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The FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD „We Have Arrived“ trailer will appear in American cinemas nationwide in front of the season’s biggest blockbuster films! This special extended version of the trailer, created especially for the fans, debuted on a special episode of Square Enix Presents with the game’s director, Hajime Tabata.
Pre-order to secure the FINAL FANTASY XV playable demo available exclusively with​ FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while supplies last.

Watch the Square Enix Presents Stream Here:


  1. DrWho20007


  2. Philip B.

    oh how i wish i had a ps4….

  3. DaleMurph

    Looks good. 


    Is this a digital download only?

  5. Gargoyle

    please show some love for xbox 360 and ps3 T.T ….and release ff x and x2 hd for xbox 360 as well T__T

  6. TheShadowHunter


  7. Psychotic Ninja

    Three reasons to get a PS4: Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts 3.

  8. Kirigaya Kazuto


  9. Astraldymensions


  10. YungTimeWeaver

    Random Chris Sabat Narration!!!!!

  11. King Chocobro

    Tabata also heard fan feedback and made adjustments. This is what I really like about developers like him. He shows he cares to give the players a good experience.

  12. Ahazia Derrick

    Japanese audio with English subtittles pleaseeeee….. 🙂

  13. Unknown

    march? thats tooo long come on

  14. Adrian Duran

    reminds me of PSO

  15. scHoolboyA

    I've never seen any video game commercials at the movie theaters, let alone a relatively niche genre in the U.S. like JRPGs! 

  16. Vanitas VENTUS

    hoping for dubbing selection but, Roxas!? is that you?

  17. GrsnDark


  18. Turok Svensson

    Thank fuck they dubbed it, can't stand japanese voice acting, over-dramatic sqeals all the time.

  19. park kim

    OMG~ I think i will buy PS4 now just bcuz of Final Fantasy 

  20. jonnyfendi2003

    everyone wants to play as Ace and Rem.

  21. BvB Jiu-jitsu

    Is that Johnny Yong Bosch I hear playing Ace?

  22. Tokki Rin

    Final Fantasy Personna Edition.

  23. Jaebirds

    This looks amazing! I can't wait for it to come out! Definitely gonna pre-order it for Episode Duscae too.

  24. Josh'sCircle

    Game deserves more hype than it's getting.

  25. dragon_blade

    I need to start saving for a ps4  :/ 

  26. travis abram

    How has nobody mentioned piccolo is narrating the ending lol

  27. Astral Arbiter

    Was that Caius Ballad's voice actor narrating at the end?

  28. Tomcat407

    No! Don't release a final fantasy 15 demo! Your going to spoil the game square enass!

  29. suburbanindie

    Woefully generic super serious blasphemy. RIP Square Enix

  30. Luciano Pereira

    my doubt is what this pre-order means. if i want the game digitally, will FF15 demo be released to me digitally as well? i dont want physical copies.

  31. Nico

    So…this is basically a giant advertisement for a $60 demo…

  32. Verusgate

    Sad that this isn't the real Final Fantasy XIV

  33. Sammy Whoboy

    Oh man it's about time this comes out. Hopefully they revamped the original PSP graphics to fit the PS4

  34. fantasyfanatic1995


  35. Rommel C

    will this game come to pc??

  36. sporetastic101

    0:10 This man has a Persona. It's official.

  37. 神ハンター

    Final fantasy Type 0 FINI 2013 98% Game 😀 PSP3000 😀
     Patch 100% Anglais

  38. Thanatoaster

    So wait its called hd right? In which case was this released before?

  39. flips220

    Awesome. Looks loads better than the PSP version. I just hope they worked out the kinks with the camera. 

  40. Leshain

    Watching this trailer I still don't know how I feel about type-0 HD, after all the bs XIII games and that silly musical title my trust in Square to make a great game has waned.

    However I will say this right now, I am loving the character designs and classes introduced by said characters, this is what a real action fantasy should be, media like RWBY ruins the action fantasy genre for me because there is just way too many female characters taking all the spotlight, Monty is talented no doubt but his bias obviously shows, in this case Mr. Tetsuya Nomura > Monty Oum in terms of overall quality designs.

    I'm glad Square Enix is capable of making a balanced cast of characters gender wise so it can appeal far more, for this reason alone I will support them because I'm irritated with a lot of recent games and media with nearly or completely all female casts.

    Although if anything, Final Fantasy XV ~ the new flagship title is reason enough to stand on its own, even if it is only a demo, I have a feeling Noctic and his backstreet boys are gonna bring back the storm.

  41. linux750

    this looks to have a gamplay style similar to FF12's "Active Dimension Battle (ADB)"  

    hopefully I can do something similar to programing "gambits" for my ally characters like you could in FF12.

  42. Finimator

    Whoa, is that Chris Sabat at the end? Oh, and the game looks pretty sweet too.


    psp english patch all the way!

  44. Otakon s

    is the game of psp 

  45. rob19ny

    0:45 Lightning thought we wouldnt notice her.

    I kid.

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