  1. 00kys

    i've been waiting for this game to.come to consoles for a long time. i'm glad it's finally happening.

  2. GiuseppeHiTech

    Interessante! 😀

  3. Nocturnal-Assassin

    prince noctis OMG!!! woooo!

  4. LuxAlike

    That new song, tho…

  5. Stardust - NCXV Gaming

    We have been long to waiting this so long after these crises of FFXIII Trilogy is an Flop. Now we can get the demo of FFXV and full game Type-0 which I care about.

  6. Dragonfan90

    The new song is called UTAKATA ~泡沫~ by Chris Ito… =)

  7. Michael Nakhiengchanh

    Oh man, was that the FFVIII ending credits song at the end there?  So nostalgic.

  8. ReplicaSeven

    i'm so fucking happy right now

  9. 35823582

    Cidney is sexy as fuck.

  10. Lucas Vázquez

    Bring it to PC!

  11. Adrian Balantakbo

    no one even mentioned that this game has English and Japanese voice overs. That's quite rare for square to do but I'm glad they did it ?

  12. coverandoacasa

    type-0 is awesome <3 And the episode duscae too

  13. KeybladeMasterAndy

    I played type-0 on psp and im so looking forward to this.

  14. Astraldymensions

    Nothing beats that classic FF theme when they show XV.

    At last my journey can begin next month as the closing act of my childhood begins.

  15. Super Rookie

    Are you kidding me with those graphics for FFXV, I mean damn my body isn't ready.

  16. Ayatsuji Yosuke

    so… class 0 death is the true ending? ;_;

  17. What If? Games.

    March is going to be a great month for gaming, FF Type 0, Dark Souls 2 (PS4) and Bloodbourne.

  18. theoutsider54

    wait those last seconds of the type-o trailer
    are they new ? I am sure I don't remember Ace looking like that

  19. aman yawfat

    I like Japanese voice more than English voice

  20. happinessxdxd

    It's the first tome i think HD remaster can be great.
    i have played FF0 in PSP but i give up in charpter one, HD ver give a chance to me to play it once again on PS4.

  21. MrMakabroni

    Game isn't even rated m and your tellin me that the trailer is age restricted? Lol wow when are people gunna take the boot outa there arse

  22. Strider-Ragnarok

    Oh God! FF Type-0 looks like is gonna be worth every cent of the price, I hope fans appreciate the game and stop thinking of it as a means to play FFXV.

  23. Robert Jay

    0:05 best part of the trailer

  24. Taylor Maid

    It looks promising, but I'm concerned about the quality of the game. After all it seems like they they just released Final Fantasy Online, Lightning Returns as well as multiple ports of other older games. Don't get me wrong, I'm a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series but the games lately just seem like cash grabs with the Final Fantasy title attached to them and not a game and story with either heart or soul in it. Maybe Type-0 will be different with it's enhanced striking graphics, but from the onset I'm going to have to remain cautious of it.

  25. VengfulLotus

    nice try square enix, I'll believe it when it the game is in my hands

  26. Hijynx87

    xbone and ps4? why not 360 and ps3 as well? It looks like a last gen game, which is a huge leap from the psp so it's not a bad thing.

  27. DamuEmran

    what is the name of the song used in this trailer

  28. mohsin burhanudin

    does anyone knows what song that is playing when the FFXV demo starts in the trailer?

  29. Caterfree10


  30. SquallyZ06

    No difference between each characters outfit? While I understand that it's supposed be some sort of uniform but it makes everyone look the same. Talk about lazy character design.

  31. Bloody Rose

    Those eyes …. beautiful.

  32. Ferchooo orozco

    would be great to use other characters as other peoples onlines for what i know is only 1 player

  33. John Philip Pineda

    why'd they redub the voices

  34. Saif Hafeez

    song pls?

  35. Amir Kalil

    why is the demo of FF XV the selling point of Typo 0?

  36. kingcainjr


  37. Manny Salazar

    Sucks, comes out in little over 2 weeks.

  38. Sephibob Onewingedpants

    What is the name of the song?

  39. Natrix925

    Does anybody know the new theme song that is playing on the Type-0 trailer???

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